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155. Stroppy secreat


"Downtown please," I smile warmly to the limo driver in the morning as I climbed in, my baggy top covering the bump but my tight jeans flattering my lower figure seductively. Harry budged in beside me, nodding his head to my statement as if the driver didn't trust me or something,

"I like your top?" Harry raised an eyebrow as I became self conscious of my body trying to breath in and hide the bump but It didn't work,but thankfully the bump wasn't visible, 


"W-wel, no but you d-don't usually we-wear that." He tried to make things better by making them worse and he could tell he was treading on thin glass by the way I crossed my arms and gave him 'the look'. All girls know 'the look' that we send people when we know they are lying and its the sort of glare that could make a baby cry along with that sarcastic scoff which we are familiar with,

"Uh huh, keep digging darling- almost there,"

"Au- no, c'mon I didn't mean it like that-" Harry defended as I flicked hair over my shoulder, yet again giving the innocent yet bitchy grin which shows it all,

"Ohh, Calista, don't go all grumpy on me-" He pouts, pulling my forehead close to his lips and pressing a sweet kiss  to the temple of it as I sigh,

"Sorry. just a little stroppy this morning, just one of those things"

In all fairness, we all wake up now to then with a bad attitude so I wasn't practically lying, yet the pregnancy hormones had a lot of effect too.

"Ah, I see-"

I flash him a warm yet fake smile as I climb out the car, holding my back as it was hurting and it didn't take long before Harry's worriedness shot into action,

"You okay? I will drive you home. you ill? Hospital? Pain rating?"

"I-I i'm fine," I say, looking anywhere apart from him as I attempt straightening up my back and walking like that which helped slightly,

"I'm gonna go to my department today, I think-"



I sneak into the office, un noticed which is unusual for me I suppose but I am to wait and hide the baby before I can get rid of it. I don't want to have seven children, nor do I want to go on maternity leave because we are at the highest point of our careers.

Also, Harry would want me to keep the child. I cant be a seven child mother, especially because the six I have at the moment are struggling to see their mum and the guilt eats me away everyday at the fact they deserve so much more.

I see a reflection of Harry in the mirror as Niall rubs the back of his neck, making his way over to me.

"You okay? Look a bit lost-" Niall frowned with a helpful grin as we laugh a little, not through awkwardness though,

"N-no I am fine, You?" I smirk, as I take a sip of water whilst Niall begins questioning,

"If it's not too personal, but who are the fathers to your children?"

Let's just say the water didn't remain in my mouth for very long,

"Shit, I am so sorry- are you okay?" he asks frantically as the water sprays everywhere and I'm left in a exhausted coughing fit, him patting my back rapidly and Harry's footsteps quickly approaching us from down the hall to the sound of me choking.

"One," I gasp as I calm down a bit, standing up slowly,

"I aint some slag if that's what your asking. Harry Styles has had all Six of my children-"

I frown deeply deciding if I was to take offence to it as Harry is quick to slip my body into his arms, kissing my forehead in a panic and the sickness sinking in through the fact he is to have seven but only he will know about six,

"Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah, just.. water. I choked. I'm fine though,"

Harry's worried expression soon ran over with curiosity and anger,


Calmly, I took Harry's hand which was drooping on my shoulder and began playing with it in soothing and calm movements, having a sudden mood swing,

"Drank too quickly..."

"Then what's he doing here?" His voice was hissed and rude yet I know he was to do nothing wrong,

"Harry, take a deep breath-" I whisper my eyes forming with Mr.Horans scared ones as I fluttered my lashes over to Harry's stone cold expression,

"I was choking and Mr.Horan saved me,"

My innocent batting of my eyes portrayed the truth yet Niall knew I was lying as I spoke again through gritted teeth, eyes twitching on Niall,

"T-thank you"
Harry was still solid and I knew one punch and it would be game over for Niall, so with that in mind, I began talking on another note,

"Harry, did you know we got a fish tank in the staff room?"

He didn't budge so I took his hand gently, tugging it seductively as immediately Harry's arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me close as we walked away leaving Niall's apologetic and confused gaze to be left wondering on us.


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