Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."



" who's winning?" I emerged through the door, kissing Harry's lips slightly before slipping down onto the sofa.

" me," Louis' voice was proud and Niall scoffed harshly,

" just you wait lou-serrr!"

I laughed at the nickname and watched as all the boys scrambled around on a separate sofa and cursed through the violent game.

My attention turning over to my phone and I began clicking on Facebook to check all the updates.

@terris&rosie66: thank you @kelseyCasey and @Harryboy for the awesome party last night <3 xx

I scrolled through around twelve other updates thanking us for the party and a warm feeling buzzed around in my heart for once. Then the light stopped shinning,

@KennyBabe : love my boyfriend @jak.ecole xx and was rudely kicked out @kelseyCasey and @harryboy party last night after she spat on me :~

I couldn't breath. Time slowed down almost completely and all I could do Is whimper. Behind me, Louis was focused straight on the tv screen but then paused it to my reaction.

"Harry? Kennedy updated on face book bout our party last night.."

I read out the text and Louis sat there, gobsmacked at my words.

I heard Niall gasp before jumping to his feet In amusement. I turned my attention to Harry who was staring directly at the floor.

" baby? You alright?" I touched his arm gently, he shrugged me off before his gaze met mine sadly. He croaked a bit before Niall started chuckling,

" you spat at Kennedy?"

I nodded my head in embarrassment and Niall had a sly grin spreading across his face.

" you. Spat. At. Your. Boyfriends. Sister?" Tom laughed standing up and easing his way closer to everybody.

" she grabbed my face and then critiqued my family. I would of smacked her if she wasn't Harry's sister." My words came out angrier than I expected and Harry's face stiffened,

" you should of smacked her"

He was really tensed and I had no clue why he was suddenly having a temper tantrum.

" I-I didn't m-mean it baby, you ok?" I stuttered stepping away from him a bit because he looked utterly scary.

" no, no im not ok. My slutty sister finally shows up once I get my life back together with the guy that tried to rape my girlfriend."

His words hit me like a ton of bricks and I relaxed when I realised he wasn't mad at me.

" mate, c'mon we all know they will use each other and then forget." Tom butts in, trying to signal for me to get away from Harry but I refused.

" he didn't rape me, Hunny you know that."

His head spun in my direction and he hissed,

" do I Kelsey? Do I really?" And with that he was out the room somewhere.

"B-but he d-didn't." I felt myself drop to the floor in tears and Louis and Niall sprinted towards me quickly.

" he hates me," I gasp through heavy sobs and tom raced out after Harry and so did jack.

" no, he's just stressed at the moment," Louis voice soothes me a bit before he kisses my for- head gently.

" he really does love you. Why else would of he bought this house and be protecting you every second?"

That was true. However, he may love me but he doesn't Trust me and this relationship will fall quickly if we can't trust each other.

" I- I love him s-so much it -h-hurts.." My hitched voice is now coming out heavily and the next thing I know Louis and Niall have planted me in the seat whispering soothing things and everything is black.

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