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I rolled around on our bed, clutching my belly in pain. I had no idea at what this mysterious pain was but I didn't want to worry Harry.

Harry was chatting to Julia and Tommy in the other room whilst I tossed and turned, moaning about the annoying pain. I mean- why was it ever even created? To torture people? UGH!

"Mummyyyy!" Julia yells as I scramble off the bed, shoving my hair in a loose bun on my head and ignoring the desperate call for makeup. I walked out the room and into the children's room to find Harry being bundled by Julia, screaming in laughter and Tommy rolling around in his cot, clutching his toes.

"What-" I began, staring at them for a moment, "Okay.. well, I need to go and freshen up and since your being bundled, I suppose your baby sitting for the moment!" I chuckle, exiting the room with a yawn.

I head to the bathroom and have a quick shower, washing everywhere with a little groan to wake myself up and then  I added my panties and a bra before taking a look at myself in the mirror. I looked very pale and weak at the moment which was probably just a mood swing or something.

I changed into dark blue jeans and a long maroon jumper which stopped below my bum and covered the whole of my top half. My hair, I blow dried it and tied it in a loose bun on top of my head before slipping into little, black dolly shoes and heading for the children's room again.

"Mummy looks hot, don't you agree Tommy?" Harry grinned as Tommy crumpled his nose, pushing Harry's face away from his body and with a groan, he reaches out for me,

"Mummyyyyyy," He whined as I took him from Harry's arms,

"What's daddy doing to you?" I say in my baby voice which makes him giggle sweetly,

"Mummy? Can, can we p-llease see auntie K-Kenny? Today? Please?" Julia smiled as I turn around to her in a beautiful little frock which Harry must of put her in. She had little white socks on, black shoes and a velvet red dress on under Neath a little white cardigan, she looked gorgeous.

"Awh, you look adorable!" I grin, turning back to Harry who put his hands in the air, "She picked this one- not me!"

"Did you pick that baby?" I, in astonishment, gasp as she nods proudly,

"All by myself because I am a big girl,"

I nod in agreement as Tommy looks down at what he is wearing,

" I want that!" He signals for her outfit which makes me laugh loudly,

"Why don't Mummy dress you in a similar outfit?"

I dress him in this stunning little tux so he and Julia would look adorable and then carried him to the elevator with Julia close behind, holding my hand,

"And we can go to the.." She thought, lost in conversation,

"PARK!" Tommy joined in,

"Yes! We can go to the park Mummy? Can we please?"

"And is that before or after we see Santa?" I grin as she squeals,





We all got in the car and drove into London for a huge Santa's grotto which was going on. As a family, we had a V.I.P pass which was amazing because we cut all cues but Kelsey didn't like the fact just because we had more money than people gave us the right to have a better acceptation, but that soon wore over when she saw how happy Julia's little face was when she saw Santa.

"SANTA!" She almost screamed, face beaming up like a Christmas tree,

"HoHoHo and Merry Christmas Julia and Tommy!" Santa called back, winking at me when he looked back to a letter I gave him a few weeks ago,

"You are both on the nice list which means- Santa will be paying you a visit, yes?"

I put Tommy down and let go of Julia's hand as they rushed over to him in such excitement,

"Oh, yes please  Mr.Santa!" Julia squealed which made me grin lovingly. Kelsey took my hand in hers, with the most stunning chuckle ever, reminding me of actually how young she is, only Nineteen and I am twenty two.

Our gorgeous children were chatting playfully to Father Christmas, non stop babbling about his reindeers.

"What about.." Tommy thought with a thinking face, " PRANCER!" Julia joined in as they went in a huge depth of reindeer talk. That's how they always talk. One of them starts a sentence and the other finishes it- it makes me laugh every time,

"A-and, Mr. Santa.... where's mrs Santa?" Julia cocked her head to the side as 'santa' let out a throaty 'hohoho' which never fails to scare me *shivers*,

"She is looking after the elves!"

Both the children gasped in excitement, "ELVES! ELVES! ELVES! ELVES!" Chanted Tommy over and over and Julia scowled,

"Yes Tommy. Elves are real!" 

she paused before carrying on, "Uncle LouLou told us about that magic and angels! didn't he?"

I felt Kelsey tense beside me, her words coming out hard,

"What did he say about... magic and angels?"

" That magic is beautiful and real! And that angels are upset people, making the w-world better for others, they aren't selfish though..." Julia's eyes widened in amusement and wonder of Louis' words and it was as if Kelsey was hit by a truck. She was in pure dazzlement,

"Did he tell you anything else about these angels?"

" Oh yes! He told us that they have scars on their bodies, bad people put them there but they still remain helping others!" Julia's little grin grew even more as the paler skin Kelsey had,

" And- he said that they try to return home. And sometimes they succeed, and sometimes they-"

"That's enough Julia." I snapped. She looked down with a sad little face.

"I will wait outside, I need to get some air?" Kelsey said before walking out the booth with a hurt expression. I tried to stop her but she just walked out, without us.

"What's wrong with Mummy?" Tommy asked, sucking on his finger,

"I don't know bubba, I really do not know.... Now, Santa?" I dodged the subject so Santa Claus would save us and it worked.

In the end, we left with two presents for each of them and met Kelsey in the car with wet eyes.

" You okay baby?" I ask, pecking her on the cheek after I strapped Julia and Tommy into their seats.

"Fine," She lies.

"Okay... well, talk to me later yes?"

"No need- I am fine," She defends again as I start the car,

"Right... urm- what do you want to do?"
"AUNTIE KENNYYYY!" Julia shrieks, almost popping my ear drums. I looked to Kelsey for approval and she nodded weakly. What was wrong with her?



Magic. Angels. Magic. ANGELS! Bad people. scars. selfish. return home. no! NO!

The words haunt my brain, rattling like a snake and a portrait of hell paints a gorgeous yet lethal drug to my system. I try to focus but I couldn't, I didn't need to make a drama out of this but it just stung like a bitch! Suddenly the whole truth came back to me...


"What's that on your wrist?" Amelia, a little girl I was babysitting, asked. I peered down to my bloody, scared wrist which was cut badly and I stayed silence, thinking of a lie.

"My sister say's that those marks are from angels." She began looking very depressed,

" She said Bad people put them there because they are jealous that they help people get better when really they are suffering." She began whispering, peering up at me again with lustful eyes.

" The angels have those marks because they need to return home. Are you an angel? Please don't go home, I will miss you!"

The tears swelled in my eyes as I covered up my wrist,

" Your sister was a very clever girl.."

It was silent for a moment or two and all I could hear was my own snuffling with her upset little face,

" I know. She was an angel, and she has returned home,"


I now felt the hot steamy tears brimming again in my eyes but I was determined not to cry in front of my children- no matter how much it hurt, I would not break down.

Harry's eyes sizzled into mine as he pulled into Kennedy's drive way.

We all got out and I felt the sharp pain in my stomach again. It was lingering around, stinging harshly and I tried with all my might to not double over and throw up.

"KELSEY!" Harry almost yelled, practically jumping over the car and rushing to my side holding his hand over my hand which was on my stomach. It actually felt really reliving but at the same time it still stung. then all the pain directed to my lady area and I felt incredibly sick.

"KENNEDYY!" Harry shouted and within seconds the door flung open with Kennedy standing there looking terrified,

"Get the children inside, please, I'm going to get Kennedy to the hospital!"

"Oh my Fucking God!" She yelled racing to the car to pull Julia and Tommy out and quickly pacing them inside. Luckily, they didn't see me or notice anything was wrong which was a huge relief but the minute they were inside, I burst into tears.

" K-Kelsey? What's h-happening?" Harry panicked trying to sit me down in the car. He quickly pulled out his phone and dialled the ambulance quickly as I sat there, panting like a mad women, clutching my head. The words spun around, ANGELS, MAGIC, DEATH, RETURN, AMELIA, SCARS- as the pain grew stronger and stronger and stronger until my whole body was shaking in fear.

Then I felt it. Blood, dribbling down my thighs but, pure, velvet red blood which wasn't stopping,

"FUCK! SHE'S FUCKING BLEEDING!" Harry screamed into the phone, tears streaming down his face.

I couldn't panic at the blood- oh no- I just sat there staring at it as if it was the most rarest thing in the world. It was oozing, streaming, flowing like a river as I felt really light headed. The world began spinning and my thoughts were going haywire. Where was I? Who was I?


But more importantly.... I am an angel so does that mean I am returning home?


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