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175. Walk of shame


After shaking Dominus' hand, I was excused as I fumbled with my new keys on the elevator as the whole truth hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt emotionally exhausted as the elevator doors opened and I climbed in sulkily and drearily.

"Fucking shit hole.." I murmur under my breath as I examine my wrists and the hideous tattoo which was disgusting,

"There goes my record of non tattooed skin,"

I head back to my dorm, ignoring the fact I have a new room as I collapsed onto the bed, too exhausted to even cry so I just lay there staring evilly at my wrists until there is a knock at the door and I look up to Harry who looked like he had been crying,

"Calista, I am so sorry! I didn't know what to do, Marry you or loose you,"
He shut the door behind him as I sat up on the bed, feeling pressured and depressed. Harry was the only thing I had left that hadn't been taken from me as well as my name and I would do anything to protect them.

He came closer to me before wrapping me in a tight, loving hug which I allowed as I carefully hugged him back, ignoring the buzzing stings of my lash wounds until it was too much and I pulled back leaving Harry confused.

I pushed him onto my bed, kissing his lips quickly and passionately as his hands roomed over my back with a grunt of satisfaction,

"What's making you so horny then?" He chuckled but I didn't reply and just tried to get him to carry on, faster. The truth is, I wanted to feel something other than pain and the opposite to pain is pleasure. Only Harry can do that.

My lips clasped onto his as his hands immediately swooped to my but, slapping it which made me gasp with a slight sensation of pleasure. My wrists stung more at the quick movements but I shut them out in the kiss which was quickly and effectively blocking out the pain.

My hands carefully yet quickly tugged at his shirt, taking it off as I am quick to remove my jumper so I am left in my tight and short sleeved tank top which displays all my curves in my breasts and hips as Harry flips us over so he is on top as his hands ran over my breasts.

He then pulls up from the kiss as he squats over me, eyes feeding off my body as he spots something and he looks traumatized. Suddenly, he grabs both my arms as he examines the lashes,

"The fuck!"

I batter my eyelids in shock as I see my wrists all bloody which I then look back to Harry's horrified expression,

"Did you do this?" He grunts reaching tissues on the side and gently wiping the blood off which makes me wince in pain,

"No, Dominus did,"

"Why!" He stops wiping as he climbs off me and sits me on the edge of the bed, sinking to my height,

"I don't know. He said something about the tattoo being something to identify me,"
"He gave you the tattoo already!" He searches my arm trying to see the horrific ink burn on my wrist as he begins fuming,

"That fucker! I said not too, SHIT!"

I pull back, terrified as I cup Harry's face,

"It's okay," I lie but he doesn't listen,

"No! It's not okay! He is fucking whipping you! Twenty lashes in total! WHAT THE FUCK!"
Suddenly he shot up and grabbed his shirt from the floor,

"Where are you going?" I squeak as I shoot up with him and head towards him,

"Don't leave me, please!"

Harry suddenly turns around,

"Calista, he just whipped you twenty time and scarred your skin for life with that fucking tattoo! I am not just going to allow him to get away with tormenting my fiancée!"

The tears burn in my eyes and wrists as I grab his arms, attempting to keep him with me,


"I will be back in ten minutes maximum, I promise!" Harry shakes his head as he looks at my wrists disapprovingly,

"In the mean while, clean up your arms darling."

He pecks my forehead gently,

"I just want to let you know, none of this is your fault,"


I storm straight into his office, fuming like a volcano as he looks up with me, grinning mischievously,

"Ever fucking touch her again and-" I threaten as Dominus holds his hands in the air as he leaps out his seat, attempting to calm me down,

"Harry, Harry! I did not touch her... the whip did," He shakes his head and then realises when I growl that he made it worse,

"No I mean! It was just a warning that she was ours,"
"Then what was the fucking tattoo for, huh?"

My eyes look anywhere apart from his as my muscles were shaking in anger and my mind was doing cartwheels of different tumbles,

"To say she is yours,"
My eyes burn onto his as I grab his shirt harshly,

"That was what the ring was for FUCKSAKE! DO YOU NOT LISTEN!"

Suddenly, he has smacked me straight across the face,

"Now listen here boy, you have had too much of power in those words. I suggest you remember who you are talking to!"

I quieten down a bit as he explains everything but he is only repeating the same information he just told me in different words,



I stay in the room, rocking myself back and forth in fear as I use the wet flannel to wipe away the blood. Suddenly at the door, Jenna stands there examining my wrists in horror as her face has fallen and she lets herself in,

"Shit! Why the fuck is that there?" She exclaims clutching my wrists as I panic,

"Jenna you cant be here!"

"Why not? What happened Calista? Who done this?"

I pull my arm out of her hands as I shoot up from the bed and back away slowly after checking if there are camera perhaps installed in my room,

"Please leave," I whisper but she doesn't leave so I grab her and turn my back to the possible camera corner,

"I'm the lady of the manor now, I control who you are and if you stay alive or not." I mutter harshly as she backs away slowly,

"Calista, this is stupid! You wouldn't harm anyone for no reason,"

"This is my reason, I am dangerous. You will die! Give it the night please and we will talk more in the morning,"
Jenna holds out her hand firmly as she shakes her head,

"You are my best friend! You cant just leave me and Cecelia alone! We can get through this together, please!"

"Jenna don't make me do this please, you know I cant do that."

Tears fall down her cheeks,

"Please Calista! Don't do this, stay with us,"

I consider it thoroughly as a tear rolls down my cheek. Jenna is my best friend and no-one can ever denie that and I promised at the start we would all stay together.

"Jenna, I will get Harry to explain everything to you and I promise I wont leave you but you just need to go along with the me being in charge act please!"

She nods her head quickly as she hugs me tightly,

"Thank you so much Calista! I knew you would be reasonable,"

I look around just in case anyone's there as I shout,

"Get out of my room!"

Suddenly guards came trooping in and grasped Jenna before dragging out the room. She gave me a cheesy wink as I nodded slightly before I couldn't see her anymore and I collapsed on my bed in tears and exhaustion.

At this point, death seemed like a dream.



"You got it now Harry? I am in charge therefore I can do what I want," Dominus smirks as he rests back in his chair, swivelling his feet and frowning me as if I am a scolded child,

"But touching my fiancée is no longer a act of power, it's perverted and bloody coldblooded!"

"Your forgetting one small detail," Dominus' grin flickers widely in a sinister, turned up snarl,

"You kidnapped her and held her hostage, not me,"

"but," I tried but he had beat me to the next argument,

"You forced her to enjoy this place with the use of persuasion because she loves you,"

"And I love her-"

Dominus silences me with a cocky scoff,

"My dear boy, do you think I do not know that? You protect her with every muscle, you're here defending her rights, you are marrying her, you have 5 kids-"

"Six-" I cut in as he roles his eyes and carries on his speech,

"You are always making passionate love and I can see it in both of your eyes,"

My heart feels like it is about to melt as images of Calista crawled through my mind and all I can do is smile but I try to fight it off, un-successfully.

"See. You just need to use more of this," He points to my head,

"And less of this,"

His bony finger reflects to my lips as I look away, it becoming too much to punch him in the face. All my anger was slowly rising and rising but at the same time decreasing madly at the thought of Calista in a happy mood.

"Anything else?" Dominus snaps me out of my trance as my mind whooshes for a single argument rather than the thousands of brain busting threats deep in my mind,

"Why did you hurt my fiancée?"

I felt my eyes darken with rage again and clearly, Dominus was enjoying it,

"You will understand some day, it will all make sense why Calista has been tattooed and whipped,"
"When will I find out?"


"Whens soon?" I got irritated,

"A week or so?"

I shut my mouth after that, afraid of saying the wrong thing and getting Calista in a bad spotlight with Dominus. His eyes eat me alive as he inspects each miniature detail of my frowning expression,

"You know that I'm not the bad guy here, Harry. Everything I do has a sole purpose and why on Earth would I harm Calista for fun?"

I bite my tongue from mouthing off to him as he carries on telling the truth,

"I thought that by now you would of at least realised that there are cruel people out there who would do anything to buy Calista off of you," Suddenly he covers his mouth sarcastically,

"Whoops I gave you a hint of next week!"

He sends me a wink as I feel my muscles tensing up,

"She is not getting sold!"

"I'm pretty sure I didn't say anything like that, Harry."

Stressfully, I pull my hands to my face and just rest them there whilst I count down slowly from ten,

One. Two. Three,

"All I am willing to tell you that there is another auction next week and she has to be with you when you choose. And as you know, there is a ball after you have chosen which means rich, filthy and perverted men will be watching your fiancée closely,"

Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight,

"Then she wont go," I grunted, removing my hands and slowly finishing my countdown,

"Not possible, and besides all you need to do is keep her close and train her,"

"She is not a dog," I grunt before my Nine and Ten came along but I was no where nearer to being calm than I was half hour ago,

"You know what, I am giving you all the help here willingly, the least you can do is listen!" Dominus barks as I sit quietly, stone hard with rage,
"Now wipe that look off your face and smile a bit more,"

I do as he says sarcastically which makes him rolls his eyes,

"Good! Now, don't you have somewhere to be?"

I nod as I get up quickly, without a second look.






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