Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


20. Gym boy

It was break and I was at the lunch table with Michael and Niall, waiting for the others. They were hooked in in some kind of conversation about a football match but I wasn't listening because I had my music in my ears and was humming along. ( true love by PINK )

Some muffled voice came from behind me before kissing my lips and placing himself next to me, Alessio.

" Heyy baby," I pulled my earphones out my ears and paused the music,

" Where's everyone else?" Niall furrowed his eyebrows and we all shrugged,

" Detention perhaps?"

Michael and Niall carried on there conversation as Alessio just stared at me intensely. I blushed and pretended like I didn't notice but I had and he knew it,

" How are you so beautiful?" He said and this time I looked back at him,

" I'm not, trust me, and what about you handsome?"

I pecked his lips slightly, skimming my hand amongst his member in the process. When I pulled back, he gave a sharp intake of breath before I smiled innocently at him.

" Don't do that." He whisper demands and I glance back at him, sweetly but sexily whimpering,

" Do what?"

I hear him grunt.

" say your not beautiful and then touch me there,"

Playing along, I battered my eyelids and pouted,

" I don't know what you are talking about,"

" And Messi shot it head on in the goal, it was freaking amazing!" Niall laughed louder this time and Stella, Stacey and Kennedy sat down with us.

" Here," Michael got up when Kennedy sat next to him and moved around to me... whoops?

" Thanks," She muttered coldly.

"To be continued?" Alessio whispered mockingly into my ear slowly, rubbing the inside of my thigh and I gasped lightly.

" fuc-" I yelped in pleasure as his nails sunk into my skin.

" You okay Kelsey?" Michael nervously chuckled and Alessio smirked darkly.

" Yeah, urm, j-just, hit my leg,"

Ugh! Alessio, your gonna pay!

" Oh crap Alessio," I shout as I 'accidentally' spill my water on his lap. He chucks his head back in a sarcastic amusement and all eyes tore towards us before returning back to conversation.

" I'm so sorry," I grin flatly and sarcastically before grabbing some tissue from the side and rubbed the tissue on his member.

" I- I can do I-it," Alessio grunts, holding back a moan,

" Oh no, please let me! As for all- I spilt it,"

He sends me a wicked smirk and I bite my lip accordingly.

"Whoops? Clumsy me! "

I carry on rubbing his slowly rising erection and I can tell he is using all the strength in his body to not be hard but failing miserably. The bulge in his pants slowly rose into my hands, perfect for my next act.

" Oh no, let me find something else to wipe it with," I laugh quietly and his eyes froze with lustful darkness.

I searched through my bag and gently placed a condom on his bulge before pretending to carry on searching through my bag,

" Ugh, really?" Alessio moaned before eyes greedily feasted on my movements.

" nothing, damn, I will just have to use this,"

I pulled out a mini hairdryer which is no bigger than your middle fingers, width and length. ( My brother made it for me) when i was going through a seriously bad hair day.

" No-" Alessio tried to object but I had already clicked the miniature button on and its whirring noise began. Thankfully, you couldn't hear the noise because of the debate going on on our table about some random stuff. I pressed the dryer to the wet patches ( Member ) and slowly rubbed it around, making Alessio's hands tightly clench around my wrist. I glance up at a fuming Alessio who is staring at me with such a intense glare, a baby would cry.

" What are you doing?" His eyes darkened even more if it was possible and a sly grin formed on my face.

" All I done was clean up the mess cause I spilt it down you,"

I giggle, my eyes flickering from his hard member and his horny stare,

" Well I said no!"

And with that growl, his lips forcefully crashed upon mine, tasting everything he had for breakfast- which may or may not be in between my legs... and his hands secretively stumbled around my legs until the bell rung and I was quick to escape to next lesson before Alessio could tease me any more.


I began changing for pe into my usual semi top which pushed out my boobs and then running trousers which enhanced by bum. Then, I added new trainers and sprinted to the gym in hope Alessio wouldn't join. Unfortunately, when I arrived, Miss Morris stood waiting for me.

" ah, nice to see you have shown up to school today,"

" I was sick," I lied, pouncing into the room and grinding some chalk to my hands,

" Oh and so was the other boys and girls who went with you?" She cocked an eyebrow up at me before she erupted in a fit of laughter,

" You-should-of-seen-your-face,"

" very mature Miss," I rolled my eyes and made my way over to the chalk board.

" Okay, okay. but, you have to do the workout on the board and I will be back when the hour is over to see what your doing," She announced before collecting her things and leaving me in the gym with strangers who were a few years above me perhaps. great.

" Let's take this one at a time Kelsey," I began talking to myself, jogging on the spot to warm up.

" First it says, punching sack...., kay!"

I grabbed my gloves out of my bag and began punching the bag harshly. The sound of glove against the bag was loud and fierce which drew a lot of unwanted attention to me but I focused on the slapping of anger. I began kicking and hitting until I was using every muscle in my body, aching.

" If you want to hit the bag with a bit more power and not tire so easy," Interrupted a boy from behind me and I stopped to listen although I was mainly focused on the older guys expression,

" Keep your hips still and only twist your top half but not too much,"

I thought about it for a second, checking his toned body and winning smile,

" Thanks,"

I smiled back before he held out his hand,

" The names Justin, sexy doll" 

I wiped the grin off my face and played a harsh frown instead,

" Kelsey.."

I ignored his hand and I heard a bunch of laughter from his mates which I presumed were listening in,

" Do you need help in p,e? I am a personal trainer at the sports centre down the road, I can get you in for free" He generously offers and I grin ear to ear, what's the worse that could happen?

" Yeah, i'd love that."

This time, he was the one to blush and smile widely,

" Kay, be there Monday?"

I nodded and stood there awkwardly with him but I know he enjoyed it from his slight erection- not that I looked, of course. Suddenly, arms wrapped round my waist and I yelped before Justin stepped forward as a threat to whoever it was hugging me.

" Get your filthy hands off of her or I will fucking kill you!" Snarled Justin and the figure put me down before twisting me around to see his face. Alessio.

" oh will you? Go on then, try me!" Alessio snorted and Justin once again stepped closer,

" Who's speaking?"

I heard Alessio scoff and I sunk a little more into his arms,

" Her boyfriend."

I pulled back from Alessio's grip and looked into both there furious eyes. Alessio's were as black as midnight yet Justin's were just pure evil. I opened my mouth to speak but Justin got there before I could,

" Boyfriend?"

He cocked an eyebrow up at me before striding back a little and carried on speaking,

" It's cool man, sorry dude, didn't know she had a boyfriend."

Alessio glanced down on me, mentally cursing me for wearing such revealing clothing but then his eyes softened when he stroked my cheek delicately,

" Forget it," Alessio relaxed slightly and I felt Justin's presence disappear so I was left with an angry, frustrated, over protective and worried boyfriend.

" Did he touch you? hurt you? say anything? What happened!" Alessio's grip tightened around me as he pulled me out the gym and into the café area.

" I'm fine, all he did was help me on my punching," I chuckled lightly, amused at how jealous he was getting,

" Did he call you anything or say anything you didn't like?"

I slowly and gently push Alessio onto a seat and straddled him delicately. I hear him begin to moan, nodding his head in movement of my toying fingers, playing with his hair.

" I'm yours, don't worry baby," I whimper and trace tiny little kisses up and down his jawline, trying to change the subject so that Justin wouldn't ask me anymore questions. Beside, how was I suppose to tell my boyfriend, Justin is now my personal trainer and that he called me sexy doll... you don't. Do you? I'm not sure?

My hands swept up to his head and tilted it gently, kissing his soft, plump lips meaningfully. I sucked upon his lower lip, knowing his pleasure points and immediately felt his erection spark below me, hitting my sensitive spot. I gasped slightly and so did Harry who's hands have displaced my back and are now upon my hips,

"I love you, Alessio. Only you, and don't you forget it." I wink cheekily



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