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147. Under cover school


The bell vibrates through the hallways, piercing into my ears as I wonder into school alone to make the whole 'I am alone' effect or at least 'high school girl' effect. It doesn't last long before a group of guys are coming up to me, flirting with me dramatically. I turn around to one guy and Harry catches in my eye in the corner, hard facial features at these boys but that makes me even cheekier,

"Yeah," I chuckle, pretending I heard what they said and flicking my hair over my shoulder as their eyes immediately connect with my left breast which hasn't been covered by my hair but it is bouncing out to look slutty which clearly work as all off them immediately had hard tents in their trousers.

"Well I got to get to class, could one of you please show me where S26 is?"

All at once they all said "Me" as I gave them a anxious look before backing away slowly, playing hard to get,

"Sorry, urm.. I will find some other way-"

"No it's fine," One of them but in but then my eyes switched onto Harry as he was using his head to direct to someone where my eyes struck where they were pointing,

"Who is that?" I cock my head to the side, slightly pointing my finger at him but not being obvious,

"Aaron Weston, you need anything and he will get it, for a cost."

Still looking at Aaron, I ask a question,

"What type of cost?"

"Well for a normal person, money. But for you baby, I'm sure there will be another way," One winked at me but I acted as if I didn't see as they all burst out laughing, my head tossing to their laughing figures,

"W-what's so funny?"

"Nah, we mean, you are so fucking sexy babe, what's your name?"

I pause for a second, taking in Aarons broad muscles, spectacular height and his good enough looks to have any girl tripping as I think of my name which would be acceptable,

"Kelsey May,"

Brilliant. My old name.

"Well, Kelsey, you are proper-" One guy started as I quickly turned around, pecking his cheek lightly and quickly,

"Thank you,"

As with that, I walked quickly away heading to my locker which then I got a better look of Aaron Weston. Okay, he was defiantly fit as he was talking to some other guy as they done the awkward bro hug thing every boy seems to think is cool before walking away.

I took my chance, I held my books in my hands and walked purposely into him, falling to the floor as the clutz I am.

"Watch it you-" He began as I looked up, puppy dogs bursting out at him and he stopped his sentence, reaching his hand out for me as I smiled gently,

"are you new here gorgeous?"

"Why yes I am- and looking for some help,"

I peered into his eyes, grinning seductively as I chewed on my gum,



She walked straight into him, tumbling to the ground and I was just about to rush in when he looked down on her and suddenly It felt like I was looking down to her gorgeous face. He was about to curse until she smiled and immediately he was like a dog at the shrine of her light (HAHA SEE WHAT I DID THERE!??)

Then they began talking, chuckling and flirting, especially when he tucked a loose strand behind her ear like I always do before he took her hand and led her out the room. I was about to start following when a hand landed on my shoulder,

"Are you lost Mr.Styles?"

It was the head master.

"Ur sort of,"



"so Kelsey, where are you from?" he asked as we took a corner,

"Originally London but now here in Lincolnshire,"

"ah, The old London, then?"

I nod gently as we take another corner and suddenly he has thrown me in the cupboard and pinned his hands to my neck. Instead of fighting back and blowing our cover, I see what he wants,

"I am about to tell you something about myself that you will never repeat.. Got it?"

I nodded harshly despite this is practically a record time of about to complete a mission and I am screaming inside,

"I am a dealer I give out things..."

"What kind of things?" I gulp as he pulls his arm from my neck and I don't gag,

"Ah, I notice you don't gag, honey?"

"Try me," I wink, grabbing his hands and placing them to my breasts as he takes control of his own movements,

"I will hold you up to that... I think I trust you Kmay, I-Is it okay if I call you that?"

Kmay? Really??

"Sure? But what things do you deal out?"

"Drugs, Cigarettes, guns, porn tapes.. anything, you name it and I have it."

My mouth makes an 'o' shape as he shrugs it off,

"Who do you get it all from?" I chuckle slightly, pulling him close to me as our eyes connect, no spark going just lust of a sexual pleasure charge he wants and I am not giving.

"You don't need to know,"

"But, I want to help."

We get cut off from the bell and his eyes stay glued to my face,

"I will find something for you as long as you can prove you aint some goody two shoes... in the meanwhile-"

He leans in for a kiss as I panic, grabbing his cock and bringing my lips to his ear seductively,

"No foreplay.."

And with that, I was out and walking down the corridor with a smug grin plastered across my face at all the information I managed to receive in the first half an hour of the day with him slacking in my foot prints.

So I found out the dealer and soon going to know the master mind selling all these illegal items, never mind the people who buy this shit. That's someone else's job.

I head into a class and my grin brightens as I walk in with one hand in Aaron Weston's, leading him in behind me as if I am in control and seeing Harry with a sudden angry expression at Aarons smug wink to some other boy.

"Miss May, if you could sit in the back row please... alone." He refers to Aaron who was already about to sit next to me,

"WHAT! why Sir? That is bang outta order mate!" Aaron argues and Harry's tense muscles almost explode as that is the last of Aarons arguments as he scurries away to another table. I put my feet up on the desk, purposely dis-obeying the rules to show off to Aaron and have an excuse to get a detention with Harry to tell him my news.

"Miss may please remove your feet from the table,"

All eyes point my direction as I look at my feet for a second, frowning,

"Nah, I'm good thanks"

I look at Aaron for approval and he is grinning widely nodding,

"Excuse me, I am your teacher, you will get your feet off the table!"

He looked incredibly threatening despite his obvious lustful reactions,

"Or what?"
The class interrupt with 'Ohhhhss' as I pull my clothes up a bit, pushing my breasts higher and poofing my hair up for more volume, Harry's eyes eating away cautiously and lovingly.

"detention and phone call home,"

"Go on sir, do you think I care?"

Harry gives in,

"Your first warning Miss May.. But on your third try, I will set a detention and."

"call home, Yeah. I heard the first time!" I interrupt with a roll of my eyes and a tight scoff which makes everybody laugh, including him,

"Very entertaining. Now can I teach?"

I smile, using my hands to flap around indicating him to turn around which he does with a sneaky wink which no one caught thankfully.

"Victorian schools is your title and the date is 24th March 2015, please write that down."

I scoff loudly, as I reluctantly write it down, Harrys eyes staring at me the whole time when everyone's heads are down,

I finish quickly, my eyes already fixing with his as I bite my lips innocently, shrugging my shoulders with a smug frown just to tease him as more and more heads looked back up to him once they had finished.

"What do we know about Victorian schools?" Harry asked, walking back and forth, taking my breath away at how fit he looked as he done it. I quickly looked down as I wrote everything what happened this morning, word for word in detail signing my false name under Neath,

"Kelsey? Did you hear what I said?"

I quickly shot my head back up, scrunching up my nose,

"Yeah, urm that in Victorian schools... they used the cane when someone was been naughty. Basically they got spanked?" I grinned at my hidden sexual message as I could see Harry's member growing by the second and it was just lucky that no one noticed,

"Yes. School boys and girls would get spanked hard on the bum if they were naughty. I think they should bring it back!" He laughed as did everybody else, the room exploding into cat calls.

"Haha, any time sir!" I chuckled as everybody covered there mouths in my response but it was that OMFGG DID SHE AC JUST SAY THAT LMAO shit.

"Any way, anyone else?" He changed the subject as I carried on writing until I was finished.

"Ah, fuck. Sir I left my pen in the bathroom, can I get it?"

"In a second, but can you go wait out side for me please."

"Why?" I throw my hands in the air once I had shown him that I am putting a letter in my back pocket,

"Just leave. now."

"Ugh! Fine!" I scurry out the room, brushing my hands past Aarons cock just to frustrate Harry even more, winking at him seductively. It immediately rose as I touched it but I didn't wait to see the reactions as I left the room, waiting for Harry to set work.

"Hello," Harry greeted smugly, closing the door behind him and moving away from the glass so no one could see us,

"Fuck baby, you need to stop playing with me in there!" Harry gasped as I handed him the letter with a grin, pulling up my dress in the meanwhile,

"Oh and stop flirting with Aaron. You are like meat to every boy in that class, they are almost twice your size and whilst your dressed like that, I know I wouldn't resist if I was them!"

I step back a bit, scoffing,

"But look where that has got us. Look how much evidence I have and proof." I take out my phone,

"Recordings and there is cctv in that room as well,"

"Not bad Baby, not bad..."





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