Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


27. pranks and NEWS

I took the elevator and strutted into my bedroom before opening the door confidently, Alessio looked around at me in amazement. I pressed my back against the door frames, bringing a leg up to push out my bum and bite my lip innocently. He gasped quickly, a major impact happening in his jeans.

I run my fingers through my straightened blonde hair and now made harsh eye contact with Alessio before taking in what he's wearing. Jeans... that's it. Rippling muscles tore all the way through his body and I had to hold myself back from jumping on him,

" Like what you see?" I tease him, running my hands sexily down from my hair to my boobs and gently squeezed.

" Y-yeah, I f-fcukingg do!" Alessio began walking towards me and I strutted over to him, one hand on my hip and the other placing firm in the middle of his toned twelve pack... yes TWELVE RIPPLING MUSCLES!  I gently push him towards the bed, keeping my head held up high and pushing him with only one hand.

" Well Baby, I'm afraid you cant have it," I tut pretending to turn away, knowing he won't give up now. His hands soon swept around my wrist and he yanked me back so I spun into him, his arms firmly sliding around my body.

" Not on my watch," He growled and went in for a kiss, which I gladly followed, both closing our eyes. His tongue attacked mine and we fought for dominance, him winning as usual. With a free hand, I stuck it in the air secretively to indicate that the boys were safe to enter and then it quickly tangled in his hair, toying with it.

" How are you so good at this?" He moaned against my lips and I silently chuckled to myself- if only he knew what was happening next.

" Close your eyes, I got something for you," I whimper seductively and he does what he is told. I grab a blind fold of the side and cover his eyes up like that and begin giggling silently because my lipstick has smudged all over him, like we planned.

Then I turned around to the boys who all store in amazement,

" What?" I mouth to them and they all chuckle. Cant a girl kiss her boyfriend passionately?

" Just stay there baby, I'm going to grab something," I lied, rushing to the makeup stand to fix my lipstick back up and then Niall grabbed Alessio by arm and so did Louis. Then Michael grabbed a leg and Tom grabbed the other.

Immediately Harry knew this wasn't me and tried to fight back and the boys kept there strength. Stacey came and stood next to me, muffling her laughs into my shoulder.

" What are you doing baby?" I chuckle and he immediately calms down.

" What is it?" He asks confused and I almost burst out laughing,

" Tsk tsk tsk, no questions."

I grabbed his face and kissed him passionately before grabbing my paint box and began painting on his bare chest before I stopped to speak,

" Like my tongue?" I stifled a laugh when he moaned and carried on painting ' Gullible ' on his chest with the boys still holding him in the air and then they all let him go and he stood up for himself.

Louis snuck round and took a photo of him before all the boys ran to my bed to take cover.

" there's more baby," I hush a laugh and push him in front the mirror before taking off his blind fold.

He was flabbergasted!

" What the fuck!" He yelled looking at his lipstick smudged lips, big black writing saying gullible and a huge boner in his jeans. I ran.

 He then looked to me in which me and all the boys were on our bed pissing ourselves in laughter.

" What did I do to deserve this!" He pouted and I stumbled over to him, still in shreds of laughter,

" It was there idea, I promise,"

" Oi! Snitch!" Niall snorted and I began practically crying in laughter again. He stood there like a grumpy toddler, arms crossed and a stern frown across his face,

" Oh come on Baby," I rest my hands on his shoulder, looking up at him, holding back a laugh,

" You know it's funny," I smile innocently before looking down to the words gullible on his chest and burst out laughing again.

" Bruv- c'mon, you know she's right," Tom pats Alessio's back, stifling a laugh as he starts chuckling. He wipes his eyes, mid laugh and I turn away to face the boys.

" See- I told you he would lau-"

Suddenly, I was picked up and practically wrestled into a bear hug by Alessio and Louis grabbed the paint before threatening to paint my lips,

" Don't you even dare-" I hiss before the paint brush has slammed onto my lips and the boys all start pissing them selves again. I squirm around but Louis ends up painting the whole of the bottom half of my face before backing away laughing,

" You planned for this too!" I gasp tearing my head to Alessio who is in hysterical fits of laughter as he puts me down,

" Y-you look h-hilarious!" He laughs loudly and I quickly kiss him, wiping my face onto his, getting the paint onto his face too before pulling away in laughter.

" Haha! Now we both look weird." 

I laughed and pretended to strop.

"Oh, i forgot to tell you." Alessio smiles sadly at me, pulling me into his arms which i snuggle into.

"I have to go and see my dad today." 

"Okay sure, do you want me to come along with you?" I kiss his cheek, worried. Is meeting his parents a little too soon? I mean it isn't like we don't share a house but parents were a big deal for me. Were.

"No, it is okay. You go out and have fun." He kisses my lips again and i pull back, tasting the paint.


Alessio left an hour later so i decided to work a few shifts. Work was slow but a good pay, plus Stacey accompanied me again. 

"How many months is it now?" I asked nervously as i cleaned a glass. Stacey's face lit up as she munched away on her second packet of crisps,

"Seven months. Baby should be here any time soon!" 

Her bloated stomach agreed with this fact as it lurched when she laughed.

"How is the morning sickness?" 

I pulled a repulsed face as she went pale,

"It is like everything i eat comes out ten times worse."

I stared at the crisps she was eating and she sent me a cheeky wink.

"This will be worth it."

I laughed before quickly serving another customer. My phone was now in my hands as i stared at the texts i had sent to Alessio.

10am: Hey babe, you okay? xx

11:54: Alessio, You there? xx

12:40: I love you, stay strong x

1:04: Are you still at your dad's house?

3:43: I look really clingy now, Alessio, but i am worried. Where are you?

4:09: Okay, fine whatever. Don't come home tonight.

6:27: Please text me back babe xx

9:28: I am going home soon, please be there xx

My moods were everywhere as i began cleaning up, ready for change over.

"Don't panic, babe. I am sure he is fine." Stacey reaches out for my hand but i pull away, trying not to cry. I felt desperate and weak again, dependant on another man but i couldn't help myself. Last night we had sex for the first time and now he wont respond to my texts. Was i that bad?

Was he just using me like Jake?

"What ever you are thinking right now, i doubt it is true, Kelsey." Stacey awake me out of my trance. I shake my head and chuck the bar rag to the side, walking around the counter and helping her off the chair.

"I will drive you home." 

It wasn't a question, if anything happened to this baby, i would die. Louis was so happy ever since he found Stacey and he needed this.

"Okay." Stacey smiled as she climbed into the car.

"So do you think it is a girl or a boy?" I change the topic, forcing Alessio out of my mind. I refuse to let him distract me.

"Oh! I don't know!" Stacey squealed,

"i hope it is a boy, Louis wants a girl so we are mixed with that. Also... Oh i didn't tell you, did i?"
My eyes flickered over to her with an anxiousness as i pulled out of the car park.

"We are having twins." She grinned, rubbing her extremely swell belly. On the sly, i knew it already, I overheard Louis telling Alessio.

"Oh my god!" I act surprised, afraid i would upset her.

She nods, totally buying it as she rubs her belly carefully and looking at me with a massive smile.

"My two little bubbas." She whispers as i pull up to my old home.

"Want to come in?" She offers and i shake my head,

"I should get back to Alessio. Thank you though."


Once I had gotten home, I called for Alessio and he didn't reply.

" Must be late home." I lied to myself before walking into the kitchen and beginning to make dinner. I cooked up Alessio's favourite dish, chicken curry along with pitta bread and wine. It only took minutes and once I had done, I put both our plates in the heating oven so they could stay warm until Alessio is home.

I lent over on the island table and began scrolling through my laptop to find a good movie on Netflix and as I done so a presence snuck up behind me. Of course I didn't know this until Alessio' arms have tangled around me and he is kissing my cheek mercilessly.

Swiftly, I spun around and pulled his face closer so I could taste his lips again, I missed them today.

" I never ever want to do another day without kissing you!" I say in between kisses and he suddenly pulls away with something behind his back.

" Close your eyes baby," Alessio instructs and I do as I am told. The next thing I know, hehad planted something in my hands and kissed my forehead before telling me to open my eyes.

It was a huge heavy box and I exchanged loving looks with Alessio before placing it on the table and opening the box. Inside, a gorgeous black dress with a diamond in-crusted sash stretching across the back which had an open back, stopping above the bum and was strapless. It was breath taking.

" Alessio- this is.." I stumbled for words as his lips pounced onto mine, his arms once again slivering around my back, pushing me gently against the counter. I agreed to his little smooch before grinning against his lips.

" I made something for you,"

Now it was my turn to hopefully wow him with his favourite meal that I had never cooked before. so far, not looking good.

" Oh yeah?" He cocked an eyebrow up with a anxious and wide grin smothered across his face, his nose wrinkling to the scents. Suddenly, it looked as if his frown done a back flip as he raced to the heating oven,

" Curry!" He yelled excitedly and I laughed.

He raced to sit back down as I served it for us and we dag in. In the first bite, we both savoured the majestic flavours and to die for spice. Not to be self obsessed, but I make the best curry!

" Oh-my-god! You make the best food ever!" Alessio moaned and tilted his head back, giggling like a little boy.

" So.. how was your dad's today baby?" I asked, taking another bite of my curry. His facial features hardened as he put down his fork and wiped his mouth with the napkin and I did the same. I acted as if i wasn't upset that i didn't get any texts back.

" I have to tell you something and it is completely up to you if I should do it or not," He started with a serious and curious mood which worried me. Oh know, what's happened? I nodded as he continued,

" Well my dad works for parliament, the highest person in parliament, and he is giving the company to me, "

I felt my mouth drop and I furrowed my eyebrows tightly in shock,

" But- that does mean I quit school and I may be working longer hours," He said again and within seconds I was straddling him and kissing him lovingly.

"Go on!" I whispered whilst he sat there in amazement.

" also, it pays, £300,000 a month." He told me and I almost fainted.

" t-thr-three hun-hundred t-thous-thousand!" I stutter and he nodded again in curiosity.

" Shall I take the offer?" He said and I almost smacked him.

" YES!"

Then our lips smacked against each other whilst his hands quickly unbuttoned my top and jeans whilst I done the same to his,

" Oh, I start tomorrow and...." Alessio began, pulling away from the kiss shortly before carrying on,

" My office will be sound proof and have black out windows therefore, you can come over when ever you like,"

Dangerously, he smirked and winked at me before I felt very wet below. My boyfriend is the highest authority in parliament!

"But what about your other job?" I frowned, fingering his tie, pulling it away from his neck to give him more space to breath.

"I have other people who work for me. I can still own that place but solely focus on this new job."

"What do you want to do?"

He shrugs and leans forward in his seat, pecking my lips,

"I think i will take the job."

I grin widely, we were going to be Billionaires! Ride or die together. And right now, we were soaring high!



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