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183. Revived


"UGHhg" I spluttered, blood dribbling down my lip as I took a huge breath with inflamed lungs.

Suddenly, everyone around my bed jumped into action, making my head spin dizzily as they chucked a million and one questions at me and faffed their hands around on my body, perhaps taking a temperature.

"STOP! She has just been revived, she must not have stress all around her," Dominus barks at everyone which shuts them up immediately,

"How are you feeling darling?" Harry ignores Dominus as he whispers to me shakily, his blood shot and puffy eyes obviously clear as streams of red blotches under his eyes and down his cheeks meant he was crying a lot,

"You're crying?"

"You were dead,"

I looked up at him with desirable eyes whilst biting my lip in agony,

"Are you mad?"

He examines me for a second with a hurt expression as a block of different emotion swim past his face until he decides on one.

Gently, he leans forward and places his lips to mine gracefully as my body is full with excitement from the kiss. However, he pulls back and stands to the side whilst holding my only hand that is not injected with reviving drugs as my eyes are left to be wandering helplessly upon Harry's face which is staring straight forward.

"Okay sweetheart, your heart rate is back to normal but because you still have the Benzodiazepines in your system, you will be staying in your bed for another twenty four hours," This middle aged woman announced as I peered up to her with a warm smile,

"Thank you,"



I had been in bed for around eighteen hours, everyone fading in and fading out in that time, but Harry was always beside me which was nice. now we were alone. 

My eyes trailed over to Harry who was sitting in the seat next to me, eyes examining my every move cautiously as I budged over a bit,

"Lay with me please?" I pout gently as Harry takes a few moments to register what I am saying before swiftly laying on the bed next to me,

"Why did you do it?" He asks, voice extremely muffled by the sound of him almost close to tears,

"I don't remember meaning to. All I thought is that if I trick my brain into thinking I am drugged, I psychologically I would feel a little more relaxed that something was helping me."

"Then why is there Benzodiazepines in you?"

I felt my voice crack,

"I could of accidently messed up a little?"

Harry scoffed loudly, despite the tears rolling down his cheeks,
"No, you messed up a lot, Calista? You messed up loads,"

I looked away from him in shame as I felt him pull me close to his body tightly,

"You promised you wouldn't..." He began as his lips clasped onto mine quickly, assigning a truce between us I suppose,

"I love you so much, it hurts,"

My eyes flicker up to his as I press harder onto the kiss,

"Does this mean the weddings back on?"
"If you promise not to ever purposely harm yourself again?"

My smirk brightened,

"I promise!" 


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