Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


25. Sensitive content

Be warned: 


I feel sick because everything I had ever owned had gone up in flames. I try to drown it out with laughing about it but it makes me feel worse but thankfully, Alessio and Kelsey brought me into their loving home. Those two are some of the most loyal friends I have and they are head over heels in love with each other.

Alessio and Kelsey had both changed for each other and it is totally amusing at how in love they are, for example, this morning, they just knew what the other person was going to do. Kelsey chucked Alessio’s  phone over to him as Alessio threw the keys over to Kelsey and they both caught it with there backs to each other whilst talking about what we were doing today... I stood there freaked out.

Well would else would I do? Chuck the keys to myself? To my boyfriend- ex boyfriend?

(This was a terrible reverse role. Also leaving out any key information) 


The squad today all went to Box Hill again and today I wore some highway shorts with a small black crop top and a leather jacket with black studded shoes. I had dyed my hair yet again this morning to a beach blonde and Alessio was practically drooling over it in the morning.

" We could defiantly get a tan in this weather," Kennedy waved her hands around as I put my sunglasses on and a small black hat which had a silver studded rim.

" It's too hot- im practically melting!" I hear Stella complains but I just lay on the grass, trying to relax but that is soon interrupted when a huge shadowy stoops over me,

" Move out the way!" I groan as I wave my hands about trying to hit whoever it was but they just jump on me and squash me.

" Arghh!" I yelp and try to get a chucking Alessio off of me but he doesn't and then he slams his lips to mine. I squint when he takes off my sunglasses and tries them on, impersonating me.

" I'm Kelsey and I have huge, fuckable tits!"

I laugh and blush knowing loads of people just tore their heads at my open revealed chest and then nodded in agreement. Whoops?

" Oi! Looks like someone won't be able to touch them if you carry on!" I tease and immediately Alessio takes off the sunglasses and pulls me into his lap, smirking widely,

" Yes I will cause you love me," He bats his eyelids and then midway through my grinning, his lips attack mine, fireworks practically murdering every distraction apart from him. Louis grunts and pretends to throw up as do all the other boys.

I pulled away from the kiss, my eyes lingering into his longer than normally and then I quietly whimper,

" Always,"

" Ugh! I think i'm gonna be sick!" Louis shouts and I roll my eyes out loud before mocking him,

" Come here you!" I grab Alessio’s  face and slam my lips down on him until our hands are roaming around all over each others body and I have pushed Alessio's back so he's laying down with me straddling him. His hands pull me closer to him and swept my hair over to one side so everyone can see we're kissing.

" Right that's it!" Louis pretended to walk away but I was quick to jump on his back, he now giving me a piggy back.

" SPIDER MONKEY!" Louis yells running and clutching me onto his back so I couldn't get down. Everyone was laughing and I was screaming until Louis finally put me down and we were both happily laughing for the first time in what feels like forever. I stumble in laughter, having a proper laugh with my brother.

" My turn!" Michael laughs as he and Niall take it in turns to have a piggy back. In the end, all the girls were on the grass laughing at our boyfriends giving each other piggy backs.

" they are just kids that never up, I swear!" Kennedy laughs, waving slightly at Michael who waves back to her and then winks at me... err...

" Look, Look!" I point out to Michael and Niall who are pretending to have sex and impersonating me and Alessio.
Tom scoffs in the corner, tear stained and puffy eyed. Both boys came along but not a single word had been exchanged. 

" Ohhh Harry! Harder!" Niall screams as I climb up and rush over to them before hitting them both playfully,

" That's not how we have sex!" I laugh between trying to speak and Alessio comes up from behind me, wrapping his arms round me and I could hear the smirk in his voice,

" It could be?"

Louis now stumbles over with a wary and embarrassed look, did I just admit Alessio and I have had sex? we haven't though? Why was I lying? 

" I bet you guys have done it everywhere and every position!" Yalps Michael as the girls walk over to us as well,

" Urmm?" I begin and they stifle a laugh before Alessio begins chuckling into my neck, leaving little kisses,

" not really,"

The time was around midday and we all played around on the hill, messing about and just having fun.

" Handstands!" I yell and I went to do a handstand before Alessio stopped me, kissing my cheek delicately,

" Let's do something else, something that won't hurt you babygirl,"

I pouted and sat down knowing how clumsy I was and that I most likely would hurt myself and probably someone else too.

" Then, let's makeout?" I rolled over onto Alessio and again pressed my lips to his, sucking gently on his lower lip earning a meaningful groan, he pulled back hesitantly,

" yet again, I will end up hurting you baby,"

I grinned innocently,

" Nothing I haven't taken before-"

Tell me what it is with the sun which brings out the love and happiness in people? His hands tilted my head back up to his and he pecked my lips generously,

“I love you too much to hurt you"

I whimpered at his promise and I knew I wasn't loose enough to take full thrust, but I wanted it too badly to give up now.

" What if I wanted it?" I roll on top of him and press my lady area to his manhood which made him gasp slightly and tense slightly,

" You gotta wait though, by the way- something's on your breasts."

I went to look down embarrassed but then I quickly realised it is one of Alessio’s  many sex lines,

" My hands!" He chuckled as his hands immediately grasped onto my breasts and massaged a little making me moan,

" Not here baby," I close my eyes and take in the pleasure feelings,

" Really cause your body says you want it here," He pinches an erect nipple, rolling it with his thumb and index finger. I lowered my head in agony as the truth was that I would want it here.

" S-Stoppp," I moan as his lips go dangerously close to my sweet spot on my neck. His warm breath sends shivers through my body and then the next thing I knew, he was on top of me and his teeth rolling my sensitive spot.

" Ugh!" I moan, my eyes shooting open and my body buckling to try and get the best of it but to hold my moans in.

" You like that don't you?" Alessio chuckled into my neck and I could feel the bulge in his pants pressing onto my thigh, making me gasp louder. Luckily, Alessio and I were a mile or so away from everyone else but we were at the top of the hill and everyone else had gone to find a café or something. thankfully.

I grunt in appreciation as I feel his body slowly move upwards, his bulge making it's way up to my womanhood. The dark and lustful thoughts spun around in my mind at how much I wanted him and how much I crave for his gigantic beast to be thrusting in and out of me and- UGH!

Alessio’s bulge now stood semi strong on my pulsing pussy as I tossed my head about for something to hold on to, he was teasing me like mad. our clothes were still on and I longed for them to be off but I remember last time in the schools room, he fucking me straight through my clothes and the warm, horny sensation tore through me again as he moved around a bit.

" what about, this?" He says as he jolts upwards sending it into my pussy slightly and I scream with want.

" Alessio, p-pleaseee , " I moan loudly and his teeth sunk once again into my skin through my clothing but this time just above the nipple.. one of my weakest spots. I flung my head back and yelped louder causing Alessio to slowly back out of my womanhood gently and smirking like a child,

" Baby- you are you fucking tight!" Alessio grunted before he lowered my shorts down and undone his trousers a little before taking out his rock hard member which can I say now makes me want to explode just by seeing how big it is, and gently teased my entrance by squirting pre-cum into it. At this moment in time, I was literally going to burst into flames.. I needed him so bad.

"A-Alessio! Fuck me! Ple-please!" I begged and he immediately grabbed me onto his waist and shoved it a bit in in making me cry out. Then he wiped the blanket around our clothes and our waists which I was really confused for but too busy moaning into Alessio’s neck at the pleasure of it all. and then I heard it. Everyone was running up the hill, laughing probably only around ten meters from us.
was our first time going to be exposed? 
I worriedly tore my head at Alessio who returned the look back trying not to move and then whispered back,

" Don't worry, try not to moan and I will try not to move, when  no-ones looking, I will carry you in my lap over to the trees and we can get dressed. bite your tongue or something baby, it's gonna be pleasuring,"

Alessio was smirking and I really tried not to move but I was partly in Alessio and I knew getting out of him won't be possible because the blanket won't cover us both but naked. CURSE YOU!

" And then the fight started to get out of hand and- it was just tots funny," Laughed Stella as she and all the others walked up, beaming.

" Can I have that blanket-" Kennedy went to grab the blanket and Alessio smacked her hand off, moving which made me whimper. I dug my head into Alessio’s shoulder, desperate to stay quiet but it was impossible.

" Ok, What's wrong with her?" Louis said resting a hand on my shoulder which pushed me down further, I screamed in pleasure into Alessio’s shoulder but it was muffled therefore it came out as a whimper.

" Period pains," Alessio lied and it was embarrassing but i'd rather that than, ' i'm fucking your sister under the blanket'.

"Okay, well I need to talk to Kelsey in private so, we will be over there," I pointed to behind the tree and Louis waved us off and Alessio quickly grabbed our clothes from under the sheet. I wrapped the blanket further around us before he lifted us both off the ground and into the woods, supporting me under the bum. On the way, each step, he would dig further and further into me and I was a shivering, moaning mess.

" It's all clear now, they can't hear us-" Alessio smirked and I pulled my head out from his shoulders , moving slightly. I quickly tossed my head back and let it all out. Alessio quickly spun me around so I was sitting in the tree and finished it until we were screaming each others names loud and riding out our highs.





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