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Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
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I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


29. Rose


I was going to go to school today until 12 because that's when all my classes end, however, after school I would have to take the limo Alessio had arranged for me to work. I didn't mind walking but harry was all over ' someone could hurt you' and stuff like that.

" Good morning Miss Casey, Your hours are today?" Miss.Morris greeted me with a winning and beautiful smile.

" Only two lesson.. I have to go to work with Alessio,"

She looked gob smacked,

" B-but he works f-for parliament!"

" Yep!" I squeal and she hugs me tightly,

" That's brilliant! I knew you would be doing something as big as this!"

I pulled away when the bell goes and she waves me good bye before I head to lesson one, Law studies. ( Skip out boring lessons :) )

" The time is..." I started talking aloud to myself, checking my phone. 11:58. YAY!

I raised my hands and told the teacher I had to go and she gladly let me before I raced to the school gates to see a long gorgeous limo which had my name carved in across it... Alessio!

" Madam, Sir awaits you," Grinned a lovely middle aged man who opened a door for me and I climbed in. I felt so classy here in my short-ish black skirt, deluxe white top which may or may not perfectly reveal my breasts and a little black waist coat. I knew this morning I had straightened my hair again but plaited the back bits around which now improved the look of my cheekbones.


" Do you want me to escort you to Mr.Harding?" the limo man politely asked and I nodded with a hopefully, warm smile. I had no idea how to get to him.

" Thanks,"

He led me in the same direction as Alessio and I wondered yesterday and soon after all the never ending hallways finished, we had arrived.

" There you go Madam," he says again before bowing and quickly making an exit. I turn around to Rose grinning at me and then she called me over and I scurried towards her,

" Sir is in a meeting and he hasn't been in a great mood today- just a warning-" She chuckles and I take the seat next to her,

" May I take this seat?" I ask nervously, admiring her beautiful ginger curls which frame round her gorgeously and a messy fringe which still looks utterly brilliant. She truly is beautiful.

" Of course you can Madam,"

I stifled a laugh before adding through a wide grin,

" Please call me Kelsey,"

" Okay, Kelsey." She smirked back at me before I broke the silence.

" How old are you Rose, if you don't mind me asking.."

" I don't mind at all! I am thirty."

She looked down for a second before our eyes linked again, and we both smiled brightly.

" Where are you from?"

" Yorkshire,"

That's why she has an accent!

" Oh, I have heard it's nice up there! Here-" I began writing my phone number down on a piece of paper, suddenly feeling awkward because how much I had stared at her and her looks because I was not used to talking to people.

" Thank you M- Kelsey,"

We exchanged smiles before I stood up, smoothed my skirt and pulling my hair down so it flowed on my shoulders down and made my way over to Alessio and mines compartment.

Once I was in there, I logged onto the computer and found a little check list scheduled  for me to do tomorrow, so being the class rebel I am... I completed them all today! ( BTW: NOT AT ALL LIKE ME )

By 2:47, I had finished everything in time to see Alessio pace into the office room, not noticing me, and made his way over to each and every compartment before I hid behind the door when he walked in and sat down, clearly stressed.

His had his hands covering his face and I snuck quietly up behind him. Then, I brought my lips to his ear and wrapped my arms around his neck in a hug before whispering,

" Afternoon Sir,"

He jumped and then a huge grin plastered his face like cement and he directed my body to be suddenly in front of him, kissing my lips lovingly. He stood up and wrapped his arms around my waist, bringing my body closer to him and chewing delicately on my bottom lip, making me moan slightly.

" Afternoon Madam," He smirked against my lips and then pecked my lips one last time before our eyes travelled down to each others lips.

He tried to speak again but I frowned before smacking my lips against his and pulled away,

" My lips were cold," I shrugged and sat down at my seat with Alessio peering over my shoulder, resting his lips upon my neck and kissing constantly, making me moan slightly.

" so is my pe-" Alessio began before cutting off mid-way and continued kissing, avoiding the rest of his sentence, for the best.

" Sir? What did judge Burns say on should Prisoners have the right to vote?" Liam called out and I pressed the microphone button down so Alessio could speak,

" Not a law unfortunately, however, Rose, Archie and Jayne, I want you to work together to do a court case on Gay marriages should be allowed and the other two, I want you to fax all previous court records and research into why it shouldn't... you will be tested and I expect all reports on my desk by Monday two weeks."

They all nodded wisely before all scattering out to another room leaving Alessio gazing at me as if I am a alien.

" Your hair is different-" he spotted and I scoffed before turning away from him hiding the little sarcastic snap,

" Thanks ever so much."

" No-no! It's good!" Alessio spun my chair back round and I gave him a weak smile before feeling very different.

" I don't feel too good Alessio," I say and his eyes pierce onto me before I blacked out to the voice of him yelling for help.


Yet again, I awoke to a soft voice calling my name and stroking my forehead, whispering gently,

" You remember? And the time where we rolled down the hill in our wedding clothes at Mum and dad's wedding?"

There was a gentle chuckle as I came into attention with Louis sitting on my bed, talking to me quietly.

" Or when we flooded the toilets at primary school!"

This time I let out a whimper of a chuckle and I felt as Louis' eyes tore into mine, grinning from ear to ear. Was he talking to me all this time?

" Good morning sleeping beauty! Nice rest?" He sarcastically grimaced and I came to terms with how much I had missed that deep, warm chuckle.

" Dick head," I croak attempting to sit up but Louis's arms have immediately pushed me back down and a frown knitted deep onto his expression.

" Do you remember what happened?" Louis asked cautiously as I thought back. Why can't I remember what has happened?

" N-no.. what h-happened?" I struggle to speak because tears burn into my eyes and threatenin to escape.

" You just passed out and threw up, maybe just a little bug perhaps," Louis said and I relaxed knowing it was nothing serious.

" Where's Alessio?" I asked and I felt really worried for where he is,

" Picking up some stuff at the doctors for you, "

" But I am fine now," I argue even though I know the uselessness of it.

Louis went to open his mouth when we heard the door open downstairs and I huffed loudly.

In the next minute or two, Alessio had approached in our room with a bag full of things and sat down on my bed giving me a anxious yet sexy look before emptying his bag but leaving a few things in there still.

" Take this babe,"

He handed me a pill and I was quick to swallow it along with a medicine type thing that he also gave me. I scrunched up my nose and yapped my mouth open and shut, disapprovingly like a dog and the boys just laughed.

" Yuck!" I complain again, feeling the sour taste overwhelm all my senses again.

" I will be downstairs, I will let you two be alone..." Louis smiles and I grin gratefully as does Alessio.

Once Louis leaves, Alessio's eyes tore to mine and immediately, I felt his hand swipe up to my forehead, taking my temperature and forcing a cough sweet like pill in my mouth.

" Are you okay? I have been worried sick! Do you feel dizzy? Shall I get you some water-" He buzzed around asking loads of questions which fluttered my heart. He truly did love me enough to be dreading and scared by everything.

" Just lay next to me?"

He hesitates before climbing into bed next to me and wrapping an arm around my body, pulling me close. I snuggle deeper to him, listening to his heavy breathing before dozing off into a dreamless sleep.


I woke up and Alessio was still asleep. Quickly, I jumped out of bed and practically sprinted for the toilet before throwing up inside the toilet, gagging and feeling terribly ill. The yucky substance dripping from my mouth as I tried to hold back my hair which was soon taken over by one masculine hand.

" You Okay babygirl?" I heard Alessio panic before kneeling beside me to sweep the remaining hair out of my face.

He flushed the toilet before grabbing a towel off the cupboard and dabbing my mouth. Alessio tied my hair back before grabbing a cup out of the cupboard and filling it up with drinking water for me.

" Thanks," I mutter weakly, taking a sip from the water and instantly feeling better. Then, the thought of chocolate ran through me.

" You better now?" He sat down beside me with his head anxiously gazing at me and I furrowed my eyebrows in self pity and self curiosity.

" I- I think so.... Do we have any chocolate downstairs?"

" Yeah, you want me to get some?" He chuckles and begins walking out the door with a huge plastered grin,

" Love you!" I call after him with a smirk on my face too,

" Love you too Baby,"

Once he was out I raced to my phone before limping back into the bathroom with lower pains, maybe it is all just period pains... very painful, extreme period pains.

I turned it on to find 3 missed calls from a random number and to sooner find out the same number texted me.. Rose! I quickly saved her number and read her texts.

Rose: Hey Kelsey, it is Rose here. I was wondering if you were Okay? I heard about the accident and I hope you are better now... if there is anything I can do, let me know :)

I though for a second. When was I suppose to have my last period because these pains are extremely, gut wrenchingly painful?

" Crap!" I curse before throwing my head back. I haven't had my period for well over two months. How could i be so stupid and forget something like this?

Me: Hello Rose and I am fine thank you however, please can you come over ASAP and bring a pregnancy test, I will explain everything when you get here. Hide the test from Alessio please and I know we just met but I could really do with some friends xx

The minute I pressed sent, I regretted the last bit. I sounded so needy and desperate... but I was! Within seconds, she had replied,

Rose: Sure! I'd love to get to know you- you sound really interesting! :) I will be over in 5...

Me: Thank you so much, your a life saver! :) x

Then Alessio walked in as I slid my phone into my pocket and took the chocolate from his hands.

" Thank you!" I laugh before savouring the sweet, deluxe taste in my mouth with utter pleasure. I toss my head back and grunt,

" I have missed you baby!"

I kiss the chocolate and Alessio laughs before kissing my forehead.

" By the way- Rose is coming over in 5, I needed to talk to her," I innocently smile and he disapproves,

" No, no, not in this state she can't.... Baby, you ill and-"

" Please, she will only be here for a while. Please?" I pout and batter my eyelashes but it doesn't work.

" No, I'm only thinking about you babygirl,"

" But! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," I stretch the 'e' until he finally gives in with a grunt,

" Fine!"

" Yay! Thank you baby, I love you." I kiss his cheek and fiddle with his fingers but he just watches me again. I must look terrible!

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