Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


32. Telling news


Everyone gathered in our house as we all crowded in the Kitchen, talking pointlessly. I reached over to grab a cup when Alessio's arms slithered around my waist and rested on my stomach, lightly pecking at my cheek from behind.

" How you doinggg?" He said It childishly before I rested my head back so it lent on him and looked up with a sarcastic look across my face,

" I'm fine at the moment, you know I will be fine until there's a bigger bump..."

"There's not a bump there already? Awkward..."

I gasped and then playfully hit him,

" Watch it you or you will be sleeping on the floor,"

He chuckled lightly and pulled me in for a warm, tender hug, with me facing him with a fake pout,

"You know I'm kidding baby,"

His soft perky lips met mine gracefully and we enjoyed the touch of the kiss for a moment or two before I pulled away,

"But there is a bump there. And it is gorgeous!" He notes but i shake him off,

" I'm starving, when's dinner?"

" Now actually," He grinned back at me before serving all the dinner like a buffet on the table.

"Dig in," I laughed as everyone started helping themselves with appreciation moans from the taste.

" This is amazing, Thank you Alessio," Kennedy said as we all nodded in agreement.

It was all silent, but a good, healthy silent to show how much everybody was enjoying it and I felt Alessio's hand link in with mine.

After desert, we all went into the party room upstairs and Alessio's hands entwined with mine again. I gazed at our touching hands for a second, smiling to myself before my eyes trailed up to him who was mouthing some,

" Shall we tell them now?"
It took me a while to figure it out but then once I had got it, I nodded nervously.

" Guys, can we have your attention for a moment please?" Alessio said as all eyes tore towards us, including Louis' who was looking anxious.

" Go ahead Baby, you tell them,"

I cleared my throat whilst looking directly at Louis hoping to see a positive reaction,

" I'm Pregnant."

Everyone cheered and applauded with tons of congratulations whilst Louis just sat there with a terrified and worried look on his face... oh no.

" Congratulations! Awwwh, you will make the cutest couple," Stella gave me a hug and Jack, Niall and Tom had all practically bundled Alessio repeating

" Get in there my son," and, " Knocked her up then, eh?"

I blocked out the world and focused on Louis in the corner, drinking sparingly of his beer. I felt bad and curious too why he is acting this way. Stacey was by my side clutching onto her 6 month belly as she stared at my 3 month belly with wonder.

" So it's happening then, this little fellow in there could be my niece or nephew," Kennedy laughed, prodding my belly a bit and I just smiled through tears and doubt,

" Yeah," I agreed and she pulled me in for yet another hug for today.

She pulled back and winked at me before I slowly walked over to Louis, dodging conversation from Michael on the way. What if Louis wants me to get rid of it? Kill the baby? Dump Alessio.

I stand there awkwardly whilst he just takes sips from his beer and stares constantly at me. Oh no. What should I say? what shall I do? Urm- THINK KELSEY THINNK!

" Louis?" I whimper and he pulls me in, in a massive embrace. wow.

" You are an idiot Kelsey, you know that?" He mutters and I feel tears threatening to escape,

" But you are also my little sister,"

At this point he had pulled me back and kissed my forehead,

" And I love you and I will support you if you feel this is what you want."

I did not see that coming. I grinned widely and nodded fast, wiping the brimming tears away.

" Thank you Louis, you are the best!"

" One condition," He blurts out and I sniffle a nod.

" Are you still taking drugs?"

" No!"

" Smoking?"



I hesitate for a moment and he grasps me from the arms and deeply glares into my eyes,

" No?" I whimper as he grip tightens,

" I'm going to ask you again,..."

I clenched my jaws,

" Are you suicidal?"

" No!" I almost shout as Alessio hurries over to us and Practically tears me from Louis. I am quick to hug Alessio and curl into his arms immediately, letting him wrap round my waist in a protective hug,

" What's going on here then?" Alessio curiously says. I snuggle my head further into his chest and sob quietly.

" She's too young and not mature enough to become a mother-." Louis snaps and the break in my heart enlarges.

" I will take care of her, I promise and I swear-" Alessio begins and Louis cuts him off,

" You didn't let me finish,"

Alessio shuts up.

" But- you have my help if you ever need a baby sitter or any help. I am here for you two."

I pull back from Alessio's arms and now grab onto Louis thanking him into his stomach.

" Darling? Please calm down, it's not good for your health or the babies," Alessio croaks and I try to stop crying. This family means the world to me, as if I was going to loose it by crying over nothing.

" O-okay, Mood swings, you know." I sniffle and wipe the running makeup from my eyes.

"Ugh, tell me about it." Stacey grins, pulling me into her arms.



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