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173. Secured


Once the congratulating was over, I was in Jenna's room with Cecelia and her discussing and babbling on about anything until we were allowed out of our dorms.

"Right so Calista, you're safe here for as long as I know and I suppose I am alright," Jenna clarifies as she clicks her fingers nervously,


Our heads turn to Cecelia who is sitting on the chair, braiding her gorgeous golden hair and humming gently,

"How are you doing?" I ask,

"I'm good thanks,"

"Wait- no, Cecelia, we mean how are you and Evan Peters?" Jenna attempts to clarify but She doesn't seem to get a response as Cecelia only stays in her little trance of lullaby's.

"I guess Directioner's manor has had a huge effect on her.." Jenna assumes, leaning forward and trying to receive eye contact from Cecelia,

"Cecelia, Hunny? You alright, you seem a bit distant."

"Do you like my brown hair? It's gorgeous isn't it!"

I pull back, confused as Cecelia's eye light up into mine, ignoring Jenna completely just as if she isn't there,

"No, Cecelia, your hair is ginger,"

"No it's not!" Her eyes suddenly swarm mine angrily, full of shock and pain as if I had just insulted her whole life,

"It's brown, just like Evan's!"
Her trance was suddenly gone and we were now in such oar. She tucks a strand of a ginger lock behind her ear with a confusing grin as her eye lids batter to another song which she was enhancing herself into.

"Evan?" Jenna mutters under her breath as she considers it for a moment or two. It is silent as Jenna pieces together the puzzle before her eyes shoot up to Cecelia's,
"Is Evan nice to you?"

She doesn't respond but instead her voice is becoming softer and quieter as I try to attempt a response,

"Cecelia, Hunny? Do you like Evan?"

"Oh yes!" Her head nods quickly with a delighted smirk,

"Evan is a good guy!"

"He is?" Jenna raises a eyebrow but Cecelia doesn't even wince or notice that she is asking her anything.

"How is he a good guy?" I try and immediately I get a response,

"He loves me and I love him! He helps me and tells me who is good and bad around here."

"Wh-who is bad?"

The mood died suddenly and very quickly.

" Liam" She whispers and then takes a pause, having a long think about something.

"And Jenna,"

My heart freezes as I look up to Jenna who is frowning with a  baffled expression,

"What? Me! How am I bad Cecelia?"

She doesn't reply.

"Oh for crying out loud! Calista, please ask Cecelia what I just said!"

"How is Jenna bad Cecelia?" I do as I am told, curiously.

"Jenna is in trouble. She has been a bad girl." Cecelia fidgets, her expression darkening,

"She is going to die..."

Jenna yelps as she shoots up, clutching her hair and I am quick to take the words from her mouth,

"How is she going to die-"

"YOU MUST SAVE HER PLEASE! Save Jenna! You must save her, she doesn't deserve to die! It's all your f-"

Suddenly, the door flung open with a depressed Niall, tears brimming in his eyes,

"Calista, Dominus wants you..."


He looks angry yet upset,

"I'm so sorry," He mummers, wrapping me in a tight hug which I then hesitantly hug back with a heavy weight sinking in my stomach as I pull back. Shit. This is not good.

"It's, it's okay, I guess."

He snuffles as he hold either side of my shoulders,

"Can I just say, I was fully against what is about to happen, and as was Harry,"

Then he pressed a light, quick kiss to my forehead,

"Good luck,"



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