Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


166. sneaky desires


I sat with Jenna on the living rooms sofa, eating the pack of strawberry laces we shared as we watched Cecelia play a gorgeous melody on the piano. Her back and fingers flexed every now and then from cramp as she began singing the tune too. It's was amazing!

Niall was also next to Jenna, wrapping his arms around the two of us as we snuggled into him, with a grin. Cecelia came to the end of her song as we arrupted into a applause and around of compliments.

"That was brillant!" I exclaimed as her little face flushed a shade of red and she took a curtsy in her little red and white poke-a-dot dress.

"Yeah, gorgeous love!" Liam walked in on us with an mischievous grin as he walked up to her.

I felt everyone in the room tense and watch In oar at his next move. Suddenly, she was quick to throw herself into his arms, pressing her lips against his. The age difference made me feel sick as he was approaching 22 and she was still Thirteen and a sinking feeling slurped at why this sinister pervert is now kissing Cecelia.

"Guy I was thin-" In came Zayn with Jayne and sky with his arms around each of their waists, before he stops and stares at Cecelia and Liam, the same disgusted look as we all did,

"Da fuck?"

Cecelia and Liam pull apart with a devilish grin splattered across each of Liam's face but I couldn't see her reaction as her back was to my face,

"Last night felt so go-"

"Hushh," He interrupts her as his head spins our direction, making sure no one heard but we all had. My mouth hung low and so did everybody else's,

"You fucking what!" I began as I stood up in shock and pure anger,

"Tell me you didn't have sex with him, Cecelia!"

I send her an dirty look as Harry and Louis entered the room the freezing in place at why everyone was practically gagging on their own saliva. She blushed and with a squeaky little voice, she spoke,

"But I wanted to,"

"It doesn't matter! He is a twisted pervert!" I turned my attention back to Liam as he grinned at me sinisterly, as I leapt forward, screaming and cursing at him.

"FUCKSAKE! He is a sick man! Preying on little thirteen years old and fucking them!"

My blood boiled like shit as I felt every boy jump in front of Me and every girl backed behind me, screaming and arguing for a good minute or two.

We were all in a line now, staring at the opposite sex as Cecelia was pulled behind us, as we were all silenced by a loud,


All eyes sizzled into Dominus who stepped in at the end of our line,

"What on Earth is going on here? I could hear you from downstairs!"

Everyone went quiet, eyeing each sex up to see who would burst here,

"Liam over here, Raped Cecelia!" Jenna growled, her eyes burning like hell onto Liam with such hatred I thought the look alone could belong to the devil himself. Dominus didn't even twitch as his eyes peered over to Zayne for reassurance,

"Is this true?"
Zayne lowered his head, not saying a word as I heard Sky speak for him,

"Of fucking course! Cecelia is vulnerable and was never protected from this Shit hol-"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Dominus interrupted in a booming voice as she winced at his harsh and loud words,

"You girls need to understand that you aren't seen as friends here! Perhaps swimming together gave the wrong impression? Hmm?"

His cold eyes peered at my fuming expression and hands which were holding Cecelia's crying figure under my arms as she was panicking of what we were saying,

"I trust this argument was your handy work?" Dominus' lips fluttered into a wicked and grotesque grin as he stood in front of me, my eyes burning into his,

"She's just a child,"

"But it's not your job to look out for her?"

"She's only thirteen!" I barked back and immediately his face froze and every figure in the room became dead still,

"I really do like you Calista. Honestly, I do. But this attitude of yours needs to go.. before you do"

The threat repeats in my ears over and over again, "Needs to go... before you do" as I am silenced by the sound of louder sobbing from Cecelia and my own pounding rage.

"Shut her up for fucksake!" He clutched his ears, walking away as I was quick to bend down and whispering soothing things to her delicately,

"Hush hush, your going to be okay? Alright? C'mon, why don't you go wait in my room for me? Turn the tv on or something, Yeah? I won't be long?"

She nods weakly as I stand up again with my head held high as she begins walking away,

"And where do you think your going?" Liam snarled to her, standing in front of her small frame as the tears in her eyes formed again and I took a step forward,

"I fucking dare you! Lay one more finger on her and I will fucking murder you, you cunt!"

As if he was threatened, he slowly stepped backwards, cocking his head to the side and I saw Dominus do the same. However, Dominus had a huge entertained smirk on his lips whereas Liam was a lethal button, just as pissed as Hitler stepping into the wrong shower.

"What did you call me, bitch?"

His hand slams to my jaw as I take a sharp in take of breath as he tightens the grip. In the background, Harry is fuming as he lunges forward and with one punch, Knocks Liam to the floor along with spitting on him,

"Touch her or Cecelia again and I fucking murder you too!"

All the girls are now practically shaking with anger as Dominus has stepped forward,

"Ah, young love" He grins with a satisfactory wink to Harry as he checks Liam's pulse as if it is the most normalised thing in the world to knock someone out,

"Haha, you did punch him good, you know that?" Dominus raised an amused eyebrow to Harry, who was defiantly NOT smiling.

Instead, Harry just stepped forward and wrapped me in a tight hug, leaving his lips onto my forehead muttering loving words,

"I'm always here, I told you, didn't I?"

No one said anything as Dominus looked up at us,

"Okay, back to your dorms, nothing to see here. Apart from you two- I need to talk to Jayne and Victoria. alone."

We all do as he says as we scurry back, every boy staying with a girl apart from Liam who disappeared into the shadows.

Harry unlocked my door as we wandered into our room to see Cecelia sitting on my sofa, watching tv with her puffy red eyes from crying. The minute she saw me, she ran up to me with a sad tone,

"I am so sorry Calista! He told me that I was old enough and that if I didn't or told anybody-"

She stopped mid sentence, the colour draining from her face as I pull her back to see her worried expression and I began panicking,

"Or what Cecelia? What did he say!"
Harry quickly shut the door behind us as he crouched down next to me, also looking at the pale and fragile little girl and talking sweetly too,

"You need to tell us sweetheart and we will help you,"

Her lone eyes wandered up to mine, no though of brightness or joy which she had the day I met her,

"Or I become a sex slave along with you, Calista."

My heart sank. Not at the me part but as such a sick mind is forcing a thirteen year old into sex or she becomes a play toy makes me want to throw up,

Harry also stiffens up as his breathing quickens,

"Well, I can promise you, I will never let that happen! To either of you!"

"And even if we were, we will be together right? We can easily escape!" I add on as Harry squeezes our hands in re assurance,

"Your police officers right?" She asks delicately and I am a bit taken aback by how much she knows about us,

Her little eyes flutter to Harry's with a cold, lonely feeling,

"Your not allowed to make promises you can't keep.."

That was enough to send Harry into a frenzy of how much he wouldn't let Liam hurt us as she just nodded and bit her lip, forcing back the tears.

After all the talk, we all laid upon my bed, Cecelia in between us but she was snuggling up to me, falling asleep as Harry and I watched TV. I could feel my eyelids drifting heavy as I pulled the covers further up on me and Cecelia as her little snores quietened.

"Get some sleep love," Harry whispered, kissing my lips gently as I let out a appreciating moan, my eye lids dropping until they were closed for good.



They looked adorable as Calista held onto Cecelia's sleeping body. Strangely enough, they had a close bond like mother daughter, older and younger sister, best friends relationship. It was sweet.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door as it opened quietly.

My muscles tensed as a figure walked in and soon I realised it was Sky,

"Calista? Calista! Psst!"
"It's Harry. Something I can help you with sweat Heart?" I call out as I climb out of bed, turning off the tv and trying to be careful not to wake the two girls up.

I make my way to the door in just saggy jeans as I step outside the corridor where the lights are on.

"Wooh-" She gasped as I peered down to myself, topless.

Her breathing became irregular and eyes started batting to the pace of her shading red face,

"I'm sorry, Hope I didn't disturb anything-"

"No, no, no! She's asleep with Cecelia.. nothing happened between anyone!" I laughed, flashing a cheesy grin at her which makes her smirk wider.

There's a silence as she just stares grinning at me as I take a step backwards,

"So, did you need anything?"

"Oh, yeah. right, um-" She broke back into real life as the grin on my face fades,

"Victoria and Jayne have been sold on. Tell Calista that I am so sorry to say but now there's four girls and five guys."

"Shit! Why!" I panic, covering my mouth with anger,

"Too old and not sexual enough,"

I felt the shivers run through me,

"So including Dominus, there is seven men and four girls? This is not good!"

"I Know, that's why it has gotten very heated between everyone. Especially Jenna; did you know, for the first time in seven weeks of being here, she has finally let someone in her room!"

I paused my anger as I looked between my fingers with a scowl,

"Jenna? Let someone in her room! Who?"


The grin on her lips return as she chirps in,

"Problem is, Calista has you, I have Zayn, Jenna has Niall but Cecelia doesn't have anyone!"

"Why does she need a man? She's thirteen!"

I feel the tension rise between us and her head lowers down,

"I know, just we are stuck in this place and if she doesn't have a man, she's going to get sold on and on, just like we heard!"

"Shut up!" I growl, covering my ears. That's the last I wanted to hear of this bullshitted truth,

"I just wanted to let you know!" She scowled me as her arms folded across her chest,

"anyway, I need to go. Don't want to piss you off any more!"

And with that, she skipped away leaving me to my thoughts. 

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