Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


94. Tuesday night




We all sat around the campfire, asking each other stupid questions like, How many piercings? Ever kissed the opposite sex and who would have bang right now, which was the question at the moment,

" Urm,.. Kelsey," Tom said, as did nearly everybody else which made me really embarrassed and then it came around to me, and being the smart ass I am, I cheated, " Depends, will you tell anybody other than us and does it matter who? No draw backs?" Everybody shook their heads, clearly listening in, " I would bang,.... KELSEY!" Everybody burst into laughter as another question went around, " Ever sent nudes?" I almost gagged in my mouth when Kennedy, Rose, Callum and nearly everybody said yes. Then it was me again, " No."

They all looked shocked and Chris burst into laughter, " Yeah right! Don't lie!" I thought for a moment and then looked over to Harry who was smirking into his beer, looking very cheeky. Oh, no. I haven't, yes- damn, I had sent harry a nude, but when? we are only in a complicated love friendship, best friend way... " Fine, you caught me, yes I have." I laughed through insecurity and the fact  I actually don't know if I have or not, I might of been pissed. After a couple more rounds, we finally packed up and we all head back to our cabins, rose and Kennedy going into the boys cabin and the rest of my boys head straight to our cabin and we decided to call it a night.


Tossing and turning, unable to sleep because of the loud moaning and kissing next door, I checked the time warily.

2:12am, great.

Suddenly a presence snuck next to me as Harry voice muffled through the pillow which I was laying on, " Can I?" I nodded as he got into my bed covers and I gripped the t-shirt he was wearing to pull him closer, my lips gently planting on his in the process. I began to pull away gently but he pushed right back in again, more forcefully and fireworks erupting deep inside my stomach. I felt his hands creep into my shorts back pockets and I felt in love despite the greatest urges not to get heart broken, " Kelsey?" Harry mumbled, slightly pulling away as I hummed a yes, eyes feasting on his lips for more. "Where does this put us, in our relationship?" I grinned warmly, hands toying behind his hair, " stay the night with me?" He nodded gently as I pursed my lips to the answer to his question, " I don't know, could I tell you some other day, I just wanna lay with you right now," " That's fine,"

there was silence until the last thing I heard Harry say was, " The boys next door are moving into this cabin so don't be surprised if Danny sleeps where Jake should be, next to you,"

And that's how I fell asleep. In his arms... In Harry's arms.

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