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40. pshce

" Come back to ours and we can do extra work at home." Harry suggests to everyone but I could feel he didn't want Jake there because of the last time we were alone in a house.

Everyone accepts and we spent the rest of the lesson doing our jobs so basically all I was doing is fetching stuff and helping if anyone was stuck.

" so, what type of research shall I do?" Micheal asked and I walked round to him before squatting next to his laptop. I sat next to him and scribbled questions he should answer.

" thanks," he smiled at me, looking into my eyes a big longer than he should of.

" yeah well, we ain't gonna fail cause one person is stupid," I joke slapping his arm playfully and then making my way back round to Harry who is pretending to work.

" what you doin'?" I kiss his lips and peer over his shoulder,

" nothing really, there's nothing to do,"

I grinned and pushed the laptop away from us a bit, and wrapped my arms around his neck tightly squeezing him.

" diiieeeeeee!!!" I laugh as all eyes look our direction and we laugh slightly.

" Kelsey! Stop strangling Harry and do your work!"

I stand up to look at Sir, sending him daggers,

"I'm sorry Sir, I would hate if Harry... Died,"

Mr.stutt whimpered before pursing his lips shut and ignoring me.

" w-what? How did you do that?" Michael's eyes were wide open at me as I made my way to the seat,

" did what?"

Harry stiffened at me playing clueless about a subject which my team mate caused but I waved him off,

" that! The.. Control sir. He looked petrified of you," Micheal frantically waved his hands and I just told him that I do that to all teachers which made jake chuckle. What does he want?

" anyway..." Niall said, still focused on his work.

" Jake, what have you agreed with so I can note it down?"

I zoned out for a momemt, staring at my computer screen. I slowly logged on before clicking onto word pad and began typing a message to Harry,

Eyooooo! Bored out of my mind, need me to do anything?? ;)

I nudged him and he cautiously observed my message, then smiling whilst typing a message on his laptop.

Well.... Fuck me right now?? ;)

I giggled lightly,

Maybe later :))

No nowwwwwwww!! We r going party Friday btw ;) Niall having party round 7pm

I sent him a raised eyebrow,

" we?"

He laughed and nodded his head before turning to Niall,

" where is your party on Friday? Your house..?"

Niall nodded slightly still attached to the computer screen, eyes attacking the buzzing lights.

" love our long conversations Niall," Harry smirked and I nudged him so he would look at me,

" almost as much as I love you," I lean forward, gazing lovingly into his eyes as he pecked my cheek before freezing in the position for a second.

" almost," he jokes and I pull away, crossing my legs on my chair pretending not to notice Louis,jake and Micheal watching us, grinning widely.

" ughh! Im so boredd!!" Micheal throws his head back in annoyance and we all laugh slightly.

I unclip my sun glasses from my head and let my newly dark brown hair sweep down before chewing the top of the glasses. I grab a pencil and began drawing circles, delicately sketching and shading.

I hear Harry grunt next to me and I see he's a twitch away from an errection. I chuckle slightly and bared my teeth making him wince as he became a bit harder.

This shall be fun.

" so, how we going to direct this?" I peered up at Niall who his tapping away at his laptop,

" what about if we done a dramatic monologue?" He said, looking at me basically directing me to be the wife.

" okay, but who's gonna be who then?"

" Harry, you can be the buyer, Jake the trafficker, micheal the dad ( seller ) , Kelsey the slave and I will narrate." Niall clears up before typing up the arrangements.

" so what shall we do?" Harry stands up and we head outside the class for more space because Mr.Stutt agreed to me.

" kelsey, stand next to Micheal and pretend to be farming together, make it a father daughter moment," Niall pushes me towards Micheal and we do as we are told, Harry a bit jealous but soon calms down when Niall pulls me away a bit.

I allow Micheal to lead because I had no idea what fathers and daughters do together cause it has been so long since my father was with us.

" now jake, grab Kelsey by her arms and pretend to drag her away, Kelsey fake fight back silently. And urm... Micheal look worried that you have sold your daughter and jake hand him fake money."

We act out the scene, repeating it over and over again until Niall carries on directing,

" Jake I want you to take her to Harry and Harry I want you to rip the tape of her mouth which will be there and.." He checks back to his laptop, DUCTAPE! Isn't that painful!!!!???

" forcefully kiss her and Kelsey I want you to struggle but Harry do not give up and fight her. Then pretend to push her to the ground and Kelsey begin to scrub the floor."

What? Harry kisses me and I fight every inch in my body not to kiss back, it was unbearably difficult surprisingly it sounded easy.

" kelsey, fight back more," Niall demands and Harry smirks against my lips. It was a lot easier said than done.

I brought my hands up to his shoulder blades and pretended to push him away which didn't work and then He pulled back, me a little shocked and fake pushed me. I started scrubbing the floor and Niall applauded us and told us to rehearse whilst he thought of lines.

" we won't need to practise at yours tonight, the assessment is due by Monday, props and all so can we stay the weekend at your house?" Niall asks and Harry gladly accepts, linking his hand in with mine and helping me off the floor.

I was almost drenched by Harry's over powering status but I refused to let him toy on my weakness with pride.

" thank you baby," I peck his lips earning a few groans from people, I flash my teeth in a grin and step closer to Harry.

" yeah, so I will add a speech and basically everyone meet at Harry and Kelsey's house after school with props and we will rehease," Niall directed as the bell rang.


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