Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


23. School

It  was second lesson, in Wednesday, P.S.H.C.E and we were still working on our projects.

This time I sat next to Alessio  I had to keep getting up and gathering things for other people because, as a woman, they teased, I wouldn't do anything correctly on my own. 
" can you grab that big piece of paper?" Niall asked me and I grunted before walking over to the front of the class and grabbing the paper,

" Here," I snap.

" someone's a bit stressed this morning!" Niall cocked an eyebrow up at me and I sat down in a huff, grabbing Alessios member on the way, making him grunt and cough to hide the pleasured gasp.

" I just ache, from.. the party," I smirk widely and everyone returns to their work, unaware that I was teasing my boyfriend under the table.

" I need that-" I reach over so my bum is in Alessio’s  face and then pretend to drop a pencil so Alessio gets a perfect Aerial view of my plump breasts. He slightly inhales before I place my hand on the in ward of his thigh and pretend to use that to lift me up, he moaned heavily and Michael raised an eyebrow.

" Kelsey what do I do if I need to add a maths equation in?" Michael asks and I strut over to Michael and squat down before turning around so my bum is facing inwards to the table and rolled a pencil under the table,

" Could you get that please love?" I chuckle to Alessio who hesitantly bends under the table to see my breasts and downwards in a squat... I was wearing tight jeans.

" Just click here, here and here," I instruct Michael before using my hands to pull myself up from the table and I strut back over to Alessio.

" So that play we are doing?" Tom peers up from his computer screen and looks over to Niall who answers whilst my hand goes wandering up and down Alessio’s leg before resting below his hard member,

" Yeah, we are still doing it but we need facts and a presentation... Alessio’s how's that coming along?"

I pump Alessio harder and faster whilst smiling towards Niall who is staring at my stuttering boyfriend,

" I'm- IT'S coming along, h-hard.. I mean, it's good."

Then Alessio stood up and walked out the class somewhere, leaving me grinning widely... I'm evil.

" What's wrong with him?" Michael scoffed.

" Hit his leg perhaps,"



Tonight I was suppose to see my personal trainer, Justin, tonight but I couldn't be bothered so I instead watched tv along with all the boys, Tom, Niall, Stacey, Michael, Louis, Joe and Alessio.

" Oh my gawd- she is well fit!" Tom exclaimed as it zoomed in on a advert of a girl barely dressed, on the beach. Everyone agreed even Alessio but I didn't mind because I was too busy drinking my coke to be upset. Niall, however, just growled and cast his eyes elsewhere.

" Fuck!" joe laughed when the music video, anaconda, came on and all the boys were getting a hard on , everyone except Alessio; I'm so proud! 

we were in the cinema room and watching nothing really, just chilling out sort of and we were all in tracksuits and easy stuff but I was wearing my red lace Bikini because I just had a little me time at the swimming pool; don't judge! I couldn't be bothered to change and I have known these boys for well over two years now so it's nothing they haven't seen before!  I wrapped a blanket around me and Alessio as we sat in one huge sofa, spread out by laying on each other.

" What d'ya wanna watch?" I asked, my words muffled by Alessio’s Naked chest... boy!

" Horror?" Louis suggested and we all agreed to saw however halfway through, I kind of drifted off to sleep...


Really sorry. This is a massive filler that I wrote on the bus. I really want to keep updating it's just I'm swarmed with exams. Please understand my lovlies ❤️❤️


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