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47. questions

I was awoken by Harry jolting upright and practically yelping when he saw his arm in a sling.

" Shhh, It's ok, lay back down baby," I pat the space next to me on the bed and he accepts, rubbing his head constantly.

I go to lie on my back and gasp in sudden pain as millions of shock waves through me. My Back!

" Whats the matter!" Harrys eyes tore towards me and I feel tears begin to stream down my face and I begin sobbing helplessly,

" I ddd-don't k-know! It feels s-sore,"

Harry stiffens before ordering me to stand up and he stands behind me before taking the sling off his arm,

" Keep it on-"

" I'm fine." Harry interrupts before pulling my top off over my head and he gasps suddenly before slightly pulling my pants down so they are half way down my bum and unclipped my bra. At first I thought it was some sort of sex move but when his hands trace around sore bits on my back, I realise something is wrong.

I quickly pull away, doing my bra back up and chucking the top over my head to hide the bruising on my back.

" W-what happened? Wh-who! I will fucking kill em!" Harrys hands suddenly fisted up and I backed away from him slowly, not wanting to tell him he caused this straight before he called me a ' fucking slut'.

Harry paced around to my side and I looked everywhere apart from his half naked body, knowing if I look into hi eyes, I will confess.

" And what happened to you, deep wound that I had to stich up!" I reversed the question back round to him and he peered down at his stitching.

" I think someone started a fight and as I tried to tell Niall I was going, someone threw a glass at me and I beat the shit outta them,"

I stare at him in disbelief and anger,

" Who!"

" I don't know, some frat guy I think,"

Harry beat up a college guy!

" Now, who done that to you!" Harry was suddenly very close and his eyes spoke everything but memories,

" You really don't remember, do you?" I scoff and he shook his head anxiously.

" You done it Harry! You pushed me against the wall and called me a fucking slut!"

Anger brimmed inside of me and I was torn between kissing him and hitting him.

" N-no,!" Harry stared down at his fists and he paused for a second like the moment came back to him.

" K-Kelsey, I am so sorry baby, I was hurt and-"

I cut him off with a deep meaningful kiss. I wanted to slap him... hard.... with my lips..

He was shocked for a second before his hands curved around my bum and he made me gasp in pleasure. Continuing on, he pulled me closer so our bodies were touching and I bite his bottom lip gently before sucking on it. Harry was moaning now into the kiss and so was I because he was massaging my bum hard which brought pain and mostly pleasure.

Then we pulled back, our saliva around our lips which we were both quick to wipe off,

" That's the best way of telling me to shut up," Harry chuckled lightly and I traced my finger tips over his swollen wound,

" Is it painful?"

He took a sharp intake of breath before looking into my eyes,

" Nothing a kiss couldn't take care of,"

I winked at him before turning around to sashay to my closet, waving my hips a little more than I should. Behind me, Harry grunted in a sexually frustrated manor before we both picked out what to wear. i quickly shoved on one of Harry's baggy tops before I checked the time to see we still had another two hours before school started- what time were we up?!- and Harry seemed to notice too.

" well we can," Harry slowly came up behind me, careful of my back but his slight erection touching my bum and he wandered his fingers down the front of my body.

" Hmm," I closed my eyes and took in his lead. He was still only in pants which made me even more hornier but who was I to tell him to put a top on? Thank God!

" Do something which includes pillows and covers?" Harry carried on speaking and I grinned innocently before turning around to face him,


I felt Harrys loving voice chuckle before I ran out the room into the elevator in which Harry got in as well, cornering me sexily. Below, his member was beginning to be rock hard because he had trapped me which turned us both on even more but I carried on my act of innocence,

" Ding!" I mimicked the elevators sound before prancing out of Harrys trappings and raced into the living room, harry practically jumping on me and I winced in pain but ignored it because it was the most fun I have had in weeks.

" Stay here," Harry instructed and I obeyed like a dog. He came back with two pills and a glass of water in which we both happily shared,

" Good bye pain!" Harry laughed as we sat still for around ten minutes waiting for the medicine to kick in, it worked.

I immediately jolted up and raced towards the elevator again before harry had once again managed to climb aboard the elevator with me, this time he swung me over his shoulder and I just stayed there laughing like a lunatic.

Once the elevator had opened, Harry had raced me into our room before immediately placing me down on the bed and locking the door. I was massively turned on by his movement!

" How many times have I told you, wearing my tops will make me hurt you!" Harry warned me before I began sprinting for the pillows but Harry had already jumped on me and sat on me, pinning my arms and legs out to the side.

" I'm sorry- I am usually a very good girl and never do anything wrong." I pouted, the innocence making Harry have a harder erection even though we both knew that I had no innocence left in me.

" Kelsey," Harry growled and I felt his erection spring out further, digging into my soft spot again. ugh! He's teasing me.





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