Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


52. suicidal wish

when we got back, I head straight to our room and left Harry and the squad downstairs and cried. What happened if they knew? I would be humiliated! Why are my emotions everywhere? I'm happy, excited, horny, depressed and angry.

I reached into the shelf and grabbed a razor, I wanted this, no, I needed this. the razor danced against my wrist harshly, three times to be precise before I placed the razor down when the elevator dinged. I was quick to hide under the covers, hoping whoever it was would see me 'asleep' and not see the blood flowing out of my wrists.

" Kelsey baby?"

It was harry. I pretended to yawn and sleepily open my eyes,

" Yeah, sorry I must of fell asleep,"

he sat down on the bed and stroked my head gently, thankfully not pulling back the covers but he planted a delicate little peck on my forehead,

" Sorry about what happened earlier," He smirked against my head and pecked all the way down to my lips and we began making out with detail. All worries drifted from me and his arms snaked around my waist, pulling me up wards and yanked me up to the wall, still kissing me. his hands tightly gripped around my elbows and pressed them up to the wall and we both closed our eyes to enhance the power of the kiss.

" W-what the fuck Kelsey!" Harry yells and both his hands squeeze my wrist which is now got blood draining out of it,

" I slipped?"

" What? three fucking times in perfect straight line? You promised!" Harry broke into a muffled whimper and he pulled me down into his arms and I cried into his chest.

" I-I'm So-sorry-" I sob and he squeezes me tightly,

" You promised,  I can't loose you again!"

Harry had now dragged me into the toilets and started violently crying and wiping the flowing blood which wasn't stopping. It felt like a dream, like everything was fake, that I was dead,

" Kelsey- ssay something, p-please-" Harry was  now choking on his tears and I was trying to stroke his face with a light touch, trying to sooth him. Time was becoming slow around us and I was smiling gently at such beauty which beholds in front of me,

" K-Kelsey?" Harry's voice tore through my veins, snapping me back into reality. I looked down at the bloody arm and traced it delicately with my other hand,... no pain?

" It's all a dream, Harry. it's not real,"

Harry scoffed through sobs and whimpers before something brought me back to real life,

" Kelsey? Kelsey.. wake up!" it was Harry.

I mumbled and tossed onto my side in bed, feeling the sweat pour down my body,

" W-what?" I jolt upwards, quickly looking at my clean arms... it was a dream?

" Y-yyou were crying In your sleep?" Harry whispered anxiously before his loving arms pulled me close to him,

" You wanna talk about it?"

I shook my head quickly and snuggled deep into his body, why such perfection with a suicidal freak? ew- I stink of sweat!

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