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144. Work


In the morning, I was quick to get dressed and look sexy as I had work today, my work. As I was applying dark red lipstick, i caught Harry in the mirror hiding behind the door, fully dressed an waiting to pounce out at me.

"NOT GOING TO WORK CURLY," I shout out and it was classic gold when he looked shocked, thrusting side to side to perhaps expect camera pointing at him. I pulled out my gun, aiming it at him,

"You're at gun point, come out with your hands up."

As instructed, he walked in, a grin smugly across his face as his hands above his head. With a smile of satisfaction, i put the gun away and strode towards him,

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to check you, Sir."

"That' fine with me,"

I held my hands under his arm pits and patted all the way over his body until i got to his legs and started from the bottom upwards. I got closer and closer to his manhood and i could see his erection rise as his breathing also began quickening. My hands fumbled around his area for a while, making Harry grunt a few times,

"Ah, I'm sorry Ma'am but I'm going to have to take you down to the police station, for stealing my heart," Harry growled before he pinned me against the wall, his erection springing into my pleasure area, leaving my head to roll back with lust,

"That's the cheesiest line i have ever heard,"

"But it clearly worked, darling."

My eyes re-opened slowly as i controlled my breathing,

"Not really," I lied and quickly rushed to work with a huge grin plastered across my face.

When i got to the station, I signed in before heading across the hall, cat calls chirping like mad as everyone in my force are boys because the girls refuse to be compared to the same equivalency as this particular area of the forces for some reason, the highest force.

"How was last night?" Laughed Hunter, stepping out from his desk as i was quick to gently grasp the back of his head, wrapping one leg around his waist and kissing him passionately, our lips colliding and carrying on teasing each other.

I pulled away sitting on his desk and staring at him lustfully,

"Brilliant," I gigged, licking my lips sexily.

"I had been 'married' and had 'children' to a NSA man for 5 years, no sex with anyone else, trust me. The sex was good,"

He laughed to my joke as he logged onto his computer, resting back in his seat,

"Must of been tempting when you saw me then!"

I winked seductively at him,

"Oh, it was Hunny,"
We looked at each other for a spilt second before i jumped off his table,

"I don't suppose i could visit Harry? Could i?"

"Yeah sure, I mean you are the boss of the whole army force, including police and he is technically a police man. And you are still employed there?"

"Good," I smirk before holding my arm in the air and swaying out the room,

"See you guys later,"


I walk up a flight of stairs after taking a taxi down town and in doing so, re apply my lipstick for effect. I burst open the door with my foot and a huge grin dancing across my lips,

"It's good to be back!"
As I walk down the isle, eyes wonder up at me but I just focus on Harry's desk which is straight up ahead of me, sassily striding down. There are a few gasps but Harry's eyes never leave his computer, unlike everyone else's.

"Good morning curly," I flash my teeth as his eyes meet mine anxiously, then that all wipes over with the cheesiest grin in the world as he rocks back on his chair,
"Morning gorgeous,"

Our eyes connect for a second, and then his hands are immediately around my waist, pulling me closer and closer. The heat between us radiates off as his lips clasp onto my neck, kissing all the way up.

"Oh, I have been missing these," I chuckle as he pulls away with a feisty snarl,

"You should of told me, I could of done something Darling,"
I grin at him for a moment before grabbing a strawberry lace he has in a pack on his desk and dragging a spinney chair from behind me, next  to him. I chuckle slightly at the chair because it gave me great memories from the Kelsey days. I let the strawberry lace dangle in my mouth as I purposely tongued It and turned Harry on.
"You know, I miss when we were working together," He grins widely as the smirk on my lips burst through,

"I technically still work with you, I never quit-"

His eyes darken at my little comment as his lips curl to his demand,

"And you will not. I am in charge here and I give you no permission to-"


I roll my head back, clicking my neck as I chuckle lightly,

"Anyway, what's new in this hell hole or what's old?"

I put my feet up on the chair and wriggle around slightly, making it fit my wants as Harry's eyes fixed to me,

"Clients, jobs, tasks-"

"No, I mean girlfriends? I'm positive that before you got onto the case with me, that you had another girlfriend, perhaps a wife?" I wriggle my eyebrows around, holding the strawberry lace above my head and slowly sucking it.

"Nope. You?"


There was silence as I fiddled with my fingers, my voice becoming hushed and my eyes not focusing upon him as the dawning truth struck me,
"Did you love me?"

There was another silence as everything we went through together could of been a lie, I mean I couldn't of told him the children we had together, were actually his. Yes, I lied saying that they were not his, only because if he actually knew they were his, I didn't know how he would react. So basically, all those times I almost died, were true and he would think I was lying.

"Do you love me?" He asked, his voice becoming quieter as well, the grin fading quickly. As I said my next words, the smirk re-formed on my face at the stone cold truth,

"Yes, always have, always will."

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