Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


49. Supermarket friend ;)


" Urmm, next we need...... carrots!" I say, looking around for the carrots with Tommy in the baby seat bit of the trolley and Julia was sitting next to him, both talking gibberish. Alessio was beside me, grabbing things of the supermarket shelf and dumping it in, lost in concentration.

" Hey, baby..." I look around to Alessio who immediately looks at me with passion as I hand him the trolley with our children in it, 

"I will go get the milk and bread, I will meet you In the toilet roll isle? it will speed things up,"

" Mummyyy, can I go with you pweaseee?" Julia bats her eyelids as I kiss her cheek,

" I will be back soon,"

I head off to the milk isle and I feel Alessio’s eyes burn into my body. I suppose I was wearing tight, tight, tight black jeans with a tight purple top that hung dangerously low which he practically melted for this morning.

I head down the middle row of the shop and looked, left, right, left right until I found the milk isle. I quickly grabbed the milk and then headed for the bread isle.

" Damn!" I curse realising the bread is on the top shelf. I reach upwards as far as I could go but I was too small. Why did I wear the smallest shoes I could today?

Suddenly, a presence behind me was firmly pressed against me and his muscular arms reached swiftly to my rescue.

" here you go," I hear Alessio smirk as he passes me the bread. I roll my eyes before he adds,

" C'mon short ass, we need frozen chips,"

" Oi!" I slap his arm playfully but it is not enough before he pulls me in a deep hug, kissing me passionately. Okay, so someone is very horny this morning! His tongue slips into my mouth as he won the dominance fight thingy we always do. Our mouth juices mixed together and then I pull back, laughing slightly,

" Steady there Romeo!"

He puts his arms up in surrender as we make our way to the frozen isle, Alessio pushing the trolley with Julia and Tommy screaming to go faster when he would run with them.

" Careful!" I chuckle, loud enough for them to hear. I bite my lip worriedly as he goes faster but I just focus on grabbing the frozen chips,

" Kelsey! Is that you?!" I hear a male voice call out. It was familiar yet I hadn't heard this voice since I was fifteen.

I turn around quickly to a really good mate.

" Zayn!"

He wraps me in a tight, long hug which feels really good.

" I haven't seen you for like years! you look....." He begins saying, allowing me to stand back as he takes in my appearance.

" Fucking sexy!"

I blush slightly before he starts another conversation,

" So.. you here with anybody? Oh, how's Louis?"

" Louis is good and yes, I'm here with-" I begin before Alessio and the children arrive,

" Who's he?" Alessio grunts stiffly, wheeling the trolley by my side.

" Who's he?" Zayn raises an eyebrow to me as I get really excited. I really wanted Alessio to meet Zayn, hopefully, they would be good friends like Zayn and I was.

" Alessio, this is Zayn, good mate of mine, and Zayn this is Alessio, my husband."

Immediately Zayn stiffened as his eyes tore over to Julia and Tommy,

" The children?"

" Ours," Alessio proudly says, wrapping his arm protectively around my waist with his other hand gripping onto the trolley.

" Kelsey? You are married and have two children?" Zayn snaps as my smile fades.

" Yeah? You got a problem with that?"

He scoffs,

" Yeah, I do have a problem. My girlfriend is now married and has children!"

I frown hugely,

" What the fuck! I am not your girlfriend!"

Alessio is shaking with anger before the children begin laughing.

" What!" I snap as they point behind me to Louis and Rose, pulling funny faces to them.

" Louis?" Zayn says stepping out so he could see him. Louis freezes and all blood drains from his face.

" Z-zayn?"

" Rose?" I say confused as she peers around, very confused.

Zayn's finger cheekily slip into mine and I pull away disgusted as Alessio loses it,


" Alessio!" I scream and point to the children who are looking terrified, on the urge of crying,

" Rose, please can you take the children home? Please.. stay the night if you want, call a friend if you like." I say, handing her the children and the car and house keys.

" course,".

She picks Tommy up and holds Julia's hands as they quickly walk away before I turn around to Zayn and smack him across the face harshly,

" In front of my fucking children! You PRICK!"

I attempt to smack him again but this time Louis caught my arm before it could reach Zayn's face.

" Talk somewhere else, we cant stay here."



We head out side and up onto a green land so no-one would hear us thankfully.

" C'mon baby, you know you want me," Zayn smirks, gripping onto each of my arms and I spit in his face.

" If you don't get off of her, I swear, I will fucking kill you!" Growls Alessio, a black mist shimmering in his eyes and a harsh, daggered facial expression as he walks up beside me.

Zayn lets go as I strike him again in the face.


" You didn't hate me when you hugged me back in the super market for that length of time!" He snorts before he could say anything, Alessio has grabbed him by the collars and he is floating in mid-air,

" Say something about my wife one more time and I will break every single bone in your body!"

" Alessio mate, put him down..." Louis says uncertainly and Alessio throws him to the ground. Zayn coughs a bit of blood up but then gives me such an evil look, a wave of sickness waves through me. It was true, I didn't hate him, I could never hate my first love, but that was all gone now. I am a married, happy women with two gorgeous children who are models and a caring Husband who every time I see, I go weak in the knees just by taking a two second look.

" Kelsey, come here, for old time sakes..." Zayn says, standing up seeing the tears trickle down my cheeks.

" D-don't touch me!"

I back away from his hug and I see Alessio has rushed to my side,

" She said DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME, Did you not hear that you deaf bastard!"

" Chill man, she's not even all that, suicidal bitch!" Zayn said and my heart done a triple back flip. He didn't just say that, he couldn't of done. No, not Zayn...

" That's it!" Alessio yelled harshly pushing him it the floor so he lands on his front and Alessio grabbed one arm. He twisted it slightly before beginning to pull with Zayn begging for mercy through inhuman shrieks.

Louis quickly pulled me into a hug, clasping his hands around my ears and hugging me so I wouldn't be able to see or hear anything happening.

Zayn was prick, but did he deserve to have an arm pulled out of it's socket? No, no-one deserves that. That just makes us worse than him and Alessio and I parents, we can't have a prison record for attacking someone.

" Alessio! STOP!" I scream, throwing myself out of Louis' arms and tearing my head in there direction. Alessio thankfully hadn't even started pulling yet and before he could, he chucked Zayn's arms down before storming off.

" Alessio! wait! Please-" I stumble up the hill , calling him but he wasn't responding, ignoring me entirely. what have I done?



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