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142. Trickeryy


"Kiss me,"

Callum's eyes immediately dropped, as he threw the injection onto the bed, falling into Harry' hands. He came closer to me, his expression melting into mine as his lips collide with mine.

The papery touch sends shivers through my body but I focus my eyes on Hunter which I knew was standing outside the door, this whole time. I had tricked both Harry and Callum into believing I love Callum when really all along, I could see Hunter.

He presses his lips further onto mine as his hands slowly unclip my hands from the cuffs and he clicks a button so my back is un clipped from the chair.

Our lips part slightly for a breath before kissing further as I fumble into the back pockets of his lab coat, pretending I am feeling his bum but grabbing the keys for the door. I slip my hand out his pocket, keys in my hand. I hold the keys up behind his head to show Hunter and I open my eyes to look at his excited reaction.

"L-let me un cuff you fully," Callum growls, winking seductively as I pretend to bite my lip,

"No, Don't stop,"

I quickly pull his head back to my lips as his huge hands Rome down to my legs, un strapping my whole body. He begins to pull away to take a look at me, but I quickly wrap my legs around his waist, grinning seductively,

"I- mean I-if you want?"

I manage to make myself blush innocently as he quickly hovers himself over my body, thrashing his lips to mine. I almost gag as he sticks his tongue into my mouth and I hear Harry stop growling for a second to chuckle at my disgusted reaction.

I once again, rise my hands up with the keys in as I chuck them sideways over to Harry, who barely catches them with a wink, luckily no sound.

I use both my hands now to push him above me so I could get a 'better look' at him.

"As this is our first time, I want to take control?"

I hear Harry grunt as I send him a dirty look, making sure Callum could see, before turning back to Callum with a flirty grin,

"O-or we could waait longer until ww-we actually-"

"Good," I grin as I reach over the side onto the cabinet,

"I want to blind fold you?"

"How can I trust you?" He snaps suddenly, springing above me.

I quickly grab his face, slamming my lips down onto his and hesitantly moving his hands to my breasts, making him feel them entirely,

"Baby, you w-want them? I Kn-know you do!"

His breathing got heavier and heavier as I felt his erection spring in his pants,

"Threesome?" I suggest before I started blind folding him and with a hopefully puppy dog eyed grin.

Callum looks wearily at a surprised Harry who his shaking his head dramatically,

"Ew what the fuck-" He repels but I exchange a dirty look with Harry,

"Shut up. You will join us, okay?"

I look back to Callum who grins massively before agreeing,

"Fine, you un cuff him-"

I squeal before sliding out beneath him but Callum grabs my wrist tightly,

"Sexily, you bitch!"

I nod as I flip my hair seductively.

I carry on swaying over to Harry, his eyes widening at me as I began slowly un-buttoning the bum high dress I am wearing. My eyes, flicker between the button and Harry an as does his eyes as I slowly climb above him, un cuffing his hands and hiding the keys in my fist. I twerk upon his growing erection as I slowly make my way down wards until he has full control of his body. Suddenly, he begins growling at Callum but I slap his face, bringing my lips carefully down to his ear,

"Don't blow it you idiot- just follow my lead,"

I sit him up, being as sexy as I can and it obviously work from each the boys have a full boner already. My lips trail against his slapped cheek, trying to make it better as his hands touch up my body, attempting to cover up Callum's hand prints as he slaps my arse hard.

I gasp out sexily, getting off him before Harry throws me against the door, kissing me passionately as Callum wonders over, grinning. Callum removes his top and begins un buttoning Harry's which makes Harry shiver and tense up with anger. I quickly kiss Harry back harder, trying to take the uncomforting bit from him which works when his hands begin massaging my arse.

I lower my hands, sliding the keys out the letter box, un noticed as Harry slaps my arse hard so I scream, hiding the keys sound when they hit the ground.

"Oohh, fuck Baby, that was sexy!" Callum grins, pushing Harry to the side and kissing me which takes us both by anger and surprise. I grasp Harry's cock, massaging it to calm him down and it works slightly.

Callum's hand runs over my arse and before he can slap it I jump out the way,

"Hang on a second," I whisper seductively, making my way to the door again and then I smirk lightly,

"I'm going to get changed,"

They look a bit amused as I send them a little wink and make my way out the door with a little hip twist,

"W-where are you?" I mumble to myself as I walk down the hall, Hunter walking out clapping with  huge grin as he passes me over an outfit,

"Well fucking done, Calista. Yet again, your saving the day-"
"Oh save it, let me get changed, oi pass that over."

He hands me a gun and I smile lightly kissing it,

"I have missed my baby! Get the team ready and come in on my command,"

"You need to tell Harry at some point, you know that-" He pulls me in for a tight hug,

"He's gonna be angry if you don't tell him your real job-"

I roll my eyes,

"He will know when I bust him out- just get everybody ready."

I pull away and head into a spare room change into my work clothes. I really need to tell Harry I am head of the FBI, like I feel incredibly bad I haven't told him anything about me.

My clothes are tight black jeans with a jean jacket, Black belly top and a harness around my waist. I slot the gun and hand cuffs into their holders as I put my badge inside my jacket before putting on my black army boots.

I head back into the room with a fresh new makeup, new look and straightened hair which come naturally underneath the wig I have been wearing. The girl Harry new was changed into a slimmer, curvier women who was still younger than him but a lot more powerful and in control with a tanned skin and dark brown eyes.

I enter the room, putting my old 'Kelsey' voice on as both their mouths dropped,

"Kelsey?" Callum looked surprised, and I flashed my perfect white teeth which weren't their before,

"Wrong, It's Calista." I take off my sun glasses with a huge grin and reach behind me, pulling out my gun and FBI badge,


Both Harry and Callum raise their hands as Harry stands back a bit before he pulls out a gun and yells,


I look at Harry suddenly, pointing my gun on him,

"I said get down-"

Harry reaches to his body and pulls off fake skin all over to reveal an incredibly different and sexy person. Words can not explain what I felt right then.

Before I could say anything, my FBI team ran in, gun pointing up at everyone and holding everyone at gun point but then soon after the NSA team ran in, pointing their guns at Callum until around 100 guns were pointed at Callum,

"What the fuck?"

I took off my sun glasses and placed my hands to my hips,




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