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187. Wedding day <3


"Darling?" Harry's sexy morning voice vibrates through my body as my eyes slowly adjust to him towering over me with a winning grin,

"You awake?"

Sarcastically, I roll my eyes with a light grunt before his lips crash down onto mine suddenly but the feeling of pure pleasure over runs my fatigue. His hands gently slither down my waist to my hips as my arms dangle around his shoulders lightly.

I hear him groan into the kiss before reluctantly pulling back, my arms flopping to my side with the pull of his head,
"Todays the day,"

I frown as my eyes deliciously eat up his stunning looks and hands touch up his muscular abs,

"Everything is already planned out. All you have to do today is say, 'I do'" He grins mischievously as my heart explodes into butterflies and excitement,

"Oh My Gosh! Harry, really?"

"Uh huh, but you have to get up first. Oh- and sorry but we aren't having hen nights or stag dues but I have arranged a honey moon," He bites his lip but I quickly replace it with my lips with happiness and passion before his press down further onto mine with thrill,

"I know you dislike the huge weddings which is why it is just going to be me and you, the children and then everyone which lives in the building. Is that alright?"

I nod in appreciation and relief as I give him a thanks. His hands are quick to return to rub up my body which makes me gasp in pleasure but he has already pulled back off me which leaves me in heavy breathing and a wide smirk,

"If we carry on, I wont be able to stop and the stylists should be here soon," He explains but his eyes were glued to me seductively, slowly turning himself on with his eye rape.





My knees were wobbling, ecstasy burning my skin in enchantment and desire as the open breasted and open backed, tight dress clung to my body in an elegant, opulent way. Exquisite and luxurious diamonds which were enriched with money, created a lace pattern across the top of my back before flaring out ostentatiously as my pulchritudinous hair was straightened but designed to be divine at the front and sexy in the back with a well matched class.

I was fixed onto a royal red throw over on the grass which surrounded fresh air and gorgeously hot weather which beat down on everyone watching the wedding which was everyone who lives in the house hold, including my stunning children.

The girls all had their hair straightened and the boys had theirs gelled gracefully as their little miniature bride and grooms outfits on my children made my heart sink in their daintiness and adorableness.

"Congratulations my darling," Dominus grinned wickedly at me as his muscular arm linked with mine before he began walking up the isle along to an elegant song which swept the lavish mood into action.

My mind focused on Harry's body which stood facing the vicar and the happy marriage we will have with our charming angels. All doubts floated away as I was a few steps from Harry's content posture.

Trailing behind me, Julia and Tommy threw the rose petals on the ground as Cecelia and Jenna held the two youngest whilst holding the twins' hands as the giggles from Rhine made my smirk flicker even wider.

I reached Harry as the music had stopped playing and every emotion flooded through both of us as we Longley looked at each other which lavish desires. The world had stopped spinning around me as my confidence level doubled at Harry's seductive gaze eats me up blissfully; my heart thumps in time to my vow time,

"Do you Calista Rose May take Harry Edward Styles to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do,"

My Smirk spreads wider onto my lips as Harry winks at me cheekily,

"And do you Harry Edward Styles take Calista Rose May to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do,"

Our eyes merge into one lustful gaze as the words I have been longing to hear ever since I stepped foot into contact with Harry were announced,

"I now pronounce you Husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride,"

Our lips were now in sink as his hands slyly crept down to my booty as my lips clasped his passionately, lust filling up my body. We must of been active for a good minute because Julia was now making disgusted noises which made everyone chuckle as I pulled back from Harry's loving actions,

"I love you so much!"



We both clambered into limo after being congratulated by everyone as she looked at me with such passion and desire when the door shut,

"How was that then?" I scratched the back of my neck nervously as she shuffled closer to me, eyes lavishly eating me up as her lips fondled mine suddenly. A heat of sexiness struck me as my hands pulled her waist close to me but she was already sitting on my lap elegantly and eagerly.

She wasted no time before her lips were brushing against mine but I wanted to get her even more horny,

"The honey moon I have planned," I pull back,

"Is with you having 48 hours and no questions. Is that alright?"
She bit her lip anxiously but her eyes were plastered onto my member seductively,
"You promise?"
"....I promise"


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