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176. Snuggles

I rocked myself in a little ball of emotion back and forth on my bed, tears coming easily and quickly as my lashed arms and tattoo were limp, flopping on my knees, straight in my eye sight.

"Calista?" Harry awoke me from my state of depression as I made a quick eye contact with him. He locked the door and then was already pacing towards me with such pain and rage in his eyes as he scooped me up in his arms loving, holding me dangerously close to his body,

"I am so sorry, did it hurt?" He whispers meaningfully into my ear as I pull back from the hug and instead of replying, my lips gently attach to his in such a passionate way,

"I love you so much," he grunts which makes my lips flicker upwards for a second as I wrap my legs around his waist which makes him smirk into the kiss and press harder on my lips. My fingers delicately brush against the back of his neck (which I know is a weak spot for all men) as I allow my lips to sail off course, down his face.

I peck the corner of his lips gently as I made my way down to his neck which is when I began tugging at the skin with my teeth and lips playfully. Harry's body immediately responds with a low moan as during the process of giving him a hickey, I lower him down onto the bed, my lips practically attacking his skin as he began stripping off my clothes, leaving me in my bra and panties.

Once we were both down to our underwear, Harry sat up and held me still as I stood in front of the bed and him un confidently and nervously,

"Relax, your gorgeous." He calmly says, stroking one finger against my cheek which I nuzzle into gently.

"But you need to eat something, darling,"

His eyes dart towards my stomach which looked extremely painful as I peered down at my stomach which hasn't been feeding very well, due to constant sickness and fear.

My eyes ignore his as I turn my wrists around sneakily, my eye twitching from the bloody wrist of the lashes, also glaring at my faults.

"This isn't a good idea," Harry croaks, standing up as my eyes meet his quickly,

"You're injured! I am too selfish to notice that sex isn't what you need-"

He grabs his shirt from the bed as I stand in front of him quickly, panicking,

"No, Harry please! It's fine, please?"

"Calista!" He says firmly, eyes reflecting a image of me with a few sparkles in his eyes,

"You need rest,"

"I need you-" I argue as my hands rest upon his bare chest, trying to tempt him,

"No, that's not going to work. You need to go to bed,"

I stay silent, tracing my fingers around his extremely muscular body whilst seductively biting my lip. My eye lashes flutter innocently from his chest to his lips a couple of times, ignoring the firm look in his eyes.

"Calista," he warns me but I let one hand sweep lower, brushing his member teasingly, causing it to twitch into action,

"You sure you don't want it?" I tease, my eyes meeting his sexily. Harry stood his ground,

"Am I really going to have to carry you?"

The more my lashes stung, the harder I tried which meant I was far from quitting.

I wrapped one arm around his neck, using my finger to play on his (and every man's) weakness, the back of his neck as my eyes flickered between his gorgeous eyes and lips,

"As your fiancée," I began seductively, my free hand slowly stroking lower and lower on Harry's chest,

"I demand to be felt,"

Sharply, Harry takes a deep grunt, his body reacting perfectly to my plan as I gently grab his hand, placing it on my breast and moving it around,

"Calis-" He began as I removed my arm from around his neck and let it hang by my side as well as flicking my hair over my shoulder and moaning lightly,

"And my job is to make sure you are getting pleasure,"

Suddenly, I grabbed his member, bringing my lips to his as I urged him further on. His member immediately stood straight out like a solider which made me smirk as I played with it seductively.

Harry pushed into the kiss too and took over my breast with rubbing which caused emotions I never thought were real,

"I bet I can bring you to your climax with just doing this," Harry smirked, finally giving in as he brought his other hand to my lone boob and fondled them blissfully, sending me into a light moaning trance and my head tilting back with pleasure.

"Wait-" Harry quickly let go off my breasts and stood backwards, my sexy spell slowly steeping away from him unfortunately,

"How do you control me like that?" He growled, thumping his head with his palm,

"... bed!"

Crap! I bit my lip seductively and looked into his eyes innocently, not giving up as the stinging sensation in my wrists returned with a hella shock of pain. A gasp escaped my lips as I felt my arms shake in pain but I tried to hide it,


"No?" Harry looked amused as he crossed his arms sassily and I knew how this was going to plan out.

"No thank you."
"Oh, and why's that then?" He smirked sarcastically,

"Well for one reason, your boner suggests the same thing I want," We both peered down at it and just by looking at the tent in his pants, made me extremely horny which allowed me to catch him off guard,

"Oh, there is something on my breast!"

His eyes immediately swooped to my boob automatically as the tent rose even more making me gasp at the size it was growing to,


My smirk widened, not taking my eyes off of it as Harry inspected my reaction carefully. I took a step forward, bringing my A game.

"Fine, have it your way but I am horny as fuck now and all I want to do is to ride your ginormous cock!" I lick my lips as Harry jolted before not moving at all. It was like he was about to throw himself at me and then got shot,

"Calista, I swear to God! Please just stop before I do something I regret,"

"But who's telling you it is wrong? I promise you, you will not regret anything!" I muster out those words before Harry has removed me from the ground and I wrapped my legs around his waist,

"You're going to bed whether you like it or not," He grunts as I move slowly down until his monster is pressing on my pleasure spot.

"Shit!" I gasp out, moving my waist to create more friction but Harry has quickly held me up against the wall, not realising he actually send a huge wave of pleasure through my body which made me cry out in pleasure.

"I have warned you multiple time Calista! Once more and I am leaving, okay?"

I bit my lip, the pleasure never ending as my eyes shut and held back a moan.

"Calista? I mean it." He threatened as I re opened my eyes seductively as I winked sexily,

"Got it,"

Suddenly, he has put me down,

"Too distracting for you, obviously."
"because it's you, darling," I tease as he rolls his eyes.

"Can I at least clean myself up before I go to bed?"

He nods as I rush to the bathroom, grabbing a huge dildo and putting it on the side and then un clipping my bra and pulling my panties down. I shave quickly before hiding the dildo behind my back and re opening the door.

Harry immediately gasped with a curse as the tent rose significantly but he wasn't showing any signs of backing down,

"Do you honestly want me to leave?"

"Either way, I still get pleasure," I tease, pulling the dildo out from behind my back and Harry's eyes sharpen,

"Where did you get that?"

"bought it. I knew that some point or another I'm going to have to use it, guess now I will find out if its any good,"

I heard him breath heavily as he was being incredibly turned on.

I walked past him to the sofa as I opened my legs teasingly after sitting on the highest bit on the sofa. I peeked up at him seductively,

"It's not too late."

His eyes flustered away when I looked at him, pretending not to be at complete oar which made me think it is too late.

Skilfully, I inserted the dildo into me and I gasped in pleasure. My eyes closed as my finger fumbled around with the buttons, turning the vibrating mode on.

The minute that happened, I felt my lash pain disappear and the pleasure felt as if it had spanked me so hard, I died.

"Oh fuck!" I cried out in a gasp as I inserted it further into me, my head rolling back with a extreme pleasure.

"oh my go-" Harry growled with a lustful tone as I cut him off with a gasp. I grasped my left breast as I fondled with it, adding to the intense pleasure.

"Fuck! Shhhi- Oh My!!" I yelp as suddenly the dildo is yanked out and something even larger is shoved in.

"You gave me no choice," Grunted Harry as I spread my legs wider and opened my eyes.

He began thrusting extremely fast which made me curse out with such intense pleasure, it felt as if my body was going to explode. Pleasure over ran my body as Harry dived deeper, groaning heavily and making me scream out,


Harry smirked, grabbing my legs which were squirming about as he opened them as far as they go which resulted in even more pleasure because of the more room to travel faster in.

"Shit you are so fucking tightttt!"

My voice was non stop pleasured and crying out Harry's name over and over as he thrusted harder and faster he has ever gone before.

"Calisa! Shit!!" Harry grunted with lust as he took one more hard, long thrust practically shattering my g-spot as we both hit the best high that is humanly possible, screaming each others name.



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