Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


150. Quick little chapter ;)


I lay out these clothes on my night stand along with a black leather jacket and high heels after kissing the children goodnight and making my way upstairs with Harry.


His husky, tired look turns me on slightly as we strip at different ends of the room and climb into bed with each other making small talk.

"God, your so gorgeous baby!" Harry whispers, planting a small kiss to my forehead as I snuggle further into his chest,

"I cant wait until tomorrow, at least this mission will be good,"

"You want to be around snobby teenagers who think slutty makes them look older in college?"

I chuckle slightly,

"No, Of course not!"

I peer into his eyes,

"I cant wait to spend it with my college boyfriend, kicking ass in becoming the most popular couple in the school,"

"Oh, that's how you expect us to find out the goth perverted person?"

I roll over, so I am resting on him with another giggle,

"Baby you know they deserve a better name."

He sighs,

"Yeah I suppose, it takes a lot of effort downloading that shit.. imagine creating it in a college! Fair play to them,"

I playfully whack his chest,

"Creating porn in a school is not something to be proud of! If you wanna think like that, I might join their little fling movies and see your reaction when people are masturbating over me and some guy!"

His reaction becomes stone hard,

"We could create a porn vid... if you want?" He becomes erect at the thought of his stupid question,

"And why would we need to do that, darling?"

"We are young, don't let the days go by us?"

He lame attempt of persuasion carries the wild imagination into further depths,

"Tui Demens!"

I roll over and he climbs on top of me,

"How am I crazy and how do you speak Latin?"

"I learnt it in the science place. How did you under stand?"

"I learnt..."

"Ego pastille pax aut fatigo..."

"I need peace or to sleep?" He translate me with a wicked grin,

"Sex tape?" He urges on as my eyes flicker shut, falling asleep slowly,

"sexus tape?"

He carries on bugging me in Latin,

"Okay! Fine- just let me sleep!"

And with that I was out like alight.

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