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131. stalking follower


I sat in the office, perched next to Harry's loving gaze which ate up on my tight black dress which, not to be modest, looked gorgeous and sexy. I had my hair plated around my head but it all curly and flowing on my right shoulder, with a gorgeous shade of makeup.

"Wanna go in the back for a bit?" Harry smirk into my ear, my grin spreading across my face like a child,

"Not really,"

His smirk splattered across to a evil grimace,

"is that a challenge?"

"I'm working on it,"

I looked away, mainly to tease him and began typing before his large hand rested on my leg, his obvious grin spreading even more,

"So am I,"

I bit my lip, considering it before the phone rang.

"Tuff luck," I grinned before picking up the phone,

"Good morning, Mr Styles' assistant is on the phone, Can I interest you in anything?"

There was a rough and growling whisper on the other end of the phone,

"Yes you can. What is your name?"

"I'm afraid Sir I don't not understand why you need to-"
"Just tell me so I can tell Harry that I talked to you,"

I paused,

"Okay, but I can always just tell him I -"

"Are you going to help me or not!?"
"Kelsey. Kelsey Styles. Anything else?"

Thoughts buzzed through my mind, why would he need to know my name? However, these clients were as mad as a march hair!

"Yes. I would like to speak to Harry Styles,"

I looked up to Harry and signalled for him, he was completely fascinated in how I was taking the phone call and declined my offer,

"I'm afraid Harry Styles is in a important meeting right now. Anything I can hep you with?"

There was another pause as I rocked back in my seat,

"Are you Harry Styles' wife?"

I paused and chuckled beneath my breath,

"Yes I am,"

"Mother of his children?"
"Sir- I do not see why any of this is leading-"
He cut me off suddenly,

"Are you or are you not?"

"I am,"

There was a sigh of satisfaction on the other end of the call and I could see Harry's anxious grin glaring at me,

"Anything else sir?"


I rolled my eyes as if this person was purposely trying to annoy me.

"don't lie to me."

"Excuse me?"

My heart started pounding,

"You said Harry styles was in a meeting, right?"

I spun around on my chair, glaring into the window in the office pointlessly,


There was another chuckle on the phone as I panicked,

"Can I take a name please?"

"No. All you need to know is I don't like liars, bitch."

I scoffed in my min, eyes narrowing before taking a deep breath.

"Please do not talk to me like tha-"
"What a bitch? Do you not like that word?"

My heart was throbbing with anxiousness and anger,

"Sir everything you say is stored into memory, I suggest you stop-"

"Fuck off you ugly bitch."

I gasped and Harry had immediately stood up and walked out side his office, demanding back up on my phone call so we have evidence if this is court worthy.

"You and your fucking children can go die," The sly voice slurred.

I tried to hang up but it wouldn't work,

"Oi you slag! Don't try and hang up on me, I have hacked your phone."

"Who is this?"

"Must you know?"
I was quick to answer,


"Your mum."

That was then I lost it. My voice broke into shatters and I didn't respond and instead I just sat listening,

"Mum? Is that your weakness- ohhhh... and your dad I'm guessing? they are dead! Pha!"

His words tangled into my mind, choking me slowly,

"And those scars burnt into your wrist are easy to see, love. I know who put them there,"

"Stop it, please."
The room started spinning as he shouted cruel and harsh words into the phone,

"No need to ignore me bitch! Remember me? Kelsey Rose May. Yes, that's right I remember your first name."

"Who is this?"

Harry rushed in and immediately he could see the tears brimming in my eyes as he snatched the phone off me and passed it onto some hacking device man who was quick to work.

Harry quickly scooped me into he arms, squeezing me tightly and kissing my neck repeatedly. He kept saying soothing words but they all sounded like mush. Why are people so cruel? What leads them to go onto a phone and call someone, threatening them?

"Kelsey? Baby, you okay?" Harry's voice brought me back to reality, springing upon my mind suddenly,

"Ye-" I couldn't finish my word before his lips were pressed to mine gently, wrapping his warm hands around my slashed wrists, signifying a no because he knew i was too far away in my own world to understand words.

"You're fine, you're with me now okay? Did he say anything far fetched?"

"Harry, I am fine," I lied through gritted teeth as I brought my hand up his check, stroking it gently. My lips lightly pressed against his,

" I promise, just need a little walk, that's all."

I stood up from his lap and wobbled to the door with the fakest smile I could master. I'm fine. This is all fine.

"Kelsey-" Harry called after me but I was long gone towards the exit doors to sneak some fresh air.

My first in hale of the cold salty air with intoxicating but in a fantastically mesmerising way that swept the air from my lungs into fairy dust.

I looked around at the busy roads, hurrying work men and posh rides flashing away but what I didn't see was the black van which pulled up beside me. Or the fact that four men had jumped out the van, or the fact that now I was in the van... and I defiantly did not know that we were now driving away at top speed.

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