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184. Therefore after

*This scene is graphic* 


My bed time had came to and end and immediately, I was out and giggling like a drugged child on a sugar rush high,

"Let's go somewhere!" I cheered, grabbing Harry's hand and skipping along as I twirled myself around in circles dozens of times. I tripped over nothing and landed in Harry's protective arms which were there stabilising me anxiously,

"That wasn't a good idea," My eyes were whirling and my stomach was doing backflips as I referred to spinning around just after drug use,

"You need to sit down?" Harry was practically sweating bullets of restless concerns for me as he tried to get me to sit down again. I squirmed and wriggled my way out of his arms, giggling again whilst tapping his nose,




After being in bed for the 24 hours, another drug kicked in on her to keep her heart going and it usually works either two ways; pain or energy, and in her case, energy. Lots and Lots of it.

"nope," She popped the 'p' as she tapped my nose,

"I'm going to do a dance for you!"

My arms flew to her waist, supporting her as she whined and struggled to break free of my nerves towards her hurting herself again as her arms waved around in the air just like Victoria would of done when she through a tantrum,

"No! I don't need help!" She pouted as I skimmed my lips against hers gently as my arms slithered around her waist like a sneaky snake measuring the size of it's prey, but mainly because that would keep her still,

"You are the splitting image of the children, you know that?"

"Our children,"

Suddenly, she was not hyper nor laughing as she was dead serious, her eyes zooming in onto mine like gorgeous puppy ones, silently begging. We engaged eye contact for a few more seconds as my smirk grew,

"What about that dance then?"

Just at that moment, her lips smashed onto mine quickly as I caught up to her pace in the 'you snooze. you loose' competition of passionate kissing. Our eyes closed naturally as out tongues fought for domination over the others person's mouth, my tongue always winning, swarmed her in ways she could only imagine as my hands clasping around her sexy booty.

Her gasp signified pleasure and enjoyment as my hand came slapping back down on her bum which made my member stand massively tall,

"Calista?" I grunted, pulling back from the kiss slightly but only just as she began unclipping her bra straps, which is then I realised she had been in her linguine all this time, making my dick rise even higher,

"Uh huh?" Her gorgeously thick and black eyelashes fluttered up as her sexy brown orbs sunk into mine passionately as I stuttered for words, lost and memorised by this natural beauty,

"I- err, ww-e shouldn't..... Later?"

"Huh?" She chuckled, stroking my left cheek seductively which made it even worse to concentrate,

"Later? Y-you need t-to ha-have the drugs o-out yoourr system,"

"The thing is baby, your lips are saying one thing but your actions are saying another" She speaks the truth as she sits me down on the bed with a delicate smirk playing on her kissable lips,

"Now I can dance?"

"No," I grasped her wrist firmly,

"You'll just trick me,"

She rolls her eyes seductively as she places her hands on her hips,

"Who knew that I, Calista rose Styles, could be so manipulative?"


"Besides you. And anyways, I need to practise for that sex tape?" Her smirk widened and so did mine as she stood up,
"I will be back in just a moment!"

Suddenly she disappears for a minute or five which scares the living crap out of me but she soon arrives in the sexiest outfit I could think of on the spot.

It was a black push up bra which matched the thong she was wearing and her hair was taken down from the messy bun I put it in this morning but it was gorgeously wavy. Her linguine each had a black row of fluff on the bottom  which made It look ever sexier as she threw her hip in a circle, now directly in front of me.



Tossing my hips in a circle, I moved my body sexily as I turned around and around with my arms in the air. I let my arse face Harry as I began twerking and I could hear by his grunts and groans, he wanted some. I bent down further so my breasts were in view too as I began shaking my thang but I was soon stopped by a extremely horny Harry,

"Second thoughts,... I change my mind.. let's do it now!"

My smirk grew wider as he grasped my hips as he lifted up my leg after pressing me to the wall with a grunt,

"Fucking sexy, even on drugs!"

Suddenly and without warning, he had thrusted into me with a quick and desirable pace with no signs of lacking energy or power. My body felt as if an angel itself had touched me as I felt more pleasure then I ever wanted to feel,

"Mhhm!!" I moan as he slaps my arse making me scream out and play with my own tits in Harry's eye sight,

Faster and harder, Harry was going as if it was a fucking sprint as he shoved it harder and harder into my g-spot as we both reached our highs,


"Ughhh, baby!"
We climbed down passionately and sexily as our lips clasped together with love,

"I love you so fucking much," He grunts as he pulls out making me whimper with loss of touch,

"I love you too,"



After our little 'session' we made our way into the kitchen, fully dressed may I add, as we made our way downstairs to the kitchen where everyone was.

Before I could open the door, Harry stopped me suddenly,

"Calista, wait. Before you go in, there's something you should know-"

I paused for a second waiting for an answer but since I didn't get one, I went through the door into complete and utter silence.

My eyes began examining around at the watchful crowd because it was dead silent, fear drifting everywhere in the room. My grip on Harry's hand tightened as I felt a clog in my throat build up and the tears in my eyes burn painfully,

"Hello," My voice came out more frightened and scared than I imagined as I look as I peered around the room, my eyes caught on Cecelia's lone and lost ones as she laid on the sofa in Evans lap, both equally as puffy eyed and looking elsewhere. Next to Cecelia was the girl we had bought at the market with a huge swollen belly and extremely pale, her eyes focused upon her fiddling fingers in her lap.

My eyes darted over to Harry for help as he cleared his throat,
"Yes, Calista brushed her hair, stop fussing!" He sarcastically rolled his eyes and a few pockets of laughter lifted in the room but it was still awkwardly choked.

"Is everyone alright?" I squeaked but yet again there was no noise as I felt my heart, which was thumping like a bass drum, tense and feel extremely painful with guilt,


Her eyes peered up to mine as she smiled weakly before her eyes zapped away within a minute. Suddenly, Dominus walks in and that is when I notice the cold shiver echoing around the room is because of him,

"Recovered then sweet heart?" He sinisterly grins, displaying his horrendous golden teeth as my mind begins whirling, 

"Yes thank you?"

"Ah good, I suppose your little incident had a huge toll on you,"

I peered down at my feet with guilt and shame as all eyes burned on me. Tears prickled in my eyes as they scanned the room nervously,

"I didn't mean to, I'm sorry-"
"It's too late now Calista"

My breathing became rigid as I was being told off in front of everyone's disapproving glare,

"I am truly sorry, I didn't actually comprehend what was going on-"

"We don't need apologies you stupid twat!" He barks as Harry steps by my side, holding onto my arm as if it is some sort of protection,

"You will leave tomorrow," Dominus clarifies as the tears in my eyes sting like a mad man, whilst Harry goes bizarre,

"Don't you dare! I can do what I want Harry!" Dominus growls, clearly stating his point of view through use of glares,

 "She will now work down stairs with no contact too any of you, except for you Harry, but that is me being slightly generous,"

Harry's arguments were not over yet as I began thinking about the structure of everything,

"She will be killed down there! Fuck you-"

"Harry stop," I whisper quietly, my eyes fearfully scanning the room,

"But he-"

"Listen to your fiancée Harry," Dominus smirks evilly as Harry's eyes aggressively eat into his as his body tenses and strengthens in anger,

"Besides," Dominus rolls his eyes mischievously,

"She is still a captive which means she is mine until married and then she is all yours Harry. Therefore, this punishment is until you can plan a wedding,"

"Then we will get married soon," Harry grunts, anger buzzing off of him and radiating into everybody's mind as we are left to Dominus' last haunting words,

"If she lasts that long,"

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