Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


107. Phone call...


I climb into my car with a cheesy grin and a bunch of red Roses, ironically named after Rose, and drove to the hospital to greet Kelsey. I wanted to tell her all about the promotion I was offered yesterday and the fact we could be earning even bigger bucks! She will be thrilled!

I enter the building and not long after five minutes of waiting, I head down to her ward to wait to be called in. The waiting room was empty so I just sat there looking like a doof with flowers, but I didn't care.

"Name?" Another Lady came out the ward and began talking to me,

"Harry Styles here for Kelsey Styles?"

Her eyes furrowed as she searched through the clip board she had quickly.

"I'm afraid Kelsey Is no longer on the list," She looked up to me with sad eyes,

"I'm so sorry. Kelsey Didn't make it through the night."

Her words hit me like a ton of bricks and the wave of sickness flew through me again.

"W-what!" I gasp as all muscles in my body tensed up with anger and depression,

"Sir I am so sorry, I thought you already knew-"
"DOES IT LOOK I FUCKING KNEW!" I yelled throwing my hands into the air before a moment of silence was allowed for me to process it.


My wife was dead.


"And the child?" I mutter quietly as she searched through the clipboard again,

"young, healthy girls. Would you like to see?"

I had hope. This child murdered my wife. Of course I wanted to see her.


"Follow me then please,"


She led me down the corridor and into a child care unit where loads of babies slept in separate cots either sides of the room and we finally came to a child's cot with a sleeping girl. She was beautiful. But there was two.

"Your wife had twin girls."

I paused. So when she said young healthy girls. MY WIFE HAD TWINS.

"Do you have names?"

" Yes, urm.." I thought for a moment,

" This one Rhine Maria Styles and this one Adele May Styles."

I had four children to bring up alone and all I wanted to do is murder all of them to bring Kelsey back from the dead. I loved her too much it actually hurt.


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