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126. The talk


Okay.. this by a toll is confusing.

I love Kelsey and her perfect sexy body but does it mean something if I am suddenly thinking of Hannah? What is it? What could it be?

I mean- Hannah is actually the worst, cheating girlfriend you could ever have! But she was the one to take my virginity when we were 16 and besides, she fucked everybody. The door closed and her legs opened.

"Baby," Kelsey sweetly straddled me once we had finished work. Her eyes were attached to my hand as she softly played around with my wedding ring,

"Promise not to get angry when I ask you something?"

Her voice became a lot more hushed as her eyes met mine with a brief glistening of arising tears.

"What is it?"

"Promise?" She tries again and it just starts to worry me more and more.

"WHAT is it!?"

"No I mean, when I ask you, you will freak out Harry. You know you will."

A deep sensation of anger bubbles nastily as she wont tell me what is wrong,

"Tell me."



"Tell me," He growls harshly as I bit my lip, afraid of what he'll say,

"Did you hear me? I said tell me!"

My voice croaks yet I remain calm and strong despite I have stabbed myself a million times in my head. My hand clutches around my bloody wrist which had been sliced during work, hiding it from Harry, and stung painfully yet soothingly.

"See, this is why I cant tell you anything! You get angry!" I fired back, mainly from the sharp strike of pain,


Suddenly he has flipped us over so he is on top and his hands firmly press my wrists above my head. The pain shot through me like a bullet out a gun, making me cry out in pain. He looks anxious for a second before snapping back into control,

"You tell me now Kelsey."

There's a pause as my mouth stays agape in pain and my vision is fading in and out of blurriness,


I could tell he was clearly angry yet I was struggling to move my eyes to look at my squashed wrists. My breathing became irregular as I could see the pressure of Harry's tight grip oozing the blood out easily.

"K-Kelsey," harry's voice broke into a gasp, not releasing the blood or the pain he was causing but practically calling for my eyes to meet his,


"What is-" He cuts himself off mid sentence, eyes traveling away from mine further up, further up and fur- he found it. The blood.

There was silence as my mouth finally closed into a dry clasp of a pout and Harry's grip slowly released my wrists, taking them both into one of his hands. Carefully, he pulled the sleeves up of my wrists as his lip wobbled. My attention was focused onto the blood which dripped mockingly from my wrists and onto the bed sheet as he revealed two wrists covered with thick oozing slashes and then the tears from his eyes streamed out, inaudibly.

"Why," He said very quietly, the less of sound stinging my ears.

My wrists just lifelessly laid in Harry's hand like dead meat as my gaze drifted around the dancing blood as I stayed quiet,

"You are a mother."

I stayed quiet as his voice rose a bit more,

"A fucking mother!"

This time I cracked, "TO YOUR FUCKING CHILDREN!"

He looked like I stated the obvious and despite the fact I did, it was much more than that,

"You're a fucking father!"

"oh wow!" Harry's eyes rolled back with a evil scoff scattered on his lips,

"And are you acting like one?" I growled as his eyes became deadly black,

"Are you acting like a mother?"

I nodded through the flowing tears as he suddenly grasped my wrists and lifted them into my sight,

"Are you? What kind of mother fucking cuts?"

His words snatched into my mind as I curled my legs up to my chest and sobbed into them, grabbing my wrists from his and hiding them between my legs,

"I- cc-cant! We ha-have six children, I'm only Twenty one still Harry, It's too much!"

"That's not an excuse! We have fucking babysitters!"

My tears broke out again as I sobbed my way into silence. Harry's gaze still frozen to my body but not speaking as I raised my head,

"Who's Hannah?"


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