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172. Proposal


I woke up earlier than usual which was at 8am, with no hangover. My body felt fine and it felt as if I had not had a whole night of drinking. Nothing hurt, nothing ached and no one was awake.

Quietly, I climbed out from the pile of clothes I was drowned in, in Jenna's room, which also meant we had changed rooms last night as I tried to remember what happened in every little detail but it wasn't coming back to me.

"Shit," I mumble under my breath as I escape the room before changing into my gym kit, in hope the gym doors were open.

I made a few cuts and turns until I managed to pry open the gym door and shut them quietly behind me.

First, I began punching the body bag on the wall, taking all my anger out on the bag for my kidnapping and the thought of what and where my children are. I punched, kicked, slapped and cursed my way until I was convinced my knuckles were bleeding before moving onto the bicycle and riding it hard and fast. (Sounds really dodgy)

It felt as if my muscles were going to snap as I peddled faster and faster until I couldn't push my limits any more and I started slowing down with exhaustion. My breathing was heavy unlike the bags under my eyes as I climbed off the machine slowly, the minute my feet touched the floor, my legs wobbled like jelly.

I felt sick but that didn't stop me from the running machine, sprinting a mile before I collapsed in a pile beside the machine, everything burning and tightening as I took a mouth full of water.

My body was sweaty as I cleaned myself up in the bathroom, the cool shower making my body feel lush as I stepped outside the locker room, shocked to see Harry in the gym, pumping the weights.

"Harry!" I jumped, clutching my heart in fright. Harry jumped too by the looks of It as he was quick to put the weight down and raise his fists but then lowering them when he saw me,

"Shit baby, you scared me!"
"Me too!"
I made my way towards him, smirking with adrenaline as I climbed onto his laying down figure, ensuring my sensitive spot was pressed against his growing boner,

"Hung over?" He grunts as I remove my pressed lips from his,

"Don't get hung over, remember? you?"

"A little,"

My grin grows as I climb off him, swaying away over to the bench as I remove my shoes,

"So, how long have you been in here?"

"An hour or two, Why were you in the bathroom for almost two hours?"

I rolls my eyes,

"Girly stuff,"

"Your on your period?"

I make a disgusted face, shivering,

"I fucking hate that word! And no, I take these pills which don't give me a-"

"Period?" Harry raises an eyebrow, amused and I wince,

"Stop it"



He looks me directly in the eyes before jolting to life, sprinting at me. I start running away but he is too fast as he tackles me in his arms, kissing me every where quickly, leaving me into giggles,

"ahh! HARRYYY!  St-tstop! Pleease!"

He carries on for another minute before he pulls away with a huge smirk,

"I now see where Victoria gets it from,"

Suddenly, everything hits me, Victoria. My child. First of six... My children.. orphans for all they know. Motherless and Fatherless. My life. I love them. love... my... children!

"hmm," I mutter quietly, tears just escaping my eyes as I turn from Harry's sight. Gently, his fingers brush at my chin as he directs it my direction,

"Calista, I was going to wait to ask you this but I guess now is as good as ever."
I turn around to Harry, down on one knee holding out his hand with a gorgeous leather black box as I grasp my mouth in shock,

"This was the real speech I was going to give, a few years back... Here we go! You mean the world to me Calista Rose May and I could never picture a day where you wouldn't be my number one priority. I just wanted to have a second chance at this marriage thing, without failing this time and I wish with all my heart that maybe this one can actually be real. I won't go on, but I just wanted to say-" Harry began as the happy tears brimmed in the corner of my eye and the wide smirk stretched across each of our faces,

"Calista Rose May, will you marry me?"

I felt the tears roll down my cheeks dramatically as I nod quickly along to my words,

"Yes, yes I will!"

Harry looked relieved as he shot up and inserted the ring onto my finger. I inspected the extremely rich diamond with the royal colours and the gorgeous diamond incrusted rim around the sparkles of money and love. It had the words, 'Mine' on the ring which made me chuckle through the tears at I knew he was going to use this as an excuse some day,

"Do you like it?" Harry asked nervously, scratching the back of his neck as I almost jump into his arms, pressing my lips tightly and passionately onto his,

"I love it!"


We head into the dinner room to everyone sitting in there, clutching their heads as I creep up to Jenna with a wide grin, whispering into her ear,

"He proposed!"

Suddenly her head flew up in excitement as she squealed, her head ache no longer there but everyone else's was growning,


As if it was a spell, everyone's head shot up and it roared into life of congratulations and laughter, forgetting the stench of a hang over.

Harry took my hand proudly and fondly as he grinned and shook hands with all the boys as I showed Cecelia the ring,

"It's gorgeous Calista!"

I beamed at the gorgeous design on it as she fussed over its beauty along with Jenna grinning at me with a wide grin before bringing her lips to my ears,

"At least you have your place here secured now,"



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