Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


55. school came

" But surely, If Oliver Cromwell was a puritan, why was he encouraging war and death?" Asked a nerdy kid at the front of the history classroom, Shaun.

" Because he was lord protector so he had to fight, duh, and he actually punished his men if they swore or stole from the opposing team after they were defeated!" I yell back and the whole class look stunned,

" Yeah, I'm smart too!"

Quickly everyone's eyes tore back to the teacher who was now going on a rant about something but I was too focused on my phone which I had hidden in my bag, and was texting Harry who was seeing his dad today therefore no school. Lucky bastard.

Harry: Hello baby, Little birdy told me you were being a naughty little girl in class ;) xxx

I was gobsmacked as I flickered my eyes around the room trying to spot him,

Me: And what bird told you that? -_- cause I don't want no girl talking to my man! :( xx

I actually imagined the grin appearing on Harry's face when he read that and that made me smile too,

" Care to tell the class why you are smiling Miss Casey?"

all eyes now directed towards me and I scoffed slightly, borrowing my phone deeper into my bag,

" Yes sir. Basically, Oliver Cromwell was motivated and influenced to becoming puritan because of his lousy school teacher, Mr Beard. Basically, he caned them if they thought like a catholic and that influenced him because normal people don't exactly like being punished, so why is this all his fault?"

" I do!" Giggled Victoria, the school's slut, and everyone chuckled,

" I said normal people and besides, you pay people to punish you so I suggest you shut that slutty mouth-" I spat before rudely cut off by sir,

" That's enough Kelsey. Thank you for that correct answer and Victoria I really suggest you don't say things like that please or it will be detention."

I sent daggers to her,

" Sorry Sir and Kelsey no need to frown because you were dumped,"

Everyone laughed,

" No I was not dumped cause if I was-  is that why Harry and I live together and it is coming up to two uncomplicated years of love or is it the fact your jealous that Harry is mine or that we can have a steady relationship without having millions of one night stands cause Victoria, you know I will tell everyone that 'secret' of yours" I harshly spat and she quickly zipped her mouth and tears threatened to appear,

" Miss Casey! Is that a threat?" Sir boomed and I stared at him dead in the eyes,

" No sir, it is a warning and please carry on with your not at all boring lesson..."

He fumed slightly before ignoring me and returning to his lesson. I pulled out my phone,

Harry: you there Baby? xx

Harry: I miss you so much x

Harry: Just wait till we get home! ;) xx

I grinned slightly before replying,

Me: defo :) xx sorry just had a snap out at the bitch, Victoria...

Harry: What did you do... :0

Me: Let's just say- I put her in her place, How's your dads?? xx

He read it before hesitating to respond,

Harry; Ttyl xx gtg baby

I pouted before sliding my phone back in my bag.


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