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87. work


I had taken Julia to her first year at school and Tommy to his second year of nursery before harry and I rushed off to work in the limo. We looked pretty sexy in my tight red, glittery dress which was fully length apart from a slit which had my right thigh out, downwards and Harry in his usual tux but looking extra sexy for some reason.  My makeup was done very professionally with glamorous eye makeup to match my dress and dolly red shoes with my hair straightened.

We sashayed down the corridor and we headed towards his office, taking our usual spaces and getting straight to work. I made several announcements and sent off thousands of emails, warning people about when there next meetings were and stuff like that. It was all going smoothly until Harry stood up and fixed his tie,

" Hunny, we have to go meet a few men to sell a new law on age restrictions,"

" Let me just finish this email Sir," I smirk devilishly, sending off an email to some guy telling him that he is going against the law for some random stuff,

" done!"

I got up and fixed my hair and dress before Harry had kissed my cheek, careful not to smudge my makeup.

" You look gorgeous, I am proud to call you my wife," Harry mumbled in my ear, making me whimper a bit when the heat of his lips disappeared from my senses. I spun around and gave him a painless gaze, panting through greed of his body,

" I- want y-you," He complained, his hands resting on my hips, lips inches from mine.

" Too bad," I grinned through the urge of throwing myself on him, " c'mon, where do we need to go?"

" West block, behind the toilets."


We arrived at a huge glass room, seats stretching for as far as I could see, beautifully decorated with wine, flowers and a fancy script at each white chair. It was very fancy!

" Okay, watch this.." harry muttered into my ear pointing at the huge, classy clock on the wall which indicated one minute to one. I waited for a minute and exactly on cue, people filled the room and every space was filled apart from Harry and mine seats at the very end, head of the table.

" wooh," I laughed quietly as Harry and I strutted to the head of the table, men's eyes glued to us.



She laughed quietly before we made our way to our seats, men's gaze attached to her sexy figure. I grinned a bit at the fact she was with me but a hint of childish protectively buzzing in the back of my heart that she was being checked out by a room full of men.

" Good morning Jury," I clearly welcome as we took our seats, Kelsey flashing her gorgeous smile which makes my tummy do backflips and my heart flutter.

" As you know, I am Harry Styles and next to me, is my stunning business partner, Kelsey Styles."



" My stunning business partner, Kelsey Styles,"

His last name rolled of his tongue beautifully as it sent shivers of lust through my body, I am a stunning business partner? I WANT HIM SO BAD!

I see men's eyes sunken into mine as I attempt to be friendly and smile sweetly,

" So evidence and statement of the supplying accessories across the world of a legal guardian to enhance the factor of decreasing underage parenting?" Harry next to me announced as I furrowed my mind for something smart to say because those words pitied my stupidity at the fact I understood nothing of what he just said. 

" Causing of the underage parents, more and more children are put into lethal foster care because thy parents aren't mature enough to supply the child it's needs, hence the fact, a age restriction wouldn't save billions of lives, just a maturity test should be acknowledged," A man on the opposing team to me answered and it took me by shock.

" But surely, younger aged people are less mature therefore it would be an age restriction problem?" Another man said and I grew slightly bit angrier, hehe, I am the only women in here and if they think, that sexism is going to stop me from getting my point across, I (a underage mother) is about to destroy the opposing team!

" However, maturity does matter because age has nothing to do with backgrounds and how you would treat the child. I believe that maturity would link and supply to the following reasons, How you would raise the child, Who would you raise it with, Your background information and the wellbeing of the child," I began, fluttering my eyes down at the paper which lays in front of me only because if I look up, someone would see the anger I my eyes. Hang on, fuck that. I glared up and carried on speaking with a bit more persuasion,

" Likewise, As a mother of two, I feel I have done everything in my power to increase the safeness, healthiness and wellbeing of my children as for all, the children have rights. for example, to be loved and have a safe home. My experiences have proven that these children are the most well-mannered children I have ever met and yes, I was seventeen when I had my first child yet here I am, earning a living for these children, Therefore," My eyes swarmed to the opposing team and seeing the side I was on, all of them were grinning to our enemies yet I was frustrated and determined to say that their ideas were bullshit, whether I sound professional or not,

" I believe with all might, your age restrictions are a load of rubbish as my children are healthy and just like all the other children who were raised by later generations if not better raised, this is not big headed, it is simply a debate in which my family and I are winning, thus, overall, age restrictions will not keep people back from raising a family un-successfully."

I took a deep, silent breath as I turned my head to the opposing team who had their mouths agape, squabbling to each other an argument. Under the table, Harry's hand slipped into mine as I swiftly gazed over to him and he had the cheesiest grin on before he leant over and whispered something in my ear,

" The temptation of fucking you right now, is murdering me!"

I blushed and smirked despite he may not see It and whispered back,

" I may be the only girl, but what they don't realise I have longer claws then they have... Plus, tease me anymore and I may just end up ending your career with the last thing everyone hearing is skin slapping against skin,"

He pulled back and the lustful look stung his eyes as he moved his chair closer to mine, if it was possible and rested his hands in between my legs, squeezing slightly. I grunted a little and pretended to drink my wine seductively. All eyes focused on me.

" But, Madam may not know, that is one example of-" A man began and I smirked, showing my teeth off to him, attempting to flatter him to shut up,

" T-that, we ccanot-t be t-to, never mind."

" So the side who wins would be, Age restrictions for parenting will NOT be needed!" Harry clarified before everyone moved onto another subject but I sat there, proud of myself for winning a debate and trying to focus on keeping Harry's hand as low as possible, not winning the fight.


It was five O'clock and we finally left the board room with the side I was fending for, laughing loudly before each side separated into the two sides of the room in the hall way. We had just left the office and just as I got into the car, Harry had jumped into the drivers seat but instead of driving, quickly pulling me so I was straddling his lap, peering up at him sexily, 

" Hello?" I sarcastically teased. Suddenly, Harry's lips came into contact with mine, savouring the taste by allowing his tongue to enter and making my arms fondling with his hair and his hands wrapped round each of my bum cheeks.

" You.were.amazing!" He breathed into the kiss before I undid his tie and he took my necklace off. The kissing got more heated the more items of clothing we rid each other of.

" The time?" I panted as Harry continued to kiss but checked his watch,

" 5:24,"

" Your sister got the kids at three, right?"

" Course," Harry said as I chuckled lightly and devilishly,

" Good,"

A/N: I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH! But I am getting bored of this book, are you? They have kids now so they can't do much but.. like, yeah. I will carry on if you want me to!


I wont be posting as much next week because I have to have an operation at some point because of an operation that I had a few weeks ago went wrong. So Sorry bubz ;)


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