Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


89. swaissue PT2


I ran up and down the high streets searching for Harry who couldn't be found.

" Go check my house please and i will hang around and call tom," I ask Niall before he rushes off to call a taxi. I quickly pull out my phone and try to call someone.



That dirty slut! That boy got her number, kissed her twice, hugged her twice and touched her loads  and the worse part- she allowed him to! I fucking  hate her. wait- no i don't, i fucking love her. UGH!
" FUCKSAKES!" I scream loudly, storming down the high streets searching for something. I don't know what i was looking for, but being drunk, helps nothing.

Then i saw it, it was the guy who Kelsey was with. However, i must of done a circle or something because i was right outside the house and he was standing opposite the road on his phone.

I. will. fucking. kill. him.

" OI!" I boom which startles him but before i could say or do anything, someone has caught my eye. Okay, it was wrong, but she was gorgeous with a great figure, perfect ass, stunning breasts. She wore a short red, sparkly dress with stockings and strapless black boots. Her hair was dark brown with a few curls and she looked amazing.

" Harry!" She squeaked to me and i was a bit a taken back that she knew my name but i wasn't looking at her face, oh no, her bouncing breasts were the only thing that i was staring at. I moved closer and closer to her until she was pressed against the wall. She say saying stuff but all i could focus on was the sound of my heart beat.

" What are you doing?" She said, pushing me back a bit but i was stone in place. This mystique goddess!



I don't think Harry was fully aware of what he was doing nor did he know who i was. I tried to fight him off yet he wasn't budging, too strong.

" H-Harry, i n-need you to listen t-to me, okay??" I stutter grasping him by the shoulders,

" You're d-drunk, stoppp b-before you do something y-you regret!"

His eyes were fixed onto my breasts which meant his acknowledgement of it being me was slim.

" I-t's Kelsey, yourr w-wife. "

" No! My w-wife is w-with some otherrr g-guy," He grunts, getting angrier by the second,

" No, I a-am right h-here, please we have two b-beautiful children,"

He begins growling, eyes tearing anywhere apart from my eyes but i carry on speaking,

" Julia and T-tommy,"

Now, i am shaking with fear and sadness, he must remember! The tears which now brim in his eyes are no where near as advanced as the ones streaming down my face,

" Y-you love them, t-trust me and-"

" SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Harry pushes me away and i stumble back wards, he punches the wall harshly before gurgling nastily,


The words break my heart. He doesn't think i love him? Now i am the one in the corner screaming but it is muffled by my legs, my heart feels as if it has been shredded into tiny pieces. I fumble to find my phone but my shaking hands aren't responding.

" S-SHE LIKE'S O-OTHER MEN! BUT I CAN'T LE-LETT HER GO! AHHGG!" Harry yelps sinking down opposite me, fisting his hair and whimpering,

" I- can't l-let h-herrr go, i- l-lovee her, i love her!"

My body slowly crawlks over to him, hesitating with each movement because of the heart break. I don't like other men, i love Harry. No-one else, just him.

I quickly straddle his lap before he could do anything and grasp his wrists so they are above his head. Louis taught me this trick that if you press down in the right bit, you can make someone's arms go weak for a while so that's what i did. But it was all soon over when the alcohol had kicked in and the dizziness around me started taking action. Where am i? what am i doing.... who am i?


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