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95. Wednesday WEEK ONE




I woke up and Harry wasn't beside me, yet everybody else was asleep. I tossed over and found Danny where Jake should be so the boys must of moved dorms early this morning. Suddenly, I realised that Danny was smirking at me, "Morning beautiful," I grinned at his nickname and I noticed I was a thin piece of wood away from being in the same bed as him, " Morning handsome," I chuckled before climbing down the ladder and heading for the bathroom.

I showered and dried my hair, letting the dark colour go wavy naturally and I noticed that I was a slightly bit more tanner than I normally am which made me grin. I applied a light coating of makeup yet with me, it always look like loads and I never usually need it, if I do say so myself. I wore a different pair of high way shorts and wore a purple V-neck top which was make out of purple feathers and it drooped down until it was a semi- top and then stopped. My breasts always burst out in this top and I don't know why but I wasn't complaining. I put my converses on and avoided any jewellery because I knew we would be doing activities at 10 today from the letter which was already posted.

I walked out and checked the time, 8:35am. Wow, I am up early!

" Kelsey, wanna come for a walk with me to the beach?" Danny quietly asks as he fixes his un-done, checked top, "Sure," I smirk gently as we walk out the cabin and start talking in which he starts conversation,

" Are you single?" I laugh slightly at his starter but then reply with a grin, " Yes, you?"  " Yes," And then he carried on, "what about you and Harry?"

I was a bit stiff by his name but we weren't going out, just friends. A good good friend in which can kiss amazingly well, "No, we are just good friends, U-ur, it's complicated,"

We finally reach the beach in where he wraps my fingers in his hand which makes me grin and he smiles, "I'm glad I met you, Your are stunning,"

I blush majorly and gaze down, " Who was it last night making out with someone cause they were so fucking loud," I chuckle, changing the subject and Danny laughs slightly, "Chris and some girl that he picked up on the route back," "oh,"

We ended up talking for one or two hours, sitting side by side on the beach, him forever making me laugh and we just grew very close in friendship, until I looked down at his watch, " Crap, it's 10:59, we have to be at the activity in a minute and I bet you they are waiting for us-" I speak quickly as we get up and make a runner for the first activity which is 'cat walk' which I have no clue what it is.


Finally, we manage to make it there with only three minutes late and just as I said, they were waiting for us, Harry's eyes lighting up when he sees me and then frowning when Danny shows up, hands on my waist and whispering in my ear, making me laugh, " shh, the instructor is telling us what the cat walk is," I chuckle back as a female instructor, around 20, steps out and puts everyone's harness on.

" Thankyou," I politely say as she finishes mine and then Harry steps closer to me, protectively standing by my side, stiffly.

" Okay guys," She said as I realised she had a Canadian accent which suited her small frame, " Today you will be doing the cat walk which is basically that thing," She pointed at a huge wooden structure with ropes, metal and everything dotted everywhere, and loads of obstacles on different levels,

" You will be walking around that, until you reach the top and up there you will jump off, onto a zip line. Okay?"

I gulped knowing my fear of heights would make me nervous but, I love fears and I love showing off so I allowed her to buckle me up with everyone else,

" You will be in three's and it will be team work okay? for the rest of the day, these groups of three will be your groups and you will compete for the championship everyday. Got it?" The instructor announced as Danny and Harry both grabbed each arm, " I guess we found our three?" I chuckled nervously, thinking I would drag behind because I am the only girl, and thee two boys are the fittest out of all thirteen of us.

We all separated into threes as we all headed to different cat walks, all the same just loads more of the same structure so every three would get a structure to themselves, " first three on the ground after the zip line, wins." She announces as if it is the most simplest thing.

" Who shall go first?" I ask, biting my lip when Danny says he will, then me and then Harry. Okay, great.

She shouts go as Danny races up the ladder, taking us to the first floor bit and I follow, close behind with Harry straight behind, most likely staring at my arse in his face,

Once we were up, there was a rope in which we had to walk across, balancing which we did quickly but Danny fell off, dragging Harry and I with him. We all had to grab onto the rope we should be walking on and yank ourselves up,

" we need a tactic," Danny panted as I quickly caught my breath back, " look, grab your harness and swing, we will just fall around this level." And that's what we done, swung around the course until we got to the ladder and carried on climbing two second floor which was blocks that you would stand on to get past first corner. We passed it easily and then the next corner was monkey bars which was painful. very painful but we all made it luckily. Then the next two corners were just running through a plank of wood with annoying dangling things, attempting to knock us off.

I refused to look down until we were on last floor and I could see Niall, Tom and Zack were a tiny bit behind us, so I took a deep breath and looked at the course. " You alright hunny?" Harry asked and I took a deeper breath, nodding nervously. first corner, was  a wall stopping the plank of wood and the tiniest bit of wood to step across and it hand grip holders in the wood which was okay I guess, I swore a few times. The next one was one at a time, sit on this seat and it will fling you into a huge net in which you crawl up to the zip line block.

" Kelsey, you go first babes," Danny grinned innocently as I muttered under my breath, " fuck," I climbed onto the seat and pushed myself off, flying into the net and then pushing the seat back to Harry who was next.

I began scrambling up the net, getting caught every second until I worked out a strategy, " Pull twice on the black rope of your harness," I call out to Harry and Danny who are string at my but as I crawled ahead of them. If you pull twice, the mechanism at the top, immediately pulls you up so that's what I did and so did Danny and Harry. We all quickly found ourselves at the top, at the same time, climbing onto the zip line and flying downwards together, me winning in the lead. In the heat of the second, the seats went flying from under Neath us until we were hovering just centimetres from the ground, harness catching us.

" Oh my fucking god!" I screamed and Harry was cursing with relief. Danny was goofing around, bouncing up and down which was very funny to watch and then to our right, Niall, Tom and Zack, grinning at us,

" That was terrifying." I say again as we get un-clipped from the harness and we all look up to Kennedy at the top of the zip wire, refusing to jump, which I don't blame her, " GO ON KENNY! YOU CAN DO IT!" I yell for encouragement and everybody cheers, " ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY, I WILL DIE!" She screams back, the words just passing our ears, making me laugh. "I HAVE SIGNAL DOWN HERE!" Rose bellows and within seconds, Kennedy is flying down the rope, screaming loudly. " AHHHHHHHHHH"

And that is basically how we spend the rest of our day. Screaming. pissing ourselves and screaming some more.


We all sat back in our dorm, exhausted. " It's only been three days, and I feel like all the Adeline possible has escaped," Kennedy gasps, Chris laying on her bed, playing with her hair with a cheesy grin, " Yeah well, the quicker we get home, the quicker your away from us," Zack pouted as I scoffed, " That's a bad thing?"

He laughed and So did Harry as I laid next to him, talking randomly on my bed, "I wonder what Louis is doing right now," Harry frowned, puzzled, " Probably taking a test,"

I chuckled rolling over so I lay on my back and plaid with a piece of cotton I found on my bed, " Louis your boyyfrrieenddd??" Callum laughed as I shot up, looking at him with such disgust, " EWW! He's my brother!"

Everybody broke in roaring laughter until when it all died down, everyone separated into there own conversations. I peered over to Danny who sat on his own, on his bed not doing anything and I couldn't help myself. I'm sorry.

I threw a pillow at him.

" Ouch!" He yelled as he fell down and I rugby tackled him so I was on top, holding his arms above his head, "What's the matterrr?"

" It's nothing,"

" Yes it is,"
" No it's not,"

" Yes it is,"

" No it's no-"
"YES! tell me please!" I gave him puppy dog eyes and he gave in finally,

" I will tell you later,"

"okay dokay!" Before I could say anything else, Harry swung me back onto my bed and his eyes burnt like fire into mine, turning me on massively, "Excuse me, I believe she was with me," Danny chuckled darkly, jumping onto my bed too. "Too bad, cause now she's with me," Harry laughed, embracing me tightly and then placing me on the bed, him kissing one cheek and Danny kissing the other at the same time.

" if your done with your little gang bang over there," Tom interrupted, "I'm starving and we need someone to cook food,"

" It wasn't a gang bang," I laughed and Harry raised an eyebrow sarcastically, "You'll never know," And with that, him and Danny high fived each other as I laid flat our in between these two sexy and mad boys,

" Haha, very clever, but, I need a fag so.. I will be outside. Callum, you want one?" He shook is head and I shrugged, heading for the door in pyjama shorts and a long V-neck black top with pink rims, exposing most my breasts.

Mercilessly, the stench of the tobacco drifts poisonously around the outside of the dorms as I place the small yet lethal drug to my lips. Inhale. exhale. Intrigued, I hold it dangerously between my two first fingers just inches away from my lips as the cigarette eats away at the fuel and my lungs with a roaring smoke creating delicately detailed patterns.
My head was pounding, thoughts racing and the distant cries of innocence tore through me as the trees whooshed mercilessly to a death dance. The cigarette came up to my lips once more, inhaling and just holding in all the drug. Then, with graceful little puffs, I created a gorgeous smoke pattern in the air by breathing out and holding a lighter under Neath my mouth so my smoke would catch light. Breath taking. 

I had no idea why this strange desire to kill my lungs occurred, it just did and my head hurt from thinking of the kiss. I think I love Harry....





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