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17. Saturday

A kiss was planted on the corner of my lips and I could hear the soft mumbling of Harry above me in the covers.

" Kelsey? Wake up so I can see you, im boredd" he moans, laying directly on me so he will grab my attention.

" ughh, get off me," i attempted to push him off but he Ignored me only to lay like a star fish on top of me until I let out a huge sigh,

" fine!" I huff opening my eyes to Harry who only had pants on. My breath hitched in my throat and I felt a smirk play on his lips as they gently swept across mine.

" can? Can you wake me everyday?" I laughed into the kiss as my door swung open, revealing Niall, Tom, jake, jack and Louis fully clothed ( unlike Harry ).

" ahh, so your awake?" Niall pouted as I peered at Louis who stiffened at his half naked best friend laying on his half naked sister. I pushed Harry off of me and gave a slight grin towards everyone.

" just woke up," I rubbed my eyes,

" w-what do you want?"

They all gave a slight smile and suddenly the rooms atmosphere got heated very quickly.

" never mind," I quickly propped myself up on my elbows, boobs bulging out of my top from being pushed up by my chest.

I felt everyone's intense stare on me and I heard Jake say,

" if Harry's gonna sleep with her every night, can I have his room?"

Louis froze before Tom sniggered,

" it seems like we should all get a room, none of us has slept at our REAL houses!"

I looked up from my sheets at Louis who was silently procrastinating,

" I hate having a younger sister,"

Behind my laughter, Louis walked out as Harry rolled to the side, arms above his head with a cheeky grimace plastered on his face.

" never gets old" he said with a priceless smirk.

" well sorry you guys had to see my bed head and no makeup but, Shuv off. We will be down soon" I dismissed them, turning back round to Harry who is watching me intensely.

" where were we?" He suddenly appeared on Top of me, straddling me carefully.

" here.."I innocently pouted before allowing my lips to collapse on his, exploring every inch of his mouth with my tongue.

" fuck," he groaned as I felt him get a hard on, ( note to self: he likes innocence ).

" all I have done was kiss you and your almost fully hard,"

He blushed which sent massive waves of butterflies soaring into me and I tried to kiss his lips but he turned away so I kissed his cheeks.

Slowly, he placed delicate little kisses up my jaw line to my ear allowing me to relish harmless moans. He crept his hands upon my hips and slowly made his way to my breasts whilst he sucked on my sweet spot hard.

" H-Harry!" I moan loudly before I closed my eyes, unsuccessfully trying to control myself.

" who's are you?" He tortured me slowly knowing that he was driving me insane.

I took a gulp of fresh air, trying to pull myself together. As I was about to respond, his hands began caressing my breasts which I then lost my grip on staying calm.

" IM YOURS!" My breathing became uneven and no matter how hard I tried to breath correctly, I just couldn't do it.

At that moment, his hands stopped fondling with my breasts and his lips approached my ears seductively,

" don't forget that.."


once I had cleaned up and got dresssd, I sat down at the table In the kitchen, sipping at some water along with Harry who was making himself toast.

"Want some?" My head twitched up at him and I wrinkled my nose in sarcasm,

" eww. No you will like drug me or something," I looked at his face for emotion noticing a gobsmacked expression lurking on the corner of his lips.

" what like you drugged me the other night?"

I silently sent him puppy eyes with a wobbly lip to make him regret saying that,

" because you were drunk and angry," I defended as he took his toast out the toaster and started to spread butter on it.

" let me," I grinned, following over to Harry, taking the knife from his hands. He stood behind me, touching his whole front half to my back half as I pushed my bum into him, leaning on his head which is on my shoulder.

" like this," I said, sexily spreading the butter on his toast trying to wave my hips into him as I went.

" or, I could do this," Harry reached for the butter and dug a bit out with his finger, before I had time to defend myself, he wiped it on my chest, just above my boobs.

" Harry! Oh my gawdddd," I squealed turning around to face him sending him a dirty look.

" now i have an excuse to stare," he licked his lips in amusement as I crossed my arms unhappily.

" and it could be your last,"

He chuckled darkly, tossing his head back and taking my arms away from my chest.

" relax... I got this," he said.

sitting me down on a chair and kneeling down so we were height level, Harry peered up at me one last time.

I felt his breath steam up my chest as his tongue glided all over my skin. I was to busy mesmerized by the pleasure for him to stop and I just allowed my head to roll backwards to let him do his job.

" I knew you would like it," Harry grins seductively, planting kisses around the top of my breasts and sucking lightly from time to time.

" yeahhh. Oh , this feels, amazingg" I groan, tangling my fingers within his hair. He pulls back with a huge smirk on his face,

" all done!"

With that, I let out a sexually frustrated moan and place a kiss upon his lips making sure to grab hold of his crotch to make his breathing stutter,

" relax.. I got this"

After mimicking what he said and leaving him in oar, I wondered Into the living room where Jake and Niall were.


" you look good," jakes head poked up at me as I scoffed at my ug boots, black leather skirt and my old 'bite me' top.

" yeah right,"

I snuggle between them joining in their movie marathon which I presumed was 'saw' from the fact a girl was having pins going in her eyes, repeatly.

I leant my head on Niall's lap and my body on jakes legs which was really cozy to my surprise. I practically lay across them and was too busy focused on the movie to realize Harry had walked in and coughed for my attention which I did not supply him.

" go with them then, fine by me..." He sarcastically placed his hand to his heart and pretended to wipe a tear from his eye.

" oh reelaxx," I sighed before climbing off Niall and jake to make my way on the other sofa with Harry.

" happy?" I mocked as he wrapped me in a tight hug on the sofa which felt as if it was the safest place in the world.

" very"


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