Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."




Okaayyyyyyyyyy, can I just say now, Kelsey is the FITTEST and most SEXIEST person I have ever laid eyes on. She is a waking, talking and perfect goddess with the figure of the image match Barbie doll, not that it is just looks. Without her, I feel sick to my core and I get so jealous very easily when she is around other men or women in that instance.

She lay next to me, sleeping like a princess, hugging me delicately as I planted my lips on her forehead. I hear her mumble slightly before her eyes sleepily open, grinning straight away at me when I peck her lips, "Morning Gorgeous," I say and she sits up, a bit confused,

"Where is everyone?" We look around the room before I catch a glimpse of a note on the kitchen unit,

" Want me to get it?" I politely ask but she had already raced me to it, reading it in her head.

Suddenly, her hand almost slaps her face as she gasps, blushing widely. I walk over causally and turn on the kettle before sneaking up behind her and slipping my arms around her waist.

I kiss her neck as she shows me the letter,

Dear Harry and Kelsey,

Sounds like you had a lot of fun last night.

Yes- we heard you all last night... how many rounds can you be horny for?! Everyone has gone to the pub for breakfast so we will be back at 2pm - here's your chance to be as loud as you want because tonight... YOUR NOT DOING IT!

Thank you. there are no activities today so just chilling,


I chuckle darkly but she is still blushing, despite there is just us in the room.

" Oh, Come on baby, you loved the rounds last night in different positions," I smirk, turning her around to face me. She looks into my eyes, biting her lips innocently, " Ugh- They heard us!" Her head rests against my shoulder and I chuckle louder. Could she get any more perfect?



UGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. they heard us and he just laughs. UUGHHHHHHHHHHHH.

" Harry! Don't laugh," I snap as he tries to make me laugh but I hold back the grin,

"Awhh, little miss stwessy.." He flicks my lip and pours us both a cup of tea as I sit down at the kitchen counter with a mingy strop,

" Thank you." I say quickly, sipping at the boiling water and placing it back on the table when he sits next to me. closely.

" Got the ump cause missy was heard having sex with her husband?" Harry teased and I rolled my eyes at him, "No."

" So... what's wrong then grumpy pops?"

" JUST Stop with the nicknames. I just am in a bad mood."

I get up and walk away into the bathroom with a bit of a tantrum. I don't know why- I woke up in a good mood and ever since that letter, just been horrible little git and I cant change. Ever get that?

" Kelsey, baby, what's wrong?" I hear Harry tap the door and I hesitate,


He sighs, " I know your not fine, Let me in please?"

I open the door and hug him, taking us both by surprise, "Okay, talk to me, something is wrong," He chuckles, carrying me out and into the living room,

"I miss home. our children. my brother. the phone signal." I assume with a slight chuckle at the phone signal bit before Harry lays me down, eyes eating up body which is wearing a loose top and panties. That's it.

"Well- we are only here for two more days so we will be home soon," He grins, pecking my lips gently.

" But I will miss everybody here," I pout, making him chuckle,

" And we can go see them at any time."

" Really!" I squeal, kissing him some more. Is that what I wanted to hear? I am not sure.


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