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146. Placings?


The sun shone through the curtains, stabbing me in the face like a dagger with the brightest light I have ever seen as my stiffing yawn spoke for itself,

"Tired babygirl?" Harry's sexy morning voice carried across the room where he is at my desk, typing on his computer, turning me on as usual.


I paused for a second as I rubbed my eyes for a better view of the world and then crawled out the covers in my lace bra and knickers, stocking stretching up my legs and stopping at my knees, before sliding off the bed seductively.

I slowly made my way to Harry running my fingers through my hair, mid process as I finally reached him, bending over slightly to reach the height of my ever so small chair which he was sitting on, yet his height hugely in favour of still being just taller than me.

My hands swept to his shoulders massaging them gracefully as my lips tickled up his neck with long, meaningful kisses. His head rolled back onto my shoulder as I carried on harder, him moaning from the knot undoing in his neck as I slowly made my hands work down wards, rubbing his back slowly and hard, working my magic fingers all over him.

"How long have you been awake, darling?" I whisper kissing his neck again a bit more gentler though but still very seductive as my hands carried on doing what they were doing, now striding upwards to his higher back.

Harry was stuttered for words and all he could is grin and grunt to my work which also made me smile. However that all faded as he quickly spun me around and easily put me on his lap like a child, my legs wrapping around him seductively.

"a few hours," He grins before attaching his lips firmly to mine, now his hands sweeping to my back and pulling me closer until my sensitive spot rested on his monster, growing erection. I whimper from the force of it but it is slightly blocked out from the meaningful kiss. I pulled back with a sarcastic grin,

"You should of woken me up and we would've had time to do this-"

"No, it's fine. I had to see the children before they went to school and anyways, we have time now?"

His eyes stung onto my lips as if they were a drug and he was addicted, flickering ever so slightly to my eyes every now and then as I spoke very slowly,

"No can do, Curly-"

His low growl tormented me as I climbed off him, swaying away to the clothes cupboard, leaving his grunts and profanities behind me.

"Fuck Me Calista!" Harry rolled his eyes with a sarcastic tone as I popped my head around the side, our eyes meeting for a moment,

"No thank you,"

He smirked mischievously as I returned looking for an outfit to wear and settled on a school girl outfit as today, I'm doing a bit of role play at work and have to get a teenage boy to confess he has drugs on him to me or Harry, who was also assigned to the job, thanks to my handy work!

I settle on a sexy teenage girl look, breasts popping out the top and a high skirt, barely passing my higher thighs before straightening my hair and applying the sexiest make up I could find.

"I'm done!" I squeal, turning around to see Harry in a tux, looking as sexy as ever and my breath being hitched by the tent in his pants,

"Wow- you look!"

"Too much?" I squint, doing a little turn for him as the tent rises,

"No! Never! Although, if someone tries to hit on you, I will fucking knock their teeth out,"

I smirk widely, stepping forward and fixing his tie with a sly grin,

"Yes, Mr.Styles-... I mean Sir"

My husband as my teacher? This is going to get interesting!

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