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168. Photo shared ;)


In the morning, I made my self extra sexy as I wanted to apologise to Harry for kicking him out last night, seductive style! My mind was rushing as my makeup was done extra sexy as I felt my body convulse to sexual desire for Harry.

I stood out the chair, feeling very confident as I made my out my door, only to be bombarded by Cecelia's worried expression,

"Calista, I am so sorry!" She muttered, holding one of my hands as I frowned with a sarcastic scoff,

"What have you done?"

Her lips didn't even twitch into a smile as the usually would as she pulled out her camera, handing it to me, frozen onto three images. My hands began sweating as my heart rate accelerated to the highest point as I understood these pictures.

The first picture was of Harry and Sky in bed, extremely close and staring into each others eyes, longingly. The next was the same but they were hugging each other, and the last one was the same but smudged. It had smudged in a fast movement where Harry's head was turning but it originally merged with Sky's head which was also turning; it looked like they'd kissed!

"No, no! It cant be-" I shook my head as I felt the tears brim in my eyes darkly,

"Calista, I am really sorry. You don't deserve this!"

I shook my head to her apologies,

"It's not your fault.." I sniffed,

"Now it's my turn to get even. Please show Jenna when you can. I'm visiting a few people after I change,"


I walked into the kitchen in extremely sexy clothes which immediately eyes were drawn to me. I flicked my long, blonde straightened hair over my shoulder as I saw people recognize my detailed black eye makeup matched the black, lace outfit I had on which made me grin.

"Shit!" Louis gasped as I fluttered my eye lashes at him, blowing him a kiss seductively as I made my way over to Zayne, swaying my hips as I go. Harry's gaze was struck upon me as if I was a piece of meat as he sat next to Sky.

My sickness level rose significantly.

"Damn baby, your looking fine!" Zayne hissed as I bit my lip, taking his hand seductively,

"All for you!"

I saw Louis wink at me as a grin rose higher on my cheeks, making Zayne gasp dramatically.

I let go of his hand as I made my way over to Harry and Sky, walking between them so they move apart and accidently hitting Harry with my arse on the way with a emotionless expression. He got up and followed me as I leant against the wall now, sucking upon a red lollipop I had just popped into my mouth.

His eye's, and every boy's eyes, followed my sucking and licking actions very swiftly, without hesitation as in the meanwhile, Harry's body was suddenly very close to mine. I feel him press against me, his lips softly pecking my neck as his hands rest upon my hips.

I suck on the sweet treat as Harry recognises the lack of attention I'm giving him as his eyes meet mine curiously,

"What's up?"

"....The Sky"

I make a corny joke which also includes half my problem as Jenna walks in, dressed in jeans and a baggy top. She looks as if she had had no sleep what so ever as her hand leads out the door, holding onto a grinning Niall.

She sends me a wink as I return it, both the two sex overdoses now crashing on the sofa, making out lovingly.

"No seriously, what's wrong?"

Harry snaps me back into reality as I see Sky stand up, striding over to Zayne as the two disappear in the bed room, barely making it to the door before they were all over each other.

"If I was hugging, sleeping and kissing another boy... would you be pissed?" I ask him, my eyebrow raising upwards as I lick my lolly innocently,

"Fuck Yeah! Why?"

"No reason," I popped the lollipop from my mouth as my eyes flickered from the treat to Harry's cautious ones yet again as I put it back into my mouth,

"Calista! Why did you ask me that?"

I felt my eyes burn into him as I raise my finger to Harry's lips, gently tugging at his lips until they open and I slide my lollipop into his mouth, coming very close to him,

"I hope she was worth it"

and with that I sashayed away, face as cold as the night and hips attracting single eyes quickly as I made my way over to the kitchen, just in time for Dominus to walk in,

"Good morning everyone,"

I look over my shoulder at him, his eyes already glistening at my new look,

"I have just finished talking to everybody else and you are the last to here the news, so quickly listen,"

He begins speaking again after he pauses for effect,

"There is a fancy dress party going onto tonight and two favourite girls with the five boys will be going. If there is any escaping or attempts of something that you know you shouldn't be doing without the boys permission, you will be immediately punished when you get back. Am I understood?"

My eyes flicker up to his as I smirk warmly, trying to earn his trust,

"Whoever goes, will be representatives of us and everything will be picked out for you, the clothes, makeup, hair style... No changes. Also, The girls are yet to be decided so if all girls can report back to their dorms and you will be informed if you are going or not going, that would be great, thank you!"

I nod my head as Jenna and I take the elevator together to go up to our dorms,

"Tell me everything!" I squeal as I turned around to Jenna, who has a huge grin plastered across her face,

"I'm going to spare the details, but... Niall and I had sex!"

"EEEEKk! You go girl!"

We had a moment of giggly girl fits before she turns around to me with sorrow in her eyes,

"I am really sorry about Harry. What are you going to do?"

"....Tease him until he is begging for me," I grin and she smirks back,

"Ah, Good choice!"


"I will see you later then, yeah?" I say as we exit the elevator,



I lay in my bed as I feel the tears trickle down my cheeks slowly at the thought of loosing Harry as there is a knock at the door.

"Come in," I croak, the lump in my throat too much to speak normally,

"It's me,"

Harry opens the door as he walks slowly over to me and wrapping me in a tight embrace which makes me cry even harder onto his shoulder,

"What's wrong babygirl? Why are you sad and angry?"

I peer up at him through sad eyes,

"Do you love Sky?"
"NO! I only love you darling, you should know that by now,"

My heart melts at the truth as I grab the camera from the side cabinet, sniffling as I switch to the right images,

"I knew someone took photos!" Harry exclaimed as he scrolled to the last one, frowning deeply.

"You kissed her and she was touching you as you guys laid on her bed!"

"NO! This is a hugeee misunderstanding Calista!"

I took the camera back from him, putting it onto the side as he began explain everything that happened which only made me cry harder with anger for myself of being so stupid.

"There there, darling. But, we need to have a word about this clothing" He grins as I pull back, chuckling through sniffles,

"And by clothing I mean, your coming to the fancy dress party tonight! Your dressers and makeup designers should be here any minute!"

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