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109. Waking up my beauty <3


I almost ran to her side when my eyes first met hers in the hospital bed. She was attached to millions of tubes, air tanks, wires and injections it made me feel sick for her but I would rather this than her being dead.

"Kelsey baby?" I cried with happiness and kissed the only place without a medication stuck in her, her forehead but I was wrong. A slime of wired cream covered my lips as I quickly pulled away wiping it off me with a shaky laugh,

"I know you can hear me, I just wanted to say I love you with all my heart and don't ever fucking leave me again!"

I know it was a false promise because she promised last time she wouldn't leave me and here we are again but this time it wasn't her fault- It was the twins. Our twins in which are my gorgeous little angels! Awh! We are going to go back to being a happy family again like she was talking about!
" You know the child you were carrying? Turns out it was two!" I chuckle as I hear her breathing become more regular to the sound of my voice which makes my down town feel very appreciated,

"Two healthy, gorgeous girls called Rhine Maria Styles and Adele May Styles, Kelsey your going to love them! They look just like Julia, if cuter!"

I pause for a second with a dark laugh and the biggest grin on my face,

"Tommy and Julia love the new girls. But I have Kennedy and Louis looking after all four! They are the best, and I think they got Rose to help out!"

I couldn't stop babbling on about how much I loved our children and how much I adored Kelsey that I didn't realise her eyes flickering open with warm lustful brown which melted my heart.

The eyes I thought I would never see again, just looked at me!

"Kelsey!" I squealed feeling very camp but I didn't care because I had my Kelsey back.

Before we could communicate any further, four doctors and nurses rushed in to check if all is well with her and they were all in shock. Well- I was too. She had been dead for almost two days and now here she is, staring straight back up at me.

The doctors and nurses changed her quickly while I had to wait in the corner for around seven minutes watching carefully at her gorgeous face which was only focused on me. Her facial expression was very passionate and big yet she was still a bit dopey from the gas they had just given to her which made her being non-stop smiling and giggling. They removed all the medication apart from a heart tracker and a few injections in her skin, dotted randomly to check her pulse and breathing strategy.

Afterwards, they stripped her down into her bra and panties she had on which made her look so sexy I almost could of fucked her there but the little voice at the back of my head was like, "Na, not the best timing ever"

I saw her blush a little as I looked down to my half erect boner and immediately she was giggling like an angel which made her breasts jump up and down. My member, rising again.  whoops?

The doctors and nurses finally left her in a blue short dress thingy which reflected her figure gorgeously well and left us alone.

I crept over to her and before I could say anything, she had pulled me next to her and kissed me, hard. Her lips were soft and beautiful along with her long, legs which tangled around mine to pull me further onto the bed. My tongue slipped quickly into her mouth and I tasted all the medication she had been given and tried to avoid, yet I couldn't care. My hands gently wrapped around her little figure as she pulled away from the kiss to hug into my chest which I found adorable.

" I love you harry," She giggled, clearly the drugs, as she drifted off to sleep in my arms, like it always should be.



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