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I dressed myself in the revealing bikini Harry got me as we all went down to the lake, for a late afternoon swimming, Harry's eyes never ending on my body and his touch never detaching, "Baby, I will put our things on the side, you start getting in," Harry grinned, planting a lengthy kiss on my cheek and then hurrying away to do as promised.

I slipped into the water, gasping from it's coldness, but managing not to freeze. The warm summers air drifted longingly around the lake which did Heaton it up a it, but I guess I just had to get used to it.

" Anddd... the waters freezing as fuck!" Danny grins behind me, suddenly by my side and chuckling lightly. I went to open my mouth to speak but when I felt Harry's heated body against my back, I decided not to say anything and instead just embrace his warmth,

" Eekkkkk!" Squealed Rose behind us as she and Liam pondered into the lake, holding hands like a cute couple which I presume they are, as Kennedy and Michael trailed behind.

" I wonder how Julia and Tommy are, I've been missing them so much!" I sigh before Harry's large hands, planted themselves on my hips and spun me around so I was facing him directly, "My exact same thought," He grinned, his lips forming contact with mine,

" I tried calling them everyday- there's no signal," I pout after I pulled back from the kiss, " I want our childdreeennn!"

Harry smirks cheekily, looking away and biting his lip before his arms wrap around my body and he is grinning directly at me with such passion, "Your brother's stolen them,"

I giggle pathetically and gently push my lips to his to shut him up for being so damn adorable as he wraps me tighter. The broadness and muscle which coats him sexily, makes me feel so small compared to him but my mind was focused on the emotional snog he was practically begging for,

"Don't tell me your gonna be snogging all night- cause I wanna swap beds with a further distance, if you are!" Danny rolled his eyes sarcastically and I pulled away from the kiss but Harry's face inches away from mine.

I bite my lip innocently, my eyes attached to his lips as if they are a drug and my arms hung around his neck like a vine before Harry has grunted, "Danny? You might want to start moving beds-" And he has swung me up so my legs were wrapped around his waist and he was kissing me with such force and desperation, it turned me on even more.

He began moving, grabbing our things before quickly pacing home, with me still kissing him and grasping his hair for better access to his lips. Harry's fingers fumbled around with the keys before he finally managed to open the door and he has lifted me on my bed so I am laying there in my bikini, horny as fuck and panting for more.

Before I knew it, Harry had either elbows by my head and only black boxers on which made my heart flutter desperately, "Kiss me," I breath quickly and he grin widens even more with a lusty daze in his eye, "If you insist,"

His lips slam onto mine, the pace of each of our sucking motions combining sexily as his hands run widely up and down my body, finishing what we started last night, "How long I have been waiting for this moment, is unreal!" Harry gasps through stronger kisses and my undeniable smirks,

"So your saying you could wait a bit longer?" I tease pushing his body above me a bit to break our lips which makes him hungrily growl, "Don't you fucking dare,"

The next thing I knew his lips were traveling up and down my body at alarming rates, the heat of his love radiating off him and burning into my pleasure cells as this god, fell into my heart as if he was pushed.

I quickly spun us around and was fast to take him into the bathroom just in case anybody walks in, sashaying seductively all the way there. The second the door was closed, he had tossed me up against the wall, his body an inch away from mine with such fierceness in his eyes, it scared me.

" Tsk, Tsk, Tsk," I tut, placing a long finger to his lips when his lips attempted to reach my neck, "Not right now-"

I slowly, wrap my arms around his neck and then quickly snapping him so he was against the wall, smirking devilishly, "Ah, so I guess my little babe wants to be in control tonight?" He grins, leaning his head against the wall sarcastically.

" Don't mock, or this will end quicker than you can say, 'please',"

He throws his arms in the air in defence as I sexily twist downwards so my eyes are in lock with his monster bulge, " And the fact is- I haven't even done anything yet," I chuckle to myself at the fact he was fully erect just by me being in a bikini... this should be fun!

I innocently, tug at his shorts, caressing each inch of when the shorts fall down a bit with my little kisses, eyes never leaving his, "Don't fucking tease or you will be sorry-" He growls and I cock my head to the side, judging the threat on it's deadly scale. I decide to take the risk with a cheeky smirk, "I'm in control, remember?"

My hands pull his shorts all the way down before striking up to his member, my eyes feasting teasingly slow. I begin stroking it with light little taps but it was most defiantly not the only thing I wanted to do with his monster beast in my sight, "Kelsey.." Harry warned darkly as I smiled up at him pathetically.

I began thrusting both my hands up and down his shaft making him moan a bit, and tilting his head back slightly and sucked gently. I could tell he was enjoying it by the way his breaths came sharp and pleasured which made me act faster and harder, "Shiittt," Harry cursed as he grasped my hair and ended up moving himself in and out of my mouth at alarming rates, moaning my name over and over again, reaching his high passionately.

Once he had calmed down, all I could do was smirk. That was the quickest he had ever came, he really had been busting for that!

"Your getting better and better at that, if that is even possible!" Harry groans, quickly pulling me onto his lap, placing my sensitive part onto his hard tip. I moan as his huge cock fondles my most delicate and pleasured part through the material, "But-" he begins with such a grin, "You will never be in control with me babygirl,"

I gasp from his words or this that the beast which is teasing me effortlessly down below? Harry begins moving his hips painfully slow, making me almost scream out but he carried on harder, "Aughh!" I Whimper, biting my lip and closing my eyes tightly to hold in the powerful moans which lay deep below,


The dreadful sound ripped through me as I came into contact that around 13 people could hear me being fucked by my husband within minutes. o.o

" Harry, no-" I mutter harshly into his shoulder as he chuckles darkly,

"What was that? More? harder and faster? Wow Kelsey!"

The next thing I knew he has pushed his full length inside me quickly so he has entered deeply, making me scream out, "Ahh Harry!"

He smirks before he goes into overdrive with my constant whimpers of pleasure. He pushes my hips back and forth before quickly slamming me against the wall and taking complete control, thrusting at alarmingly fast rates, pleasured by our muffled moans.

He slams into my g-spot hundreds of time, soon pushing us both over the edge into whimpering messes, moaning into each other's lips, riding out our highs.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door as Harry slipped out of me, grinning massively at my weak and pleasured body which rested against the wall, slipping my bikini pants back on,

"I need the toilet and Liam is in the other one, please hurry up whoever is in there," I hear Kennedy gasp, hopping back on forth, clearly desperate for a piss.

" Crap," I hiss and toss my head around to Harry for a solution.

" We're coming," Harry calls out which makes me blush,

"We?" Kennedy frowned face appears in my head before I hear her "ohhhhh" and then quickly covers everyone's awkwardness, "Liam is out anyway, be safe!" She scoffs and I playfully hit Harry's arms,

"I really hate you sometimes," I gasp as he slaps my booty, quickly pressing me up against the wall,

" No you don't, You love our dirty sex,"

I flutter my eyelashes, my breathing becoming irregular at the sight of him with no top on again, turning me on once more,

" I never said I didn't like our sex..." I grin as his eyes are spluttered over my breasts which obviously now press up against his chest, "Fuck," He hisses, grabbing them, his boner popping out of his trousers again,

" Round two?" He smirks before the next thing I know, we are both naked and going for the second round.

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