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158. Restored



We were back at home and Harry was carrying me up the stairs. I tried to tell him I could walk but he just ignored me, something about "never letting me go again" was his exact words.

I felt a bit loopy, the hospital drugs kicking in for a strong after effect, and all i was being was horny.

"And w-we can make llove all night!" I giggled, Harry's forehead remaining creased with frown lines as we entered our room.

"Mr Grumpyy pants?" I call out to him in a high pitch tone as i look around the neat and tidy room,

"Lets make some mess! Especially on the bed!"

I practically threw myself out of his arms, propping myself up with the bed's banisters as Harry gave me a disapproving look, making his way towards me.

"No!" I squealed trying to escape his grip by running away, ignoring the whirling sensation in my mind.
"Calista, c'mon you need rest- your-" He paused as i began stripping off my top,

"Calista- don't... Stop!"

I pulled it off my head, seductively striding towards Harry with a cheesy grin,

"You love it really!"

He took in a deep gasp of air as i was left in jeans and a bra,

"It's like you never fucking gain weight! your fitter than before!"

His eyes zapped onto my flat stomach as I winked at him, licking my lips. i wrapped my arms around his neck, sexily dancing on his body as He started becoming erect but tried not to let me know,

"Too late!" I chuckled shrinking to the size of his enormous cock.

"It's fucking huge!"

I begin unbuttoning his jeans but he tries to stop me,

"Calista! Bed. Now!"

I knew he was trying so hard not to fuck me but i knew he was close to breaking and letting me win,

"If you insist!"

I sexily sashayed towards the bed, taking off my jeans in the process, ensuring Harry's gasp to re happen; which it did.

"What are you doing to me Calista?" He shook his head as i stood at the foot of our bed. His hands gripped either side of my shoulders, laying me down slowly as his monster dick rose significantly,

"At the moment? Nothing.. in a bit? fucking!" I chuckle the answer to his question, a grin plastering his face,

"It's just the drugs kicking in Calista, you honestly need to rest-"

I roll my eyes at his maturity,

"I want to though! a-and next Saturday, there is a fancy dress p-party! Wanna go?"

Harry sighs as he un clips his belt, the excitement in my eyes building up as i try to help his buttons but he grasps my hand,

"No funny business, just getting ready for bed? And.. i will check my schedule for next Saturday"

"Yayy!" I giggle wriggling Harry's legs apart with my feet and grabbing his bare shoulders, pulling him into a deep loving kiss. This time, he kisses back harder as our eyes close and our thoughts drift away. I insert my tongue into his mouth as he does the same into mine and we begin French kissing. His hand drifts down to my hip as he crawls onto the bed, not breaking the kiss for a minute.

"Hmm," I moan, encouraging him as he rests both of his legs on the out side of mine, using his hands to wrap my legs around him. He moves us further up the bed until we are practically devouring each others lips and feeling every inch of each other's body at the tip of the bed,

"C-Calista?" Harry breaths, pulling back a tiny bit as we both were panting from lack of air,

"How are you so perfect?"

I smile gently, my breasts throbbing from lack of touch,

"I stole it from you!"

I threw my lips back onto his, his hands immediately slapping my arse making me gasp out in pleasure and his tongue soaring into my mouth. I then pulled away, hands trying to pull his pants down until he had immediately slammed into me at an alarming rate, too quick for my lazy, drugged mind to respond to. I automatically screamed out with pleasure as Harry's lips came close to my ear,

"What do you want baby?"

"You," I moan quietly, my eyes closed and focusing on the over whelming pleasure,

"What do you want?" He spoke a bit louder now as he slowly entered me again, making me moan louder with satisfaction,



I then couldn't speak as he pounded into me over and over and all i could do is moan with pleasure,

"FUCK!" Harry groaned, thrusting faster into as we chorused into a wave of cries of pleasure and profanities of curses as we rode out our highs.


I woke up after falling asleep in Harry's arms with a grin plastered on my face. I peered around the room and Harry was no longer next to me but i could hear him in the shower. I tip toed out of bed and crept into the bathroom.

Slowly, i opened the shower making sure to look extremely sexy as i wanted something... the truth.

"Shit!" Harry's eyes ate up my naked figure quickly as i stepped into the shower, lashes fluttering from his face to his enormous, fully erect cock,

"What are you thinking about?" I cocked my head to the side to think about why he is fully erect when nothing has happened,

"That i want you so bad right now,"

I stepped closer to him, eyes glued to his,

"Then tell me why i was in hospital."

"You? Y-you don't remember?"

I shook my head as he took deep gulp,

"Calista, what's in the past can stay in the past okay?"

"Harry! I am warning you. Tell me or else-"

His eyes darkened,

"Don't threaten me bitch-"
"Tell me the fuck happened!" I make it clear i am standing my ground, a bit taken aback by his snarky comment and sure as fuck the moment has gone,

"And call me a bitch again! I dare you!"


I slapped his chest,

"You hit like a girl!" He rolls his eyes and i frown,

"I am a girl!"

He steps past me, grabbing the shampoo which i slap out of his hands and i am left with his dark scowl,

"Well that wasn't very nice-"
"What happened Harry?"

A snarl and scoff erupts his body as he begins opening the shower and stepping out,

"HARRY!" I shout after him and he turns around with a sarcastic wave,

"Tell me what happened!"

"Later- fucksake!"

"What kind of boyfriend doesn't tell his girlfriend why she was in hospital?"

"stop calling me that!" Harry growls,

"You're right! You aint worth that title," i roll my eyes as Harry paces quickly towards me as i turn off the shower and step out before covering myself up with a towel,

"I am your fucking husband!"

"Are you Harry? Are you? It was all fake! You hear me? WE ARE NOT MAR-"

Suddenly he has smacked me so hard across the face,


He spits on my toes as i look gobsmacked up at him,

"You slapped me!"

"Never say that again!"

"WHO THE FUCK SLAPS THEIR WIFE! MY POINT EXACTLY!" I gasp, pushing him out my arms,

"Calista- I didn't mean to, sorry!"

"Sorry?" I laugh, holding my face. I avoid him again as i begin turning to the door,


"We are through! If you hit me, i don't want you anywhere near my children!"


I scoff loudly,


Suddenly, i grasp my mouth and everything is silence but Harry's eyes are darkening and anger is bubbling inside of him,


Before he could react, i sprinted for the room, locking Harry in the bathroom and quickly getting changed.

The pounding on the door got louder and louder along with the muffled threats as i ran for the door. I was too late before the bathroom door was knocked down by a fuming Harry and i was sprinting down the stairs at top rate.

"Get back here you bitch!"

I sprinted outside the door, hopefully leading his sorry arse away from the children which worked because he was now sprinting after me.

"Go away Harry!"

I was sprinting down the streets, chucking myself around every corner until i managed to get to Victoria's house as i pounded on her door.


It suddenly opened with her standing there, barely dressed and with lazy hair,

"Morning Calista, w-. WHAT THE FUCK!"

Suddenly i leapt into her house, slamming the door shut, in hope Harry wont find me as i started confessing, wasting no time,

"It's Harry! He has gone fucking mental!"


Everything that happened the day before drips into my mind as i clutch my hair, tears streaming down my face,

"WHAT? Where's the children?"

"One dead!" I cry and immediately she is shitting herself,


I peer up to her, eyes stinging like fuck,

"I was pregnant.. i went into miscarriage when he got mad!"

"Why was he mad? Shit! How are the other children?"
"He got mad because of Louis, Lou! He- h-he kissed me and Harry saw and beat him badly until L-Louis was dead! Th-t-t-t"

"Louis is dead?!" The tears streamed down her face now as she collapsed into a heap beside me,

"N-no-! Harry revived him wh-when i started screaming at hi-him! He is in hospital -and badly hurt!"

"Did he do anything else?"

"Yes! I drove Louis to the hospital and then came back! Harry.. h-he. He accused me of the children not being his and then- he raped me!"

"My fucking brother raped his wife after beating her best friend to death?"

"Y-yees! I went into miscarriage from shock and then i got back from hospital, with short term amesia-"

Victoria was almost frozen in shock as she patted my back soothingly,

"W-why is he mad now?"

"When i had no memory of what happened last night, i had sex with him and then in the morning, i asked him about what happened and he got pissed off-"
I took a huge gulp of air before carrying on,

"He annoyed me and i said some stuff i didn't mean which then he slapped me again,"


I nodded my head weakly and lowered my voice,

"He has been beating me for the last few days-"

"WHy didn't you tell me Calista!" She gasped, pulling me into her hug,

"What did you say to him?"

"I told him we were never married and it was a scam. Then broke up with him and then said the children weren't his!"

She immediately went quiet,

"Are they his?"

"Of course! I fucking love Harry! He can even get a DNA test to prove it!"

Suddenly, there was pounding at the door as i was quick to scurry backwards,

"GO AWAY HARRY!" Victoria screamed through heavy tears,


The tears streamed faster,



"Harry! HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL TRYING AFTER EVERYTHING YOU PUT THIS GIRL THROUGH?!" Victoria screamed as she opened the door so i could see the tears streaming down his face,

"They aren't mine are they?"

"Harry- i don't wanna talk!"



I quickly picked myself up and walked over to Harry with the deadliest glare i could give him,

"I never lied,"
Suddenly he grabbed me and pulled me in for a huge hug which sent shivers down both mine and Victoria's spine,

"Harry. Get off her, please" Victoria whispered quietly and calmly trying to keep her cool,

"Off her now please!"

I fell limp in his arms and he was holding me up, pressed against his body reluctantly,

"Victoria can i have a moment with her please, alone?"


He let me go as i took my own weight to my feet and i looked at Victoria hesitantly, the world really blurry with tears,

"Victoria?" I whispered quietly,

"Calista no! Not after everything he has done to you! You should never trust him again!"

"Please, i-"

I looked back into Harry, catching my reflection in the mirror and then pausing as i made my way towards it.

In the reflection, i saw one side of my face completely covered with bruises and blood, I looked like a dead, raped victim. Shakily, I brought my hand up slowly, noticing the bloody scuff marks on my knuckles as I painfully dragged my fingers across the light wounds. It was quiet for a huge amount of time as I inspected the torture mark from my abusive hus- ex boyfriend.

"Calista, I can explain-" Harry cut in as I turned around hesitantly, striding towards his body and snatching his hand to inspect my blood, stained on his knuckles,

"Why would you do something like this?"

"I am dangerous. you know that-"
"Bullshit!" I shout stepping back from him slightly,

"I want you no where near her children Harry or I will go to court and sue you for everything you have got!" Victoria butted in, striking him across the face with decent power.

"Harry. You were never dangerous from all he time I am around you or our children. You have changed!"

"I was always like this! You changed me for the better and-"

"FUCKING ABUSING YOUR WIFE IS NOT CHANGING FOR THE BETTER!" Victoria cut in again, striking him again with her deadly caw like nails,

"You put shame upon our family, Harry!"

Meanwhile, I stayed quiet. Sickness built up inside of me. Was this how it would end? Was this how real fairy tales end but they also cut out the death, sorrow and suicide chapters? Fuck em.

"Calista," Harry's eyes met mine sadly and full of truth,

"You know I would do nothing to harm the children,"

My stomach lurched forward at the truth yet I still couldn't be sure,

"How can I trust you Harry after everything has happened?"

"Calista, you don't need to know, your better off without him-" Victoria cuts in as I am already walking out the house, mainly to escape everything as I pace back to our house, Harry following me and Victoria giving up quickly.


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