Which one?

When you go on tour with your uncle Paul (one direction bodyguard) never did you think you would fall in love with one of them and calum, niall, Luke, Ashton, michael and Harry all fall for you. Who do you choose?
(Sexual and violent content)


4. I can't do this

Nialls POV

I can't believe Calum just threw me against a wall! Now I know he likes her which means I have competition! Oh y/n. Her eyes, her laugh, her smile. She's perfect to me. I head her voice and smile to myself.

"Niall? Niall where are you. I'm sorry about Calum. I don't know why he did that."

I wanted to see her face.

"I'm in here."

Her footsteps quickened which meant she was running. She appeared at the bathroom door.

"OH MY GOD niall! Look at you!"

"It's fine."

"No it's not! He hurt you!"

She started rummaging through the cupboard to find something to clean my face up with. It was now pouring with blood. She found something and put it on my lip which was very fat now. I winced at the pain.

"Sorry." She kept saying. I grabbed her hand that was on my face and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

"You're so beautiful, y/n. I'd never hurt you. We only just met today but I'm falling for you y/n and I'm falling fast." And with that she smiled at the ground and I lifted her chin up with my finger. I had to do it now or I would never forgive myself. I leaned in but she just stayed there. Then our lips connected and it felt like we were the only two people in the world. My hands were on her waist and her hands were round my neck. I never wanted it to stop. But it did. She broke it off.

"Niall." I looked at her. Her expression was unreadable.

"Niall I...I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything just..."

"No I do. That shouldn't have happened. I'm sorry. I can't do this right now. Maybe later but not when I have just met you all. I'm still suffering from my last breakup and I just don't have any room in my life for a relationship right now."

"What? I thought I had a chance. You KISSED ME BACK!!" She backed away when I shouted.

"I'm sorry niall. I like you, I do but I'm just not ready."

"Whatever." And I turned around and walked out of the door.


"Niall! niall where are you going!?"

"OUT!" He shouted back. I ran up to Niall and grabbed his wrist.

"FUCK OFF!" He screamed. All of the boys on the bus came out.

"What's going on?" Asked Harry.

Niall replied to him.

"I'll tell you what's going on. All day we've been talking to each other and I think she likes me because that's how her actions came about. But the minute I tell her how I feel about her she pushes me away. I kiss her and she kisses me back but then she says she doesn't want a relationship right now. Who does that!" I felt someone come up behind me and grab hold of my waist. I looked to see who it was. Calum. He stood in front of me protectively and soon after I felt another pair of hands on my waist. Louis. He guided me back to the safe and strong arms of Zayn. Zayn but his arms around me too so I couldn't run anywhere.

"Look Niall don't you think you've said enough? I don't want to fight you but if I have to make you stop I will." Calum said.

"Whatever. You led me on y/n! You made me think I had a chance! You made me think I was good enough and you weren't just using me for my fame and money. You're different. Well I thought you fucking were."

"I didn't mean to lean you on Niall! I promise!" Tears were threatening to spill. I let them.

"Oh look, now little miss fucking perfect is crying. What's wrong with me y/n? Am I not good enough? Am I not good looking or funny enough because I bet if Harry were to kiss you you would jump straight into his bed!"

Nialls words stung!


"fuck this!" Niall walked off. I squirmed in Zayns arms to break free. I did and I ran after niall.

"NIALL! LISTEN TO ME! I said I like you! And I also said MAYBE! I didn't say never! I said later!"

"FUCK OFF!" He walked off and turned round a corner. I stood there looking at the corner he had just turned hoping he was going to come back round laughing tell me he didn't mean any of what he just said and how it was all a joke. Ashton came up to me.

"Come on. It's getting cold." He said. He turned me around and I saw that the rest of them had gone.

"Niall didn't mean any of that you know. He just really likes you. He told us. He'll come round."

"Thanks Ash. You're like my big brother. Always looking out for me. You're better than my real big brother. I haven't seen him for 5 months. He left without a word. Anyway, thanks ash it means a lot to know you care."

"I do." He said and he kissed my cheek.

A/n hey guys hope you're enjoying it so far. The brother will be coming into the story soon! Updating again soon. I've also got a fanfic called My Drummer. Bye guys x

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