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186. Reward


My eyes opened to a snigger which sounded child like as the blurred smudges faded into focus slowly. Suddenly, a pair of dark orbs sunk into mine as my heart lunged forward as I recognized my eldest child, Julia, staring into my eyes.

A huge smirk transfused onto my lips delightfully as I grabbed her quickly before squeezing her with such passion and joy,

"Julia!" I squeal as she bursts into a fit of laughter as I kiss her over and over on her gorgeous little face.


My eyes quickly launch onto my other children jumping onto my bed, hugging me and giggling apart from Victoria who lay there in Harry's arms gurgling cheerfully. I was applauded with a range of different voices calling my name as I identified each of them,

"Julia, Tommy, Rhine and Adele, Alex and Victoria! Darlings, mummy has missed you so much!"

A lump in my throat built up from excitement as did the tears of joy trickle down as Harry made his way over to me with a plastered grin as he sits down on the bed, rocking Victoria carefully.

He passes her little fragile body over to me as I began gently stabilizing her as I rocked her watchfully,

"My gorgeous little babies,"

They all climbed onto the bed as we all laid together, Harry observing us with a huge grin from a distance as we laughed over the little things that has happened in the past few months we haven't seen each other,

"Daddy?" Rhine smiled innocently as he scooped her up in his big arms before she clambered onto one of his shoulders and Adele quickly jumping onto his spare shoulder. I couldn't help but chuckle at Harry and my twins clutching onto each other as Alex held his arms open for Harry and Harry quickly picked him up before placing him between the girls, legs either side of his head,

"I am the baby man!" Harry roared sending Julia into a round of giggles as she was now grabbed by him and placed on one of his arms which she dangled from and Tommy now hanging from the other.
Every child clutched onto Harry's body apart from Victoria who lay gazing up into my eyes curiously as her tiny fisted hands moved around stiffly,

"Mwuumma," She squeaked which made my jaw drop,

"Her first word!"

Harry's frown deepened and then a wave of joy crossed his face,

"Don't they grow up fast? Wow!"

One by one, Harry removed each child onto the bed as we all sat in a circle on our bed, talking about arrangements.

"They are living with us for good now,"  Harry proudly announces which makes me grin even more when Alex cheers, out of context as he is still two therefore he understands very little.

"Where are they going to sleep?"

"Over the past few months, we have built a new floor, number 5. Our family is staying on that floor." Harry introduces as he grins fondly,
"We are going to move into it today, whenever you are ready?"

I climb up quickly, Victoria in my arms as I laugh,


Everyone climbs off the bed as Harry holds the twins, i hold Victoria and Julia carried Alex as I hold Tommy's hand,

"You are also allowed to talk to everyone again" Harry turns to me which makes me grin widely,
"How did you manage to make this all good again?"

"There was only one condition," He becomes quieter as we step into the elevator,

"You have to work with Dominus for one month, an hour a day but not Saturday and Sundays starting Monday,"

A pit in my stomach drops and i feel incredibly ill,

"Mummy? What's wrong?" Tommy pouts as i look down on him fearfully with hesitation before my eyes squint back up to Harry's cautious ones,

"What time of day?"

"Whenever you are ready,"

I nod as i display a fake smile,

"This could work. Everything i need, i have right here,"

The elevator door opened as we stepped out onto one of the most colourful floors in the world which was extremely educational with number lines and letters dotted around the room. The elevator doors opened straight into a living room which were now standing in.

There was a few different sofas with toys everywhere in boxes which made the twins and Alex begin screaming in delight. The children were already pulling things out and playing with them as Harry and i examined the other rooms. One was a huge bathroom with a stall for changing nappies; another was a extremely basic kitchen which was full of snacks and children's food; the other one was a play room with more toys and the last two were bed rooms which were connected to each other. There was one which was majestic but the exact same as the room downstairs which was Harry and mine and the other was indulged in soft, cosy colours along with three delicate yet massive cribs for Victoria and Alex, with one spare. Also, there was Seven child beds with each one having a name printed on them, all ready for when Victoria and Alex move into full beds with yet again, another bed spare.

"It's divine!" I gasp in glee as my hand wrapped around my face.

"Yeah well, it's the least i could do darling," Harry grins as he pulls me in for a kiss which I gladly accept. His hands snake around my waist as my tongue sneaks into his mouth cheekily. All the love drains into Harry as i gently push him towards the bed but we are interrupted by a cry from Victoria.

I quickly get up as i rush into the room to find Alex looking extremely guilty,

"What happened?" I frown as I pick up Victoria who immediately stops crying as she is left in tiny gasps of breath,

"A-alex snatched!" Rhine nodded as Julia crumpled her nose,

"No he didn't! Victoria-"

"Okay, okay. Well whatever happened, don't make your little sister cry," I roll my eyes as Harry approaches from the door way,

"I certainly did not miss the arguing at least,"

I chuckle as I hand Victoria over to Julia who then grins widely as she shows her the dolls house,

"Lets clean these muckers up and then go downstairs for breakfast,"



I had straightened mine and the girls hair after i had showered them and removed the hair dye from my hair so i was now left with a natural and matching colour to my gorgeous children. My makeup was done before i changed into a short skirt and a red, glittery tucked in blouse which did make me look generously sexy and picked out matching outfits for the girls.

They had Red, sparkling dresses on with gorgeous black shoes which all matched gorgeously with their beautiful faces.

"We are ready," Harry announced as the boys and him came out in the sexiest tux possible,

"Aww!" I clutched my heart as Harry was amazed,

"You guys look! WOW"

"Well, we clean up good as a family,"


We walked into the kitchen in the same format as we walked into the bedroom which was adorable as immediately, a reaction occurred.

"Oh My Goodness!" Jenna squealed as she rushed over to the children with a huge enchanted spirit,

"They are gorgeous!"

Julia put Alex down as Alex scurried over to me which I scooped him up in my arms with Victoria,

"This is Julia, Tommy, Rhine and Adele, Alex and Victoria," I introduced as Harry put the twins down as Niall bent down to them with a wide, elated smile,

"Hello, I am Niall. What are your names?"
Each of them looked at each other before checking at me for approval,

"Go on then darlings,"

"I- I aa-am Rhine,"

"I am A-Adele,"

"Such pretty names too!" Niall chuckled which made a giggle cross each of their lips like a dancing child,

"Can I?" Cecelia came up to me as she held out her arms for Alex which I obliged. Alex made himself comfy in her arms as he gazed up to her with bright eyes and a gurgling giggle.

"Julia?" I peered over to her as she clutched my hand nervously,

"Over there, is a man who is in charge of the pool, His name is Louis-"

Contently, Louis' eyes gaze up to Julia as he made his way towards her with a wide grin and an elated twinkle in his eyes as if he is proud,

"Hello sweet heart,"

We all broke into different and separate talks as giggling was now erupting around the room as I rocked Victoria in my arms as Jenna done the same with Alex as we talked amongst ourselves,

"How could you be a mum of six and still look gorgeous?" She flattered me as I blushed thankfully,

"Thank you, I really try to enhance-"

I was rudely cut off as a cold, sinister wave shocked through the room as I watched Rhine run straight into Dominus with a  gasp,

"Why hello there little girl," Dominus smirked mischievously as she peered up to him fearfully before her bottom lip began wobbling,

"Didn't Mummy or Daddy tell you not to run in the kitchen?"

My blood boiled as The tears trickled down her cheeks uneasily as her little body began shaking in fear,

"Rhine?" Harry noticed her crying as he rushed over to her quickly before scooping her in his arms as her muffled sobs soaked into his shoulder,

"Mummy!" Tommy and Adele ran back to me as they all began hiding behind me with wobbly lips and fearful expressions,

"Mumma!" Alex began whimpering in Jenna's arms as he leapt into my arms causing Victoria to gasp and snivel in shock,

"Harry?" I yelp as I juggled the five children clutching onto me, on the verge of wailing as I rocked the two youngest in my arms,

"If they start crying, I swear to God-" Dominus began as I shot him a dirty look,

"Rhine honey, come here please,"

She quickly rushed over to me as I knelt down to stay the same height as my children as Harry and Niall were rapidly arguing with Dominus.

"Jenna, What's the time please?"

"Turning half seven pm,"

I peered down gently at my Gorgeous gurgling youngers as I crumpled my nose,

"I thought it was earlier. No wonder you are a bit peckish this afternoon sweet hearts-"

I re structured my position as I balanced the two youngest in my arms and the other four with two either side of me,

"I am taking them to bed,"

I got a few nods and smiles as I lead them out the room, hopefully avoiding the arguments which are about to kick off as we made it to the elevator, un scarred.


They were all in their night clothes as they played in the toy room together with giggles and laughter. I was just finishing making six bottles of warm milk as I made my way in with a wide, elated grin at my gorgeous angels.

I scooped up Victoria gently as I began rocking her sweetly,
"Right, everyone into bed please,"
There was a few pouty faces and arguments but a stern look was enough to send them staggering for their beds with their names on it.

I put a milk bottle in Victoria's mouth as she sucked onto the lid with a warm glaze in her eyes, flickering into mine as I gently walked into the bed room,
"Mummy," Julia pouted as she grabbed her cup with warm milk as she handed out the beakers to the younger ones apart from Alex who crawled in, weakly,
"Uh huh?" I question as I smoothly pick up Alex with his beaker of milk before sitting on the spare bed, balancing each baby on each leg securely,

"Rhine and Adele, Into your beds please,"
They quickly scramble into their beds with a wide grin as all my stunning babies drank their milk in their beds as Julia watched them observantly,

"Where was you and D-Daddy?"
I hesitated, a lump forming in my throat at the fact I realise how old she actually is and how much she understands,
"Well darling-" I murmured as the murdering sound of sucking on beakers filled the room, making it impossible to focus on a answer,

"The past is in the past, let's just be happy that we are and always be together from now on,"

"What's the p-pst?" Tommy questioned as his eyes flickered open, fighting the urge for sleep after all the children's nap taken away,
"The past," I chuckled,
"It is something that has happened. So you just asked me a question, that is in the past because it is gone and it is impossible to get it back."
"That's why we do not say something rude because it is hur-hurtful towards swumone," Julia nodded proudly as I allow a little chuckle to escape my lips but I am cut off by Rhine,
"Where's Daddy?"
"He is downstairs darling, he will be up before you fall asleep,"

A shy curl spreads on her lips as I peer back down to the milk draining out last drops into Victoria's and Alex's mouth slowly. I remove it from them as I gently lift them up and place them into their beds which they were quick to doze off as I collected all the beakers from all the children, kissing their foreheads and tucking them in lovingly.

"Good night my angels-" I whisper as Julia's eyes meet mine, the only pair which weren't unconscious in a deep sleep,

"I love you Mummy,"

My heart melted on the spot as I felt my body quiver with excitement,

"I love you too Julia,"

 I flicked the light off as I made my way into the floors basic kitchen before loading the beakers into the dish washer and cleaning up in the toy room. My body kept telling me to go downstairs but my heart and mind kept arguing for differ and to stay with the children as I swept the floor and done a decent clean around the floor.

Suddenly, the elevator 'dinged' as Dominus stepped out with a mischievous smirk,

"where are my grandchildren?"

"They aren't your grandchildren. And they are asleep," I rolled my eyes as I lifted the box of toys onto the other box to neaten the room up,

"Well, I want to help and be some sort of family to them,"

"Like what?" I scoff as I stand up with my hands on my hips,

"Within three seconds of meeting Rhine, you made her cry and the others panic!"

Dominus smirks widely as he strokes his stubbly chin with sarcasm,

"No one asked me if I was alright when SHE ran into ME"

"Oh excuse me. Mind my poor manors, How are you?"

"Ah," Dominus' grin expands twice the size,

"I love your irony darling."

Yet again, The elevator doors open as Harry paces out, muscles stiff and expression stressed,

"I thought I told you not to go on this floor!"

"Harry, the children are asleep!" I hiss as his voice immediately drops automatically,
"Why are you here Dominus?"

I peek around the corner of the door for the children as I spot no signs of waking up, thankfully.

"I wanted to talk to your fiancée and see the children but they were asleep," Dominus sighed as he backed away into the elevator with his hands up in a defence reflex,

"This floor will not feel my presence again, alright? The children are safe on this floor remember Harry? If a hair on their head is harmed, you are all set free to take control of this place,"

Harry nodded sternly,

"Good bye then,"




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