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38. pshce

" during this assement," Mr.stutt carried on explaining but my mind was else where. Why did we have so many assessments? Was sir giving me extra treatment? How was Micheal flirting with me?

" groups of 5 and choose a type of trafficking to explore and bring to life, indicating each person as something different. " finally, he read allowed the groups,

" Lilly, Tyler, jasmine, jade and Ryan. Sit over there," he pointed to the corner table,

" Harry, Niall, Micheal, Kelsey and jake. In the left corner, next to the window."

My heart sank. All was great apart from jake.

Harry and I walked over to the desk slowly, me squabbling in high pitch that it was going to be ok but he saying random words to defend himself. Mr.stutt carried on bossing everyone around but we drowned him out,

" fine!" He sighed before we sat at the table, me at the end and Harry on my right, jake on my left, Niall next to Harry and Micheal next to jake. ( confusing? )

" so what trafficking shall we do?" Niall asks and we all think,

" bridal trafficking?" Harry suggests and we all settle on bridal trafficking.

" who's doing what? Like, what jobs are there?" Micheal says looking directly at me and i glance downwards, avoiding eye contact.

" well the sheet says-" jake answers and I immediately feel sick that he's in school after what he done. Or what he attempted to do.

"project manager, basically the boss, Niall that can be you." Jake insists,

"presentation organiser, just designing the layout of everything.. Harry, you do that."

There was silence as Jake fumbled around with the paper,

" Micheal you be the researcher, so finding out facts."

I held my breath for something easy,

" Kelsey, you can be the assistant worker. So just get us what we need if we need it,"

A smirk played on all their faces,

" so a maid? Shall I call you all sir and Will I have to dress up too!" I scoffed and I felt all eyes burn up and down my body before fits of laughter broke loose when Harry said yes.

" and I will be advisor, so all designs and texts run through me first," Jake stood boldly and then took a seat before Harry grabbed his laptop out his bag and began typing.

" let's do this,"

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