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21. stayHome

" Kelsey? C'mon caz we gotta go school, it's 7:40 you only have ten minutes before we leave." Harry paces back and forth the bed putting on a top but I stay facing the opposite direction.

" what? Baby, please look at me." He comes round to my side and I feel his intense stare singling me out.

" ...I am Sorry about last night" I opened my eyes to look into Harry's blue orbs and I fell. Quickly and hard into a deep trance.

" don't be," I cooed, running my fingers up and down his arm, mesmerised by how much pain he is in.

" it's not your fault-" I started before my mouth dropped and I shot up, worriedly grasping Harry's face in my hands.

" baby your eye!" I gasp, almost crying at the huge, swollen bruise which covers his whole eye. It was black and blue with a weeping crust and it looked incredibly painful.

" i-its-it's..... Badly BRUISED!" My voice became hush at the sigh of Harry faking a smile.

" stop," he insists before he plants his lips to mine and gently sucks. I feel his hands move slowly round my back and snake down to my hips, pulling them closer to him and I moan slightly into the kiss.

I'm on my knees, on the bed, snogging Harry who was standing up on the floor and although he was taller, he still never gave up the awkward position. It was totally romantic.

Before I tried to deepen the kiss, he pulled away with worried eyes and an upset emotion. Was it something I did?

" baby, what's wrong?" I run my hands down his stomach with the t-shirt covering up his wounded body as an attempt for him to tell me.

" ...n-nothing"

" you hesitated and pulled away from the kiss! So there is something bothering you!" I emphasised the 'is' and he winced slightly at the fact he knew I was correct.

Still unresponsive, Harry just stared into my eyes so I thought of tricking it out of him.

" I'm going to stay home today but-" I cheekily smile, twisting and turning the corse of my fingers which were now toying with his hair because that's one of his sweet spots,

" when you get back from school, we can play a little game."

I winked at Harry who all his facial features at softened and he looked almost, relaxed.

" w-why can't I stay home with you?" He pouted, suddenly having the courage to speak.

" because.." I kissed up and down is jawline seductively.

" you're already dressed and ready"

I felt bad that he had more visual injuries than Me and I was making him go, but I needed to have some time to myself and restart my thoughts. Plus it's bad that he always hangs around me, he needs to talk to other people.

" what if I get undressed?" He slyly whimpers as I kiss up to his sweet spot by his ear and suck delicately.

" ...then you will go to school naked"

His eyes darkened and I heard him give a horny laugh,

" then all the other girls will see me naked.."

I chewed harder on his sweet soft making him moan loudly and shutting him up.

" or you can stay home but I bet you we won't be doing anything for a while," I seductively grimace as a cold stream of blood streams through my body.

Shit! Why did I say that? Please go to school I would never last not touching or kissing him for more than an hour.

" fine." He pushes off me and runs his fingers through his hair roughly, taking one last look of my half naked body.

He begins to leave the room before I call his name,

" Harry? Call me if anything goes wrong or you need to talk."

And with that he gave me one last kiss before allowing me to flop on my bed wondering what I just did.

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