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98. Sat day :)

I woke up in my bra and panties but couldn't be bother to cover up and it was early so no-one would notice, therefore, I climbed down from the ladder and found the timetable at the door,



11:00am till 2:00pm =  obstacle course

7:30pm till 11:00pm = pool party


I grinned at the pool party bit. I remember the first time Harry and I went swimming, he dunked and splashed me because I couldn't be bothered to swim- SNAP OUT OF IT! UGHHHHH!

Quickly, I checked the time which was just coming up to nine O'clock so I decided to get changed now and warm up for the obstacle race, as for all, I LOVE running!

I put on a bright pink sports bra and black, tight running leggings in which always clung to my body. I quickly added a coating of makeup before shoving my hair in a ruff pony tail and began my exercise, starting with running on the spot. Then, I done twenty sit ups, pause and then another twenty until I felt sick and dizzy before doing the same technique on squats. I was about to change when I heard people getting up which made me realise the time to stop.

I took my hair down, brushing it and noticing the straightness from last night so I just re-done my makeup and headed out, not looking like I broke a sweat but obviously my six pack was showing.

Suddenly, there was a cat call as I spun around to Chris, checking me out slowly, "Very clever," I teased, grabbing a bottle of water from the side and drinking it quickly as my eyes caught movement on Harry with huge puffy eyes and a blotchy face, guess it wasn't just me with a rough night,

"Morning sleepy head," Chris smacked Harry in the muscles and he flinched slightly before sitting down at the chair opposite me. Being the mature one I am, I ignored him. That should teach him a lesson! FAGGOOTTT

" Kelsey I am sorry for saying that last night an-" He began apologising but I rolled my eyes, "Tell that to the prostitute!"

He looked very hurt and his eyes, once again rushed to someone before darting back, " I think we need to speak alone," Harry muttered. I frowned and crossed my arms, " No."

Before  could say anything, I was flung over his shoulders and whisked away, quite literally, hitting his back as hard as I could for him to put me down but he didn't even flinch. Then, he put me down as we reached outside. I attempted to rush past him but he stepped in the way,

"Hear me out, Please"

"No! Why should I? Ugh! move!" I groaned, trying to pry him away from the door,

" Not until you listen!"

I finally crossed my arms with such fierceness, it clicked,

" Kiera... that's her name. she is Kennedy's friends cousin and yes, she is a prostitute," he began and the truth shattered my heart even more, " MOVE OUT MY WAY!",

" I didn't finish," He butted in before clearing his throat and carried on speaking, "She needs money for her little girl to stay alive but- the law states against her that she has to earn this money so she sells her body for sex,"

I tore my eyes away from his, tears rolling down my cheeks not because of the sob story but because He didn't tell me,

" Andd.. I was going to pay her to have sex with-" He cut himself off, eyes wandering anywhere apart from me, "Chris,"

My eyes immediately swooped up to his, "So you wouldn't of touched her?" I say with false hope and the tears steaming away like a train, " GOD NO!" He yelled and I chuckled through the tears,

" But you got so angry with me a-and and-"

" Because I didn't want to embarrass chris and I tried to talk to you but you were stripping, I just lost it-" He mumbled and the stupidest bit was- I believed him. Still angry, but relieved.

"You were in bed with Danny, kissing!" He growled, slamming his fist on the wall of the cottage, inhuman gurgles tearing through him, "And you tried to protect him!"

I almost screamed, "Because I was hurt! And Danny kissed my forehead! I didn't kiss him! How low do you think I can get?"

"As low as stripping in front of ten boys and two girls!"

I gasped, "Shut up! You are not the boss of me, we were wearing outfits, not actually in the roles!"

He rolled his eyes with a sarcastic snort, "I never said we were!"

" You said that our children wont be with us for long! And the fact is- I was actually forgiving you!"

" I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG!" He yelled chucking his arms in the air with a mighty grunt,

" You didn't?" I laugh, " so you didn't tell your wife that someone needed money that is a close friend so you go behind her back and lie to her saying it was a work call when you were meeting up with a prostitute?"

" I was protecting Chris! And it had nothing to do with you anyways,"

This made me laugh even louder with sarcasm, " Nothing to do with me? Harry- you lied to me and then I came out to my husband talking to a girl begging for sex!"

" Se wasn't begging, how can you be so selfish at this point in time?!" Harry growled, eyes eating away at me,

" Because I love you and didn't want to loose you again! And you never asked me what my point of view was..."

" Fine," He huffed, " What is your point of view?"

"Let Chris have sex with her, let anybody! Even you can for fucksake! All I hate is you accuse me of cheating when you met up with a prostitute, sex or not! Lied to me and then told me what to do! Actually scrap that, I think I would rather you had sex with that bitch because at least then her children are happy, and I will raise your children alone!"

I stormed off, pushing past him, making him yell, not after me, but slamming his fists repeatedly into the trees outside.

I can't believe I said that. What have I done?


Everyone was being awfully quiet and timid this morning as we made our way over to obstacle course, small taking between each other. We were put into the groups which were the threes at the start of the week and yet again, we all had our own obstacle course.

" Kelsey, just listen," Harry snapped at me but I ignored him, lining myself up with the starting line,

" I don't want to talk to you Harry. C'mon Danny,"

The gun shot was let loose as our three sprinted to the first obstacle, tires. Danny went first, I went second and Harry went last like last time.

"Kelsey!" Harry tried to get my attention but I just ran faster to avoid running next to him but Harry was faster. He sprinted to my side before leaping over the wooden block hurdles as I done the same, trying to be graceful, which worked luckily.

The boys were just a bit ahead of me because they were faster but I guaranteed they would tire soon,

" Haystack!" Danny shouted as we all stopped at the huge haystack with three different ropes to climb up. I stared at it before returning to action and quickly pulling myself us, regretting to stretch my arms this morning.

Suddenly, a arm stretched out from the top as I took it, pulling myself up to Harry's smirk, "Need a hand?"

I quickly leapt down from the haystack and carried on running until we came to a huge brick wall in which we had to pull ourselves over, and me being the smallest,  I panicked.

Harry bent down, holding his hands out for a foot rest for me and I took a deep sigh before using his help and Danny helping me effortlessly at the top. Harry just hopped over it as if it was nothing until we got to the swimming part, through a bog. Ah, something I can be quick at!

I quickly dived in, swimming quickly to the other side and rinsing my hair on the other side, waiting for the boys. Once they arrived, we all began pacing our selves to a huge mud pile with a heavy rope under Neath in which we had to crawl through.

" Here," Danny offered, lifting up the rope as I crawled under, obviously knowing each of the boys were staring at my behind. I got to the end and help the blanket of rope up for Danny to crawl through with him struggling. when it was Harry's turn, he crawled through it effortlessly,

"LISTEN!" Harry boomed but I started running again, sprinting to the electric run through which basically electric wires hang down and we have to run through, getting electrocuted, "CRAP!" I hear someone yell, obviously going through the electric bolts.

" shall we sprint through them or dodge them slowly?" Danny asks,

" I'm gonna crawl under neath," I laugh, crouching down and crawling quickly, the electric bolts not striking me thankfully, whereas behind me, Danny and Harry and screaming and cursing which makes me laugh, loudly.

I finally get to the end, managing to dodge all the wires and being the first one across the wire for everybody but its a team effort. I quickly turn around to find something that doesn't conduct metal, that's plastic isn't it! What is plastic in the woods?

"C'mon! You can do it!" I cheer for them grabbing the finish lines pole and using it to push the bolts back for the boys to walk through but others copy me. They sprint through, Cheering that we won as we do a huge group hug but I am quick to pull back when I realise I am hugging Harry. I'm suppose to be mad. mad.



We returned home, muddy and icky earlier but now the time in 7:15 and we are all dressing for the pool party, bikinis and all. Unfortunately, knowing Harry packed my things, I knew he wouldn't of packed my bikini so I wear his little dare outfit.

I mentally curse him as I look at myself in the mirror, wearing his outfit. I looked hot. Damn it!

Quickly, I add waterproof mascara and wrap a white towel around my waist, leaving my hair straight down.

I walk out the toilet, ignoring his feasting smirk on me at the fact I am wearing the outfit he wanted and his rippling muscles which are clearly showing todays exercise had a huge impact on the tan and muscularity of him. Fuck.

"C'mon!" Rose squealed as she rushed out the bathroom with Kennedy both pissing themselves with laughter over something, and then I see it.

Chris wearing lipstick with a full made up face of makeup walked out, modelling his new look with such a grin,

everybody laughs; including Harry.



I let the towel drop from around my hips and placed it on the side, a few eyes in the pool eagerly glancing at me. Running my finger through my hair, I parted my lips to say something and then bit my tongue.

" LET'S GO SWIMMING!" Zack shouted as everyone bombed into the water at the same time, enjoying the huge swimming pool.

The water was freezing! I pushed myself off the floor, pushing my hair back with a gasp as I reached the surface, as did everybody else.

"Oh My God!" I yelped shimmering my shoulders to get the water off, my breasts jiggling with it, "ah, thank you!" I hear Danny tease me at the fact he almost got a face full of my breasts, "What? It's freezing!" I grin, rinsing the water from my hair again.

Behind me, Harry scoffs as I sent him a glare, taking Danny's hand and leading him away from Harry.

" Beach ball!" Callum yells, grabbing the ball and chucking it towards us, Danny catching it and throwing it back over the net which was beside us. We were quick to form teams and have a huge game, tossing the ball back and forth until we were exhausted and the girls and I laid on the sunbeds, snatching the most of the warm night sky.

Until suddenly someone sat on my sun bed, blocking the sun. I opened my eyes and before I knew it I was being swung,

" ONE!" They swung me back,

"TWO!" They swung my forth,





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