Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


53. Sundayy

Ugh. Around five O'clock, I got up, afraid to sleep again and be trapped in a suicidal wish so, I went into the bathroom and had a shower.  I quietly turned on the shower and grabbed shampoo, conditioner and body wash off the side and propped them upon the showers shelf.

I rid myself off my clothes quickly and waited for the shower to heat up whilst rinsing my mouth out with Listerine to get rid of the metallic taste of sweat. Quietly, I stepped into the shower and began rinsing my body, feeling the warmth of the water drip onto me.

I rocked backwards and forth, cleaning myself and washing my hair. There was a small hitch of a gasp when I dropped the body wash when I squatted to get it.

Then, the door opened. I opened my eyes to see Harry's naked body in front of me, grinning with a hard on.

" Morning?" He chuckles, stepping closer to me, winding his arms around my waist and kissing my lips gently. I close my eye's, trying to detect if he is real or I am imagining it. I kiss back after a moment of hesitation and I feel his lips trace down to my neck, fumbling for my sweat spot. Let's just say, he found it and he found it good.

I tossed my head back for him to have a better entrance and he bit down harshly into my neck, his hands now running up and down my body and then he paused, muffled by the running water and returned back to my lips. Why'd he stop?

" Morning baby," I respond the kiss and we both pulled away,

" How long had you been standing there for?" I shyly grinned at him and he looked down with his dimples bursting out of his cheeks- Oh my goodness.

" Long enough to get this, so around ten seconds?" He pointed down to his member and I chuckled and felt proud that I caused his rock hard member, yay!!

" Well," I smirk, pulling him in for another kiss, teasing him by pushing my breasts to his chest,

" I'm done in here,"

I begin to make my way to the door only to feel a tight grip around my wrist,

" You will regret it,"

" challenge accepted," I wink at him and run to our wardrobe and search for something to wear. If Harry wants to play, we are going to play.

I pull out my best black lace push-up bra which is strapless and matching thong along with knee-high boots. I slip on a tight, tight, tight perfect pink dress which stops below my bum and has a an open back. I applied lustful red lipstick, perfect toned foundation and a gorgeous pink shadowy eye makeup before straightening my long blonde hair.

Then, I looked in the mirror... who was that figure standing back? It wasn't me for sure! She looked confident, sexy and completely mind-blowing, a job well done.

I strutted out of our room after putting a choker on and elbow high black gloves.

Downstairs, Harry obviously wasn't there, however, everyone else was. I thought they left, well they hadn't.

" Oh-" I gasp, clutching my heart thinking it was a robber when I first saw Louis,

" What the fuck are you wearing!" Louis glanced up and down of me, I bite my lip anxiously.

" My house, my rules?"

Louis send a disgusted look to me and walked away into the living room where Niall, Tom, Michael and Jake were.

" Wooh! You look-" Jake begin and Michael let off a cat call,

" Thanks at least some people like it," I sent daggers to Louis before sitting down myself, the boys eyes never leaving me as I did,

" So you will wear this everyday?" Niall smirked and I tossed a pillow at his head,

" Watch it you pervert," I playfully slur and all of them chuckle. These boys are dogs and I can command them.

" Tom? Be a dear and grab me a glass of water please?"

" I will!" Michael and Niall quickly suggested as Tom already sprinted out of the room. Pathetic.

" Too late," I smirked, I should really dress like this more often.

" So, is it just you guys here then?"

they all look around and agree, hesitantly,

" Have you seen Harry?" I all look at them and they once again all grin cheekily,

" What? You know what- don't tell me, I don't want to be involved in whatever stunt your planning," I plugged my ears and watched as they all burst out laughing, they had done something.. I knew it.

I feel Niall's arms pulls at mine and he just winks,

" You will like it- trust me, it's hilarious!"

I stifled back a grin before Tom comes back with a glass of water like I asked,

" Have you told her the plan?" Tom asks, sitting on the sofa's arm bit.

" No- I don't wanna know!"

" Oh pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?" Jake bats his eyelashes as they all pout, how could I resist such morons?

" Fine," I huff and they squeal for joy and Niall whispers the plan into my ear.. and boy- it was a fun one!


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