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61. Sickness

~~Yet again, I awoke to a soft voice calling my name and stroking my forehead, whispering gently,

" You remember? And the time where we rolled down the hill in our wedding clothes,"

There was a gentle chuckle as I came into attention with Louis sitting on my bed, talking to me quietly.

" Or when we flooded the toilets at primary school!"

This time I let out a whimper of a chuckle and I felt as Louis' eyes tore into mine, grinning from ear to ear.

" Good morning sleeping beauty! Nice rest?" He sarcastically grimaced and I came to terms with how much I had missed that deep, warm chuckle.

" Dick head," I croak attempting to sit up but Louis's arms have immediately pushed me back down and a frown knitted deep onto his expression.

" Do you remember what happened?" Louis asked cautiously as I thought back. Why can't I remember what has happened?

" N-no.. what h-happened?" I struggle to speak because tears burn into my eyes and threatenin to escape.

" You just passed out and threw up, maybe just a little bug perhaps," Louis said and I relaxed knowing it was nothing serious.

" Where's Harry?" I asked and I felt really worried for where he is,

" Picking up some stuff at the doctors for you, "

" But I am fine now," I argue even though I know the uselessness of it.

Louis went to open his mouth when we heard the door open downstairs and I huffed loudly.

In the next minute or two, Harry had approached in our room with a bag full of things and sat down on my bed giving me a anxious yet sexy look before empting his bag but leaving a few things in there still.

" Take this hunny,"

He handed me a pill and I was quick to swallow it along with a medicine type thing that he also gave me. I scrunched up my nose and yapped my mouth open and shut, disapprovingly like a dog and the boys just laughed.

" Yuck!" I complain again, feeling the sour taste overwhelm all my senses again.

" I will be downstairs, I will let you two be alone..." Louis smiles and I grin gratefully as does Harry.

Once Louis leaves, Harry's eyes tore to mine and immediately, I felt his hand swipe up to my forehead, taking my temperature and forcing a cough sweet like pill in my mouth.

" Are you okay? I have been worried sick! Do you feel dizzy? Shall I get you some water-" He buzzed around asking loads of questions which fluttered my heart. He truly did love me enough to be dreading and scared by everything.

" Just lay next to me?"

He hesitates before climbing into bed next to me and wrapping an arm around my body, pulling me close. I snuggle deeper to him, listening to his heavy breathing before dozing off into a dreamless sleep.


I woke up and Harry was still asleep. Quickly, I jumped out of bed and practically sprinted for the toilet before throwing up inside the toilet, gagging and feeling terribly ill. The yucky substance dripping from my mouth as I tried to hold back my hair which was soon taken over by one masculine hand.

" You Okay babygirl?" I heard Harry panic before kneeling beside me to sweep the remaining hair out of my face.

He flushed the toilet before grabbing a towel off the cupboard and dabbing my mouth. Harry tied my hair back before grabbing a cup out of the cupboard and filling it up with drinking water for me.

" Thanks," I mutter weakly, taking a sip from the water and instantly feeling better. Then, the thought of chocolate ran through me.

" You better now?" Harry sat down beside me with his head anxiously gazing at me and I furrowed my eyebrows in self pity and self curiosity.

" I- I think so.... Do we have any chocolate downstairs?"

" Yeah, you want me to get some?" He chuckles and begins walking out the door with a huge plastered grin,

" Love you!" I call after him with a smirk on my face too,

" Love you too Baby,"

Once he was out I raced to my phone before limping back into the bathroom with lower pains, maybe it is all just period pains... very painful, extreme period pains.

I turned it on to find 3 missed calls from a random number and to sooner find out the same number texted me.. Rose! I quickly saved her number and read her texts.

Rose: Hey Kelsey, it is Rose here. I was wondering if you were Okay? I heard about the accident and I hope you are better now... if there is anything I can do, let me know :)

I though for a second. When was I suppose to have my last period because these pains are extremely, gut wrenchingly painful?

" Crap!" I curse before throwing my head back. I'm a week late!

Me: Hello Rose and I am fine thank you however, please can you come over ASAP and bring a pregnancy test, I will explain everything when you get here. Hide the test from Harry please and I know we just met but I could really do with some friends xx

The minute I pressed sent, I regretted the last bit. I sounded so needy and desperate... but I was! Within seconds, she had replied,

Rose: Sure! I'd love to get to know you- you sound really interesting! :) I will be over in 5...

Me: Thank you so much, your a life saver! :) x

Then Harry walked in as I slid my phone into my pocket and took the chocolate from his hands.

" Thank you!" I laugh before savouring the sweet, deluxe taste in my mouth with utter pleasure. I toss my head back and grunt,

" I have missed you baby!"

I kiss the chocolate and Harry laughs before kissing my forehead.

" By the way- Rose is coming over in 5, I needed to talk to her," I innocently smile and Harry disapproves,

" No, no, not in this state she can't.... Baby, you ill and-"

" Please, she will only be here for a while. Please?" I pout and batter my eyelashes but it doesn't work.

" No, I'm only thinking about you babygirl,"

" But! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," I stretch the 'e' until he finally gives in with a grunt,

" Fine!"

" Yay! Thank you baby, I love you." I kiss his cheek and fiddle with his fingers but he just watches me again. I must look terrible!






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