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114. Plan Full ahead


I was up and dressed before him and done myself up to look extra sexy in my long, red glittery dress which had a gap from my right thigh downwards. Sparkling eye makeup which also lead onto the gorgeous ringlets of curls which hung delicately below my shoulders, and I done the makeup which Harry adored.

I crept out the room and the minute the door shut, I heard Harry wake up.

I walked to floor 1 to see the children and to my surprise, they were all awake, smiling and dressed beautifully in individual clothing. Tommy and Julia were in their school uniform whereas Adele and Rhine were in beautiful white dresses with baby pink rims around their waist, neck, the end of the dress and arm holes. They looked so sweet that I didn't even have to do more to them to make them look innocent.

They all stood in a line, grinning at me as each of their helpers fussed around on their outfits,

"Gorgeous," I smiled, clasping my hands together with delight.

" Miss Liv, could you please make sure Julia has her little bow in her hair?" I tweaked an error before grinning even wider when they all looked like angels.


Then a little alarm went off indicating everybody to file into the main floor for inspections. We all head up the stairs from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor as they all filed in line with their maids behind them.

The ten maids stood five either side of the room, the children in the middle with their maids behind them and the head of the maids and head of baby sitting stood next to the gardeners in a separate line.

Harry and Mr.Cowell walked in and I felt Harry's impressed gaze on my body as did Mr.Cowell before Mr.Cowell whispered into Harry's ear,

"Good, good. At least you have managed to put one of many things straight."

I felt purely sick when Harry nodded, taking role of my decisions. I stood at the door waiting for Harry to stand next to me for us to inspect everybody.

Mr.Cowell stood in the far corner In where I would have to go stand next to him in a moment for Harry's Inspection on everybody.

"Good Morning, Maids, Gardeners, Baby sitters and Children." Harry began with a kind, sly grin plastered on his face. Here we go.

" I will now inspect you and if you are not to my standards, you will be asked to change."  Harry sternly announces as everyone quickly brushes themselves off.

" 2a 2b. Clear." They stand backwards, putting their arms by their side.

"3a 3b. Clear."

And it goes on for the first side before he tells the children's maids they are all clear, and turns to the maids on the left.

"All clear apart from you." He points out Grace, the elderly lady, and her eyes look as if their sparkles snapped.

"Your shoes are not polished. Your excuse?"

She stumbles around on her words, "I am v-very sorry Master. I c-couldn't reach t-them because of my b-back and-"

"Then your not cut out to be a maid." Harry interrupts as I feel sick to the core. That bastard.

"I'm pretty sure you can let this one slide." I demand, keeping up next to him because I refuse to stand next to Mr.Cowell.

Grace's eyes widen at me and she looks terrified now as Harry looks her up and down with such force and then looks into my eyes. He hesitates for a moment, daring not to look into Mr.Cowells eye's before he made his point very clear,

"I am not to be told what to do nor am I a man without reason or fairness. On this one occasion, it will slide but-" He demands, standing back into the middle of the hall as I scurry to stand next to Mr.Cowell grinning back at Grace who is sending thankful looks to me.

"If any of you make as little mistake as this- there will be punishment!"

Everybody nods and says, "Yes Master."

"Now for the children and then for the heads." Harry announces walking towards the children.

They each smile up at him as if he is a huge cuddly bear which makes me smirk, that's my children!

"Children?" He says as Julia giggles slightly,

"What's so funny?" Harry says sternly and I have to stop myself from slapping him.

Julia's eyes tear to mine and I put a finger to my lips with a gentle smile as she peers down with regret. I am going to Kill that Mr.Cowell for turning my loving husband into a cruel, heartless twat!

"You see darling," Mr.Cowell's sick and twisted whisper scratches past my ear,

"He has taken control."

The fire pit in my stomach burns again at the fact I just want this all to stop.

"Rhine. Stand up straight."

Rhine looks at him as if he is crazy and I see Miss Mel's eye twitch with disbelief and I could hear her mentally cursing him.

"Make her stand up straight." Harry spits to Miss Mel as she quickly squats, whispering frantically in her ear and moving her little arms around to get better position. She finally stands up again, tinted tears swelling in both their eyes.

"Good," Harry smiles sympathetically as he makes his way towards me and all the heads.

"Head of Maids. Clear. Head of Garden. Clear. Head of children."

Then it was Mr.Cowells turn to be inspected and Harry looked him up and down with a stern expression,

"Top button."

Mr.Cowell looks amazed and he quickly heads to it which makes an evil smile flicker on my lips. Faggot. shown up in front of all your employees.

"And Lady K," Harry's eyes hungrily feast upon the whole of my body, devilishly enjoying himself whilst I look away from him with a disgusted look. In the corner of my eye, he smirks at me and growls his answer,


I bite my tongue from adding a snide comment. I mean- I will tell him in the limo.

"Okay. Everybody is done and there are no new messages today so please get to your jobs straight away." Harry heads to the door as the head Maid opens it for him and I quickly rush to the children.

"I love you all okay? I will see you when mummy gets home!"

I kiss their cheeks giving them powerful hugs with them giggling at me and I get to Rhine and Julia, hurriedly whispering the same thing, trying to fight the urge to cry,

"He didn't mean it okay? Daddy loves you! Be good girl, I love you baby"

I stand up from my crouch and quick walk to the door, taking one last glance at the children being led downstairs and then the cruel, harsh snide of Mr.Cowell who bows and points to his wrist watch.

The temptation of sticking my middle finger up at him and slapping him was too strong but in stead I turned around and made my way to the limo, clambering in.


" I think I done a good job of that," Harry smirks proudly as I stare directly on, emotionless and he carries on,

"What do you think?"

My head hesitantly turns to look at him as I scan his eyes as if he is making some sick joke,

"Do you really want me to answer that?"

"Well I didn't ask you for fun," He scoffs and that's when I partly snap,

"Well. let's see then. You almost fired an old lady because her back hurts, you yelled at both your daughters because of petite things and may I add, Rhine is crying right now because you were a complete arsehole."

I toss my head back to the front, crossing my arms over my chest,

"Well excuse me for doing my job!" Harry yells,

"And what's that Harry? Yelling at the children and listening to some crazy man who enters our house? That's not your job!"

He lets out a frustrated growl, grasping my chin for me to look at him,

"Look, I don't want to hurt you-" He begins and I scoff mid way, but he ignored and carries on talking,

"But be warned, if you carry on acting like this, Mr.Cowell or I will have to do something about it."

I yank away from his grasp,

" Is that a fucking threat?"

"No it's a warning." Harry's eyes glow dimmer and dimmer as if I had just said something which makes him cry. I half want to take it back and half want to slap him with it,

"Whatever," I say, as the door opens from the limo and I climb out, Harry close behind.

"I love you!" Harry quickly stops me, making me stand directly in front of him,

"You know I do."

I look away from him as he gently takes my hand and places in on his heart,

"It only beats like this for you,"

Slowly, my eyes attach to my hand on his muscular chest as he grins again,

" I can prove it again, if we just go lower-"

I yank my hand away with a laugh as he pulls me into his chest and we hug for a few minutes,

"I'm sorry baby. I just really don't want to let him down, he is really important at the moment."

I was close to saying that me and the children aren't but I know it is true. He is under a lot of stress at the moment cause everybody wants something different and it really does effect him.

"C'mon," He chuckles grabbing my hands gently as we entered the building with a warm smile.

Now- there's the Harry I love.



" And he was a complete arse!" I bitch to Rose as we sat in her little office, when Harry was at some meeting. I had explained everything to her and I knew it was wrong to talk about my husband but at this moment in time,  he wasn't actually acting like we are a married couple, so it was only fair.

"Your kidding me!" She gasps as I take a sip from my water,

" I know. But it isn't his fault. It is that wicked Mr.Cowell guy, I fucking hate his guts!" I explain and she is gawped as if she is under a spell,

" Mr.Cowell? As in Simon Cowell?" She says with a frown,

" U-urm I don't know, perhaps. Why?"

" Ugh he used to be the boss here before Harry! I hated him, honestly." She admits and this time I was the one to frown,

"But I thought this business was a family thing? Besides, Harry's Dad was here before Harry."

She nods silently into her cup of tea,


I pause suddenly, it all adding up. Mr.Cowell was Harry's dad? That's what he meant by important..

" That's impossible! I have met Harry's dad!" I say quickly and Rose smiles weakly,

"You have met Harry's real dad. This is the man who raised Harry from a child with his Mum. They never got married but when Harry's real dad was in bad terms with his mum- Mr.Cowell would step in as fake dad."

It all clicked into place the minute harry glided up the hall way, heading straight to his office with a stern expression and I was quick to follow him.

"I just got off the phone with Mr.Cowell and-" Harry grunted and I felt a twist in my stomach and Harry stopped speaking, looking to hurt to finish his sentence,

"W-who's Callum?"

I take a huge deep breath of relief, "Callum is a old mate. Why? Did he call!"

"Yes-" Harry said roughly, "But I thought you didn't have many friends when you were younger."

"Louis," I say and a bit of weight looks as if it is taken away from his shoulders,

" Why is Callum calling you and what does he want?" Harry growls as I stand their staring at him in disbelief,

" I don't know. remember, I didn't answer the phone?"

"Don't sass me for fucksake! Who is Callum and why does he have our home number?"

I stand up straight with a wicked glance to Harry with pure hatred and Evilness I think I could of smashed ten mirrors,

"I told you. Callum was my best mate and Louis may of given it to him."

"If your lying-" Harry begins to threaten as I close the door so no-one could hear us,

"WELL FUCK YOU TOO!" I laugh in a yell.

"ARE YOU LYING!" Harry booms, throwing himself upwards, sending his chair flying backwards,


"That's all I asked for." Harry says calmly but then a frustrated look forms on his face,

"Did H-he have a-any feelings for y-you?"

I throw my hands up in the air with the loudest laugh I could make,

"He is Gay."

Harry's eyes examined me quickly, detecting lies and not finding any, he relaxed.

"I'm sorry Kelsey. I am a mess at the moment." He apologised but I just send him daggers,

"You know what- if you don't sort yourself out I swear to god I will sort this whole situation with Mr.Fuckhead out for you Harry. I mean- I like everybody in the household at the moment apart from Him and you."

And with that, I was out the room, charging to the limo to take me home.



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