Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."



"Callum?" I choked, gripping the wall of the van as I nervously crept to the front of the van,
Callum's smug grin killed my inside out at the fun of us being best friends during school. He moved away the minute Harry arrived and he may or may not of been my fuck buddy without the fuck. ;)
"Shut up you stupid slut," He spat,
"I'm not alone."
His grin grew wider and wider as out stepped Zayn, josh and Liam from my old gang. They all wore their trousers dangerously low on their hips, tattoos covering their ripped bodies.
"W-" I began before Josh's smirk grew wider as his hand came out from behind his back, it was my old black whip which had silver studs on the handle,
"We've missed you Kelsey." Zayn growled, the heat of his body obvious from sweat.
"Fuck off you pricks, let me go!"
I stepped out the van before Liam and Zayn quickly grabbed each of my arms. Unfortunately for them, they forgot that even though I am a girl, I can still fight like a fucking warrior.

I grasped Liam's arm and quickly pulled it so it was behind his back and his face was pressed against the van as swept my foot around Zayn's head knocking him to the ground with the edge of my heel pressing on his pressure point, knocking him spark out. I quickly pressed the pressure point in Liam's shoulder as I watched his body limp onto the ground like a sack of meat.

"Dickheads," I mummed, stepping over the un conscious bodies. Callum's proud eye twinkled on me in vanity as did Josh's as he started clapping slowly,

"The old Kelsey is still there then. She's not a weak, pathetic mother!"

My eye's narrowed in fury at him as Callum was striding slowly towards me, grasping my neck in a tight choke,

"What happened to you Sexy?"
"I grew up, you cunt,"

He looked taken aback slightly,

"That's rude for your boyfriend,"

"You aint my fucking boyfriend! I am married you twat-"
Suddenly, his hands grasped my lips and squeezed them shut,

"Are you? are you really? Look around Kelsey, he doesn't love you. If he did, why would he be dreaming of other girls and arranging with hookers?"

"Fuck off! He does love me, and they were mistakes-"

"That he keeps making over and over again?" Callum joined in with a sincere grin,

"Yes," I muttered quieter,

"And your six children and loved by you and Harry?"

"Dearly-" I added with a snarl to my voice,

"Well then let's make a deal."

My heart froze as the blood rushed to my ears,

"What the fuc- you haven't! YOU FUCKING HAVEN'T! CUNT!"
He quickly punched me in the gut as I gasped in pain,

"I haven't yet." He growled,

"It's on you whether your family is safe, bitch."

"W-what do you mean?" I stuttered, everything sinking in slowly and then over flowing.

"The lives of your family depend on your actions, okay?"

In the corner of my eye, Josh helped the two un conscious bodies return to the living hell,

"All for a deal,"
I nodded slowly,

"What is it?"

There was a lengthy pause as  I held my breath.

"me and you , 48 hours, no questions?"

My mind raced around for clues,

"And I will be free, my family un touched?"

"My word."

"Okay," I sigh, the words feeling like poison to my system.

"i will take care of you"

I snatched my head away from his grasp and looked away from his eyes,

"You will enjoy it, trust me baby all you need to know is it is a science project and you will be monitored by me and you will be forever with a hologram of your choice of person for the next 48 hours. Okay?"

I looked back into his eyes,

"Harry. I choose Harry, I want him!"



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