Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


34. search

" you need to go," I start walking quickly towards the door, Niall close behind arguing with me but the world is just a hazy blur at the moment.

" where Louis?"

He looked up at me coldly before telling me Louis was at a friends house getting his mind off of me but I replied with a demand,

" get changed into something hard core, meet you in the kitchen in 4 hours.. were going to get my boyfriend back,"


I wore the black long boots which spread up to my knees that was from a sexy maid outfit and ripped black jeans which pushed my bum out. Moreover, I wore a black leather jacket and a top which tightly clung to my curves in leather with a open chested boob area, revealing them sexily.

I put on some dark, purplish lipstick on and done my makeup to be gothic yet extremely attractive. My thick eye-liner perfectly revealed my paleish face but with high cheekbones and I added my silver lip and nose stud before dyeing my hair a black colour with Purple, blue and pink highlight strip in my right side. I had a chain round my neck and a choaker which enhanced the scary theme.

I straightened my hair in hope this will make Josh look at me as a confident young women who shouldn't of been told her boyfriend was dead when he wasn't. I was going to mess with him so bad, he didn't know what hit him.

Is this wrong? No. He's taken everything I almost had from me and he's going to pay.

I got in the lift, heading to the kitchen and being terrified at Louis who looked utterly amazing. He had a pale face with dark eye liner on in which I think he stole from me, black studded shoes, a torn top in which had a skull on it, ripped jeans and everything else was indescribabley gothic. I could tell he was pleased with the out come when I smiled and we head out side onto a black motorbike.

" I rented one out," I smiled grimly to Niall before we hoped on quickly.

" any idea where they will be?" Niall asked and I let a dark throaty chuckle out,

" of course I do."

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